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Xie Lian, the crown prince of Xian Le Kingdom, successfully ascends to Heaven during his third trial in spite of successive demotions. However, he accidentally breaks the Gold Palace of heavenly officials. With no human worshiping him, Xie Lian has to descend to the secular world to exorcise ghosts,

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-10-31

Last Air Date 2021-01-02

Seasons 2

Episodes 13


TMDB 8.1


Savannah Hughes's profile image

savannah_hughes_7600 shared a tip "Omg so incredible I loved every second of it. The art is beautiful, the characters are amazing. It's ny new favorite thing"

Tall Person's profile image

tall_person_8586 shared a tip "Awesome! Just like the books"

Tack K's profile image

tack_k shared a tip "Just love"

Athena Edwards's profile image

athena_edwards shared a tip "I think this story is perfect for fans of Word of Honor and Deltora Quest."

Kels P's profile image

kelseypflute shared a tip "sooooo pretty! and good!"

Shea Errickson's profile image

shea_errickson shared a tip "I think I’m in love. I want season 2 ASAP"

Chelsea Appiah-kubi's profile image

chelsea_appiah-kubi shared a tip "Love this story line and the visuals/ music are so amazing"

grace_cox_6215 shared a tip "I think it is, I absolutely loved the series. :)"

zee !'s profile image

huaz shared a tip "had an obsession with this donghua and novel since november, and i don’t plan to end it any time soon. xie lian 😍😍😍"

Ani Rose's profile image

ani_rose shared a tip "Beautiful story with extremely likable characters! 10/10 recommend!!"

Mιει ეσქς's profile image

m__597 shared a tip "Simply amazing !"

Alyssa Buttars's profile image

alyssa_buttars shared a tip "loved this show"

Rainbow Talk's profile image

rainbow_talk shared a tip "Love it"

mel 's profile image

melva shared a tip "hualian invented love"

mariah 's profile image

mariahlmao shared a tip "The plot is absolutely amazing, and although it's confusing at times, it all eventually makes sense in the end."

Xkazilda 's profile image

xkazilda shared a tip "Honestly love love love this anime, it was so good. Incredibly sad it's on a cliff hanger and cannot wait to read the manga."

Sam 's profile image

Sunny_MilkBoba_4334 shared a tip "Beautiful, just by listening to the opening ost and knowing the plotline I start crying. I love this show."

fwm n's profile image

fwm_n shared a tip "I absolutely loved it, it took me under 24 hours to finish it."

Dilana C's profile image

ShadowUnknown shared a tip "I liked it, I hope you do too 😊"

yuyan 's profile image

lukeslittlecumslut shared a tip "the animation is so much better when you actually know what's happening"

Just some justice without pride 's profile image

just_some_justice_ shared a tip "This show was my BL awakening 😩"

Candy 's profile image

hope_world_3 shared a tip "Its beautifual, the story is so interesting, the characters are so cute and its one of my current favorites"

tsukipop 's profile image

tsukipop shared a tip "wonderful world building, in-depth characters, and an interesting romance to follow!"

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