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The Tudors is a history-based drama series following the young, vibrant King Henry VIII, a competitive and lustful monarch who navigates the intrigues of the English court and the human heart with equal vigor and justifiable suspicion.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2007-04-01

Last Air Date 2010-06-20

Seasons 4

Episodes 38


TMDB 7.8


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annette_fletcher_5455 shared a tip "I didn't get to finish watching it, but it was good!!"

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sara_miller_2124 shared a tip "Great binge worthy show."

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rebecca_fraley_8909 shared a tip "amazing history"

lisa_hobson_8725 shared a tip "Love historical romance dramas!"

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jennifer_montano_1678 shared a tip "I love anything related to Henry the 8th."

amy_coven shared a tip "My absolute favorite period piece! Jonathan Rhys Meyers was amazing as King Henry VIII!"

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jamie_collins_520 shared a tip "Gripping and funny"

daniel_strong_7115 shared a tip "Good historical show."

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tammy_ancayan shared a tip "Erotica history"

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cynthia_217 shared a tip "Probably my favorite period/history type of show. I’ve watched the entire season 3 or 4 times and still I never get tried of it."

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natalie_lucken shared a tip "It is awesome 👌"

dianne_abrams shared a tip "Historical fiction is one of my favorite categories"

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grandmaluvlee shared a tip "#costume_design #bingeworthy"

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sister_carolyn shared a tip "Loved the history of ancient Rome"

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shelia_jacques shared a tip "Great"

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coleton_mcclennan shared a tip "AMAZING"

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morgan_roy shared a tip "Beautiful historical drama!"

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brenda_bratley shared a tip "Amazing, engrossing series! Absolutely loved it! Highly recommend!"

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gabrielle_patterson shared a tip "Excellent. Period!"

Gabrielle Hardeway's profile image

gabrielle_hardeway shared a tip "Strong story line, intriguing characters that play their parts well! Beautiful scenery and costumes."

jaylyn_jones_8904 shared a tip "It’s not historically accurate fashion wise but it’s a cute show to binge ❤️"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Terrific. Sexy. Beautiful. I don't know how historically accurate it is, but if you don't care about that give it a whirl!"

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sarah_hanratty shared a tip "My favorite show out of all shows, ever."

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dina_fehler shared a tip "Great story telling and amazing costumes!!!"

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cindy_richard_221 shared a tip "Jonathan Rhys Meyers was awesome as the king. Definitely kept me engaged throughout the series."

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laurie_davis_9698 shared a tip "Sexy"

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trina_knighten shared a tip "I dont really care for history shows but I loved this series"

carmen_7866 shared a tip "Love this series and highly recommend it!"

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duchessjuliejames shared a tip "This is just a given. If you haven’t watched this already, I feel sorry for you. Go watch it now."

mary_torgersen shared a tip "Loved this series."

lindsay_blodgett shared a tip "So good!"

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jared_wilbur shared a tip "Ann’s beheading"

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shirley_johnson_5616 shared a tip "Loved it"

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jami_galbreath shared a tip "The king the king the king hot and sexy show"

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gina_conger shared a tip "Looooved this one! If you love historical fiction, this is so good."

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darla_spotts shared a tip "Loved this series!!! Still one of my favorites"

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andrea_spiller shared a tip "Love old historical movies and shows"

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kerri_chamb shared a tip "Timeless. The costumes and castles are amazing."

paulette_7311 shared a tip "I loved this show! It brought back my love of historical shows!"

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LLCoolJ shared a tip "[Source:]"

donna_mccormick shared a tip "You couldn’t make up the story if you tried. LOL"

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victoria_pikulinska shared a tip "I just love it"

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michelle_mendenhall_4444 shared a tip "also another great watch"

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marlena_maria shared a tip "Tudors#period_dramas. The best one of them all, LOVED The Tudors!"

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andrea_mack_1910 shared a tip "I love historical dramas. Great actors, beautiful costumes."

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alissa_mercer shared a tip "When Cromwell was finally executed in season 3"

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stephanie_troscinski shared a tip "Loved this show!"

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gia-ranita_pitt shared a tip "Sex, murder, betrayal, great show!"

marian_goodell shared a tip "OMG. so sexy and fun."

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tatiana_johnson_1 shared a tip "Loooved"

kristina_6963 shared a tip "My favorite show ever. No.... come back!!!"

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lisa_rogers_164 shared a tip "I love history and so when I found this, I was hooked!! 💕"

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maria_patino shared a tip "The actresses in the series"

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odalis_perez shared a tip "Excellent"

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whittney_reed shared a tip "Loved the history/drama combo!"

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elizabeth_arreola_6353 shared a tip "Loved it💙"

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stacy_ashmore shared a tip "It’s just perfect"

kristan_farr shared a tip "Ah the show I found Henry Cavill... 😍"

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mckenna_england shared a tip "Loved it!"

val_6812 shared a tip "Excellent!!"

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kathie_hart_2012 shared a tip "Very good. Loved it"

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sandie_sorgio shared a tip "That's let me know.. lpl"

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amy_achata shared a tip "Henry Cavill"

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kirsten_ren shared a tip "Have you watched reign? It’s amazing"

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shawna_henderson shared a tip "I have only watched the first two seasons... will attempt to binge watch when I set up my Roku."

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noace shared a tip "For those who need a sexy retelling of Henry VIII and his wives."

laura_3793 shared a tip "Def"

rus_82 shared a tip "What kind of shows do you like?"

kimmarie shared a tip "Yes."

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cyndi_blair shared a tip "If you haven't watched Outlander it's a must-see"

kim_munroe shared a tip "I love this time period~such a good show! I’m also a history teacher!"

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brian_kiser shared a tip "Great story and actors"

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rowe_kells shared a tip "I love a good time period series and this is one of my favorites. #timeperiod #kingdom #royalty #drama"

heather_maldonado shared a tip "Addicting show!!"

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lisa_k_1763 shared a tip "It's an older one but engaging. Give it a shot"

alexandria_englande shared a tip "The White Queen"

wendy_scott_4423 shared a tip "The Witcher"

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mayra_perez_339 shared a tip "Yes!"

cmk11 shared a tip "Sexy as hell"

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