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Will, a street-smart teenager, moves from the tough streets of West Philly to posh Bel-Air to live with his Uncle Philip, Aunt Vivian, his cousins — spoiled Hilary, preppy Carlton and young Ashley — and their sophisticated British butler, Geoffrey. Though Will’s antics and upbringing contrast greatl

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 1990-09-10

Last Air Date 1996-05-20

Seasons 6

Episodes 148


TMDB 8.0


Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "In West Philadelphia, born & raised..."

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "One of my favorite sitcoms ever,it never gets old!"

j_will_720 shared a tip "All time favorite show. From episode 1 to the finale you see the growth in the characters…except Carlton but that’s another story"

Nalini Ramgobind's profile image

nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "Funny even when I know what Will is gonna do."

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "RIP Uncle Phil😞 I didn't like how they did Aunt Viv"

Kyra D'Ignazio's profile image

kyra_dignazio shared a tip "Great throwback show"

lethea_garrett shared a tip "Funny but full of insight about growing up"

Jon Snow's profile image

JonSnow shared a tip "I've always had a thing for Aunt Viv ;)"

Zariah Sawyer's profile image

zariah_sawyer shared a tip "A really funny show and I liked even when he was gone through hard times he always kept his humor"

liliana_cochiaro shared a tip "ew will smith"

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grover_man shared a tip "If I could only RAP like him"

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elizabeth_lowe shared a tip "Will smith baby"

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unique_maya shared a tip "Always keep you on ur toes"

Kianna Sneed's profile image

kianna_sneed shared a tip "Hilarious, favorite show of all time"

🄲🄰🅂🅂 🇨🇦's profile image

CassyRafuse shared a tip "He's a legend"

Bianca Gilmore's profile image

bianca_gilmore shared a tip "My least favorite was when he told his uncle how he felt about his dad"

Kylee 's profile image

kylee_mcdonald shared a tip "Half of my closet is Fresh Prince swag"

Alexandria Heim's profile image

alexandria_heim shared a tip "The one where he teaches Ashley how to be tough/fight will always be a classic for me"

Patrick Basler's profile image

patrick_basler shared a tip "A rap version of Beverly Hillbillies theme."

emma_claire_estes shared a tip "Yes it’s so good!"

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chadwick_cook shared a tip "Grew up with this show in the early 90s,and still watch it nowadays."

maddox_1401 shared a tip "It’s perfect for fans of will smith."

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hunter_martin_4701 shared a tip "my alltime favorite show"

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ari_cha shared a tip "I love this!"

lillian_king_3805 shared a tip "Definitely! That theme song will get stuck in your head so fast😂 Besides, it's Will Smith🔥"

_._._2435 shared a tip "Definitely"

arielle_everest shared a tip "For sure"

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tiffaney_kelly shared a tip "I like that art what yilyoyr have. And i am drift girl okat"

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xer_1223 shared a tip "I guess the last one where he claims he bought an apartment yet he didn’t"

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scott_hein shared a tip "Jazzzzzzy Jeff!!"

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stitches40 shared a tip "Hilarious"

Sirenna Augustine's profile image

sirenna_augustine shared a tip "Don’t have a favorite part."

Maheer 's profile image

maheer shared a tip "I love this show bruh"

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sara_stokes shared a tip "Go know you want to sing the intro!"

Allhail Dragon's profile image

allhail_dragon shared a tip "Love will. Very funny"

nancy_jensen shared a tip "Great show to watch with family"

Cameron Maitland's profile image

cameron_maitland shared a tip "I think these days Uncle Phil is really an underrated comic force. Probably Carlton as a kid though"

Louise Crichton's profile image

louise_crichton shared a tip "One of my favorite show during my young adults"

Isadora 's profile image

isadora shared a tip "Will"

miss_netflix&chill 's profile image

s.saniiiya._ shared a tip "favorite show of all time!!!!!"

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shelby_raft shared a tip "The dad episode"

aidenvondal shared a tip "All"

yumna elamin's profile image

yumna_elamin shared a tip "Definitely Season 4 episode 24. It was very emotional. Taught me some things"

gyn_bark shared a tip "Love"

selman ahmed's profile image

selman_ahmed shared a tip "#comedy #romance so cool"

darian_1896 shared a tip "Childhood favorite!"

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tyler_dionne shared a tip "Just a good show"

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alicia_sessions shared a tip "It's hard to pick one but right now I love watching 90 Day fiance"

Nikella Callan's profile image

nikella_callan shared a tip "I love the comedy in this. 100% recommend if you don’t want to watch a series, you can watch these in any order you wish!"

alicia_2671 shared a tip "Favorite comedy show growing up!"

Moxy Rad's profile image

moxy_rad shared a tip "Every. Episode. 10x."

AngryMisanthropeh shared a tip "Great show!"

Auvia 's profile image

auvia_18 shared a tip "Haven’t seen it only like clips"

Auvia 's profile image

auvia_18 shared a tip "Nah"

Bukkie O's profile image

bukkie_cso shared a tip "Lovee it!! So funny!!"

julie_wegehoft shared a tip "One Tree Hill, Chicago Fire, Greys Anatomy, Ncis, NCIS:LA"

crystal_ruvalcaba shared a tip "Wanna laugh until your stomach hurts? Well this is the show for you"

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chacha_dodson shared a tip "I love this show"

mckenzie_satterwhite shared a tip "I love u"

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thecoolgirl shared a tip "You should watch this it is a good show"

Melissa Perillo's profile image

melissa_perillo shared a tip "On the playground is where I spent most of my days...see if we can keep it going"

Isabel Ohakamma's profile image

isabel_ohakamma shared a tip "Great Comedy"

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og_anxonio shared a tip "Let’s go"

annabelle_georges shared a tip "Fresh prince will make you laugh so hard definitely recommend"

m_k_7264 shared a tip "Will doing Will"

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brisa_valladares shared a tip "Can’t choose they are all amazing"

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macey_kendall shared a tip "I actually don’t. Do you?"

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BnhaWeirdo shared a tip "Most fly show that’s every existed"

NEHEMIAS AYALA's profile image

nehemias_ayala shared a tip "Almost"

Aleksandar Dragojlovic's profile image

aleksandar_dragojlovic shared a tip "great cast and it was funny"

Cait Hutchinson's profile image

cait_hutchinson shared a tip "Blast from the past!"

Kiwi Herman's profile image

kiwi_herman shared a tip "Best Show Ever Totally Recommend"

michelle_988 shared a tip "Such a great show"

Kemmie Eve's profile image

kemmie_eve shared a tip "Oh gosh! There are so many but I think the episode “that’s no lady, that’s my cousin. I loved him and Ashley’s relationship!"

Salomi Nyong's profile image

salomi_nyong shared a tip "Hillarious"

Evan Robinson's profile image

evan_robinson_1040 shared a tip "Its good"

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hay_hay_9755 shared a tip "One of the best comedy shows i have ever watched! #comedy #fresh prince"

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book_addy shared a tip "@alicia_williams096 do you watch that"

Mekhi Mcintosh's profile image

mekhi_mcintosh shared a tip "Sow good"

carson_8259 shared a tip "I used to watch this after school! I wonder if it's still funny"

Autumn Dehaven's profile image

autumn_dehaven shared a tip "Funny"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "The episode on black history month - watch it"

Nicky Cooper's profile image

nicky_cooper shared a tip "It has a lot of humor but at the end of each episode there was a meaningful message."

laurenx14._ shared a tip "Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥"

Gillian Herman's profile image

gillian_herman shared a tip "Im only on season one right now, but it is hilarious to watch! Wiss Smith was a comedy legend in this!"

Jessica Ann's profile image

jessica_ann_2290 shared a tip "@christian_coleman_8081 it's a classic! Funny and wholesome."

Loverofbooks.2000 's profile image

Bookove.Chm shared a tip "This series was amazing. Go watch it ❤"

Kristina Scarlett's profile image

kristina_scarlett shared a tip "Definitely worth it. Very funny with really touching episodes. Fav of mine since childhood"

Aza Paquin's profile image

aza_paquin shared a tip "Pls do if you like sitcom!"

Christine 's profile image

christine_4938 shared a tip "I watched this growing up and just rewatched with my kids (10 & 13)."

B Lawrence's profile image

b_lawrence_5318 shared a tip "I mean... I guess?"

Nicole D's profile image

nicolaaduran shared a tip "Absolutely! Its an old school classic series- funny and heartwarming at the same time! @paigelilovesbooks"

keira_max_tran shared a tip "It is soooo funny 🤣🤣🤣 I love it"

Danielle Delfosse's profile image

danielle_delfosse shared a tip "Definitely. It's so funny.🙂"

Valerie T's profile image

valerie_t_8210 shared a tip "I like shameless and shits chreek"

Justine Krause's profile image

justine_krause shared a tip "SO WORTH IT! Funny and emotional and very real."

Ggg Gg's profile image

ggg_gg shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch#comedy"

cait_s shared a tip "You gotta"

Julie Blatz's profile image

julie_blatz shared a tip "I don't know if I have a favourite. Maybe House?"

B. Stewart's profile image

b._stewart shared a tip "The Big Bang Theory is one of my other favorites"

whitney_roberts_6183 shared a tip "My favorite science film when a teens life gets flipped-turned upside down."

lulu_smith_1519 shared a tip "Great"

Briannah Cheye's profile image

briannah_cheye shared a tip "It's great. It's really funny."

jaclyn_847 shared a tip "Watched it when I was a kid brings back good memories"

Caleb Jones's profile image

the_wrld_of_cj shared a tip "First things first Rest In Peace uncle phil (no role modelz by J.Cole) ."

Lanea Gosling's profile image

lanea_gosling shared a tip "Definitely a great show very funny and a great family show at the heart of it!🙂"

StarBreezy 's profile image

starbreezy shared a tip "This show will never ever be old. It gives you lessons in life, it’s REALLY funny, sad at some moments, and fresh!"

Julius Nolastname's profile image

julius_nolastname shared a tip "Its more than meets the eye"

James Ward's profile image

lavish_light_skin shared a tip "What can I say, it’s awesome haha."

joshua_cordes shared a tip "Heartfelt series."

Nicole 's profile image

nicole_917 shared a tip "You should. It’s incredibly funny"

Kristy T. 's profile image

ace_portagas shared a tip "This show was a huge part of my childhood, it taught me a lot growing up!"

Librada Turcios's profile image

librada_turcios shared a tip "This show makes me laugh so much."

lianna_hrantyan shared a tip "Definitely!"

DIDI 's profile image

didi_mell shared a tip "A classic of the 90s sitcom era. Period."

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nightfairy19 shared a tip "Funny with lessons to learn."

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