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This is very different from what I normally read. I loved,loved,loved this book. This book follows a friendship over the span of 30+ years. This is an amazing book. Take your time reading it. Curl up with a cup of coffee and a soft blanket on a cold day and enjoy. Don't forget to bring a box of tissues. I made me laugh and cry.

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Firefly Lane

Books | Kristin Hannah

Fun quick read. This is binge worthy so get a cup of coffee and a comfy blanket

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The 20th Victim

Books | James Patterson

I read this book years ago and it changed my life. I read it again recently and it was even better. I highly recommend it

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Battlefield of the Mind

Books | Joyce Meyer

I loved this book. It is binge worthy. It has everything I want in a book. It grabbed me from page one and kept me to the end. I will be looking for more from this author

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Girl Gone Mad

Books | Avery Bishop

This was a great read. Dexter has to navigate life without his dark passenger. He has to prep for his wedding and is being stalked by"the watcher" it's just another day in the life of our favorite serial killer

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Dexter in the Dark

Books | Jeff Lindsay

I loved this book. I think it's my favorite in the series so far

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The 19th Christmas

Books | James Patterson

This story is a letter written by a man to his son to be read after his death. It. It goes back three generations. It is delightful wonderful. I give it 4 stars.

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Books | Marilynne Robinson

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