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An amazing read! Please read

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Books | Elie Wiesel

The story is good! However I did have some difficulty staying interested in continuing reading the book. The book is written across timelines and at times I found it a bit hard to follow.

All the Light We Cannot See imageAll the Light We Cannot See image

All the Light We Cannot See

Books | Anthony Doerr

This is a book of fiction inspired by women who took part in resisting the Nazis during WWII. It's a story of heroism, love and empowerment. It also have references to abuse, violence and violations of human rights. I learned about the role women played in WWII, but it definitely made me get choked up at times.

The Nightingale imageThe Nightingale image

The Nightingale

Books | Kristin Hannah

It made me realize whether it is the 1940s or 2020s, as humans our need for acceptance and belonging are the same.

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Anne Frank

Books | Anne Frank

A must read! It gave me the freedom to realize that we all have the freewill to decide how we want our lives. Us choosing how to be and how to react is the real meaning of freedom!

The Choice imageThe Choice image

The Choice

Books | Edith Eva Eger

Great read! I finished it within 2 days because I was so engrossed in it. I would recommend reading the Norse Mythology before this book, so the stories and characters make more sense! Highly recommend it

The Witch's Heart imageThe Witch's Heart image

The Witch's Heart

Books | Genevieve Gornichec

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