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Tessa Hill



24 || Lover of many things but mostly horror, crime, and anime.


Decent enough. Really enjoyed it at the beginning but towards the middle it kinda lost me but I was determined to finish it anyways. The ending ticked me off but the very end, like very last scene was the best part of the movie to me, I got a good laugh out of it 😂 “formaldehyde face” is a new insult I will be using for the rest of my life 😂😂😂

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They Live

Movies | Science Fiction

Was decent enough. Didn’t find it scary at all. Was fairly disappointed actually as it’s been hyped up so much. Honestly a bit overrated to me but I did like how everything in the video came together throughout the movie.

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The Ring

Movies | Horror

I could say so much about this but I really just like can’t get over their chemistry, oh my God ❤️

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Untamed Heart

Movies | Comedy

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