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Newlywed Melinda Gordon tries to help the dead communicate with loved ones, but sometimes the messages she receives are intense and confusing. Most of Melinda's efforts involve resolving conflicts that are preventing the spirits from passing over.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2005-09-23

Last Air Date 2010-05-21

Seasons 5

Episodes 107


TMDB 8.1


Qu33rInF34r 's profile image

horrorgeek shared a tip "I love this one so much"

Angela Thompson's profile image

angela_thompson_7114 shared a tip "This is such a good show. I don't know why, but a couple of times, it gave me nightmares though! 😂"

Shanyce Long's profile image

shanyce_long shared a tip "This is where I fell in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt"

Nikki Williams's profile image

nikki_williams_3313 shared a tip "I love troupes about mediums and psychics :)"

lethea_garrett shared a tip "Just an enjoyable paranormal series."

brittney_nicole_7005 shared a tip "I will never ever get tired of this show. Jim & Melinda are couple goals ❤️"

Maria Molinari's profile image

maria_molinari shared a tip "It’s been a while since I’ve seen this but from what I can remember it was good"

Korey Daniels's profile image

suckerxjonasbrotherx shared a tip "This is one of my favorite shows it was apart of my childhood."

Amanda Tipton-Burse's profile image

amanda_tipton-burse shared a tip "One of my favorite shows. Feel good and spooky fall vibes"

Cecelia Davis's profile image

cecelia_davis shared a tip "Very interesting for those who like supernatural and creepy type of stuff"

Tab Cat's profile image

tab_cat_145 shared a tip "Love it and it is soooo good"

Alexlrc2 .'s profile image

alexlrc2_. shared a tip "This was a great show if you believe in the possibility of ghost or after life or unfinished business in our earth."

Wendy Taylor's profile image

wendy_taylor_457 shared a tip "Love this show"

Nathaniel Ledoux's profile image

nathaniel_ledoux shared a tip "One of the greatest shows in my opinion I have always wanted to see it on Netflix"

Bibliocephalus ~'s profile image

bibliocephalus_ shared a tip "A little corny and earnest sometimes, but also awesome."

Bibliocephalus ~'s profile image

bibliocephalus_ shared a tip "Ridiculous, but fun."

Brianna Briseno's profile image

brianna_briseno shared a tip "Last season episode 1"

Martha Neal's profile image

martha_neal shared a tip "I remember watching this as a kid and I still love it!"

Veronica Martin's profile image

veronica_martin_6796 shared a tip "I would say the episode where she explores the grandview that was underground."

Brooke Hipp's profile image

brooke_hipp shared a tip "For an older show they presented the ghost and storylines so well! Will always be a favorite."

Peter Gerregano's profile image

peter_gerregano shared a tip "Spooky and a great drama"

Christa Eckert's profile image

christa_eckert shared a tip "I loved Melinda and how kind she is to the ghosts. I also love her relationship with Jim and her friends."

lego engineer's profile image

lego_engineer shared a tip "I liked how it had a huge diverse story with all kinds of people, even those with disabilities."

Riri 's profile image

fleeting_future shared a tip "Honestly was really good up until the end which kind of ruined it for me."

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