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John Reese, former CIA paramilitary operative, is presumed dead and teams up with reclusive billionaire Finch to prevent violent crimes in New York City by initiating their own type of justice. With the special training that Reese has had in Covert Operations and Finch's genius software inventing mi

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2011-09-22

Last Air Date 2016-06-21

Seasons 5

Episodes 103


TMDB 8.1


Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "Just started this show. A great suspense show so far, but heard it gets slow later on. Still has an interesting plot though."

Rhonda Jean's profile image

rhonda_jean_602 shared a tip "Too cheesy and acting subpar"

Rhonda Jean's profile image

rhonda_jean_602 shared a tip "1 out of 5 stars"

Paige H's profile image

paige_h_2163 shared a tip "Its thrilling I love it. It really makes you think. 😃🤫👍👏🥇"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "One of the my top favorite shows on tv Taraji Henson classic act"

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "Loved this... big brother’s big brother is watching."

Karen Belcher's profile image

karen_belcher_4978 shared a tip "Great show! Except the last season."

Kathy Konopaski's profile image

Kathy.Konopaski shared a tip "Awesome series if you like suspense"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Great show"

Prudhvi Raj's profile image

prudhvi_raj shared a tip "Very much recommend this!!"

Joe P's profile image

joe_procop shared a tip "Fantastic, original premise - it proves not every action show has to have mindless killing, but can in fact be the opposite."

awesome_user_841767 's profile image

chris_gross_3802 shared a tip "Super innovative!"

Patrick Berry's profile image

pberry shared a tip "Its a JJ Abrams joint."

Charnita Fance's profile image

chachafance shared a tip "One of the best series I've ever watched. It has a unique plot, lovable characters, and is a lot of fun!"

Toccara Westbrook's profile image

toc82 shared a tip "This definitely a must watch. Definitely underrated."

Michelle Rankin's profile image

michelle_rankin shared a tip "One of our family's all time favorites!!!!!"

Elena Lindstedt's profile image

elena_lindstedt shared a tip "Hottt"

Maria Molinari's profile image

maria_molinari shared a tip "Unexpectedly good!"

LaSondra Dearmon's profile image

lasondra1972 shared a tip "Unique and intriguing"

tommy_howard_1244 shared a tip "Good guy thinks he's a bad guy fire to his past make amends in a new guy threat on someone like he can."

Makeesha Fisher's profile image

mak_fish shared a tip "Still miss this show"

Patrick Leger's profile image

patrick_leger shared a tip "Cool concept with a great balance of smart and action"

peter_hoffman shared a tip "Not too far into our future."

Nerdy Werewolf's profile image

nerdy_werewolf shared a tip "Excellent from beginning to end. Amazing characters, heart-pounding action and a unique premise."

Liam Finnese God's profile image

liam_finnese_god shared a tip "Favorite top 3 ever"

Andjela Cakic's profile image

kimwexler shared a tip "The most underrated show ever.."

Dickson Lee's profile image

dickson_lee shared a tip "A most watch movie. You’re been watched"

amber_keesee shared a tip "I loved this show. A heroic duo face moral dillemas while saving lives."

Raja Viswaratha's profile image

raja_viswaratha shared a tip "Binge worthy"

Ann Walkden's profile image

ann_walkden shared a tip "Good show"

Maurice Franklin II's profile image

maurice_franklin_ii shared a tip "Loved this show"

anita_dupes shared a tip "Great characters"

S. Leigh Hudema's profile image

s._leigh_hudema shared a tip "Definitely. Wish there were more seasons!"

louella adams's profile image

louella_adams shared a tip "Still watching. But about done. Hope comes out with more seasons"

Sonia Cacciotti's profile image

sonia_cacciotti shared a tip "Great"

Whitney Maddox's profile image

whitney_maddox shared a tip "I watched this with my mom and sister and getting interesting the way the crime and detective 🕵🏾‍♂️ world works"

Bolt Davies's profile image

bolt_davies shared a tip "One of my favorite shows, i was very sad when it ended."

Lulu T.'s profile image

lulu_t. shared a tip "Best show EVER!! I loved the characters!"

Caleb White's profile image

cleeb shared a tip "Great plot, and it always keeps you on edge."

holly_gorrell shared a tip "Nice action show."

Roman Abbas's profile image

roman_abbas shared a tip "This show is based on AI, action and emotions. I love this show!"

chris_lee_877 shared a tip "Great twists and turns."

Shane Cole's profile image

shane_cole shared a tip "Interesting, clean, different"

anne_lacy shared a tip "I could just listen to him talk all day"

Laura VilellaDurieux's profile image

laura_vilelladurieux shared a tip "This is such an amazing show! 10/10 would recommend in a heartbeat"

Brandy Ochoa's profile image

brandy_ochoa shared a tip "One of my all time favorites!"

Haley Holloway's profile image

haley_holloway shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show. Tons of action and great character development."

summer kathryn 's profile image

summer_kathryn shared a tip "I rate this 9/10"

carrie_lynn21 shared a tip "Honestly one of the best series ever."

Donna Neville's profile image

donna_neville shared a tip "Loved the series! It started very strong. Unfortunately one of main characters left and series didn't end as strong."

Jake Hildebrant's profile image

jake_hildebrant shared a tip "It is very similar to Blacklist."

Hairy Beck's profile image

loltatoez shared a tip "Great sci-fi show. It’s great if you love duos that just work together, and love crime solving."

Izayah Morales's profile image

izayah_morales shared a tip "Definitely a very realistic take on how close we really are to this. Amazing story and amazing characters and development."

Karen Baden's profile image

karen_baden shared a tip "Some are a bit odd"

m_powers_7395 shared a tip "Perfect for that rebellious feeling you’re looking for"

karri_jackson shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

Joey Horbas's profile image

joey_horbas shared a tip "It was so good"

mindy_martin_5373 shared a tip "its good #suspense and it makes you want to never stop watching it"

david_broderick shared a tip "Someone enjoyable"

Nathaniel Gardner's profile image

nathaniel_gardner_8420 shared a tip "Intreaging"

Deb 's profile image

deb_5760 shared a tip "Not at all predictable."

Jason Fleury's profile image

jason_fleury shared a tip "One of my all-time fav shows."

Malabika Mishra's profile image

malabika_mishra_7243 shared a tip "It's binge worthy, action packed, thrilling, intelligent, emotional. What more can I say ."

Dave Wood's profile image

dave_wood_7857 shared a tip "Loved it, technology and espionage..."

Patty Claybrooke's profile image

patty_claybrooke shared a tip "Such a good show. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it but by the end, I missed the people and watched it over a bit later."

debbie_soushek shared a tip "Great show!"

iris_katsaros shared a tip "This is my favorite show. I have rewatched it several times."

Emily Berzak's profile image

emily_berzak shared a tip "Sci fi twist on the classic crime drama"

hannah_knox shared a tip "One of my all time favorite shows."

Gazal Shah's profile image

gazal_shah shared a tip "Love this show!"

Shelley Friesen's profile image

shelley_friesen shared a tip "The cast. Oh my."

Teresa Gonzales's profile image

teresa_gonzales_5596 shared a tip "This is very bingeworthy. Good story line."

meredith_lime shared a tip "Great show. Very intellectual, so don’t try to watch it and do other things… you bought get lost."

Magic Powers's profile image

magic_powers shared a tip "The best TV show series I ever watched."

Demetrius Baxter's profile image

demetrius_baxter shared a tip "Well written, talented actors engaging plot lines."

Talia Brennan's profile image

talia_brennan shared a tip "Loveeeee"

Mikki Hays-Matson's profile image

mikki_hays-matson shared a tip "Plot twists"

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