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It’s uneven at times, and much of the plot seems a bit too contrived, but it’s ludicrous fun. Chris Pratt proves once again that he’s a great leading man, and the supporting cast is quite good.

The Tomorrow War imageThe Tomorrow War image

The Tomorrow War

Movies | Action

Anderson’s signature quirkiness is on display once again, although the film overall doesn’t rise to the level of his other films. We’ve still watched it several times, thanks in large part to the outstanding cast.

Moonrise Kingdom imageMoonrise Kingdom image

Moonrise Kingdom

Movies | Comedy

A solid, amusing documentary about both the demise of Blockbuster and the last Blockbuster Video location, still struggling to hold on. The doc is better when it focuses on the Bend, OR location and its workers and customers, but falters when celebrities wax poetic to an almost nauseating degree about the greatness of the 80s and 90s. It’s preaching to the choir, and it gets old quick, but thankfully the attention given to the Bend store makes it all worthwhile. #documentary #blockbuster #blockbustervideo

The Last Blockbuster imageThe Last Blockbuster image

The Last Blockbuster

Movies | Documentary

Interesting story and well acted. A great true-life war film. Good for fans of Saving Private Ryan and The Outpost.

The Siege of Jadotville imageThe Siege of Jadotville image

The Siege of Jadotville

Movies | Drama

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