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An idealistic teen from rural Texas embarks on the adventure of a lifetime when she decides to leave behind starry nights for big city lights. Thrilled to be on her own and determined not to be intimidated by New York City, she accepts a job as nanny for a high-profile couple with four kids. Helping

Parental GuideTV-G

Status Ended

First Air Date 2011-09-30

Last Air Date 2015-10-16

Seasons 4

Episodes 98


TMDB 8.1


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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "A good family sitcom to binge watch!"

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olivia_2499 shared a tip "Loved this show growing up and great for the family"

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alexia_villagomez shared a tip "This show is my childhood I love it"

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sap_pyon shared a tip "Disney channel"

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eden_jaynes shared a tip "Yea! Have u ever watched Liv and Maddie? Or Boy Meets World?"

kashvi_gupta shared a tip "AMAZING"

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anya_sutton shared a tip "I love how unique it was"

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rebelbooks101 shared a tip "I didn’t like this as much as everyone else did. It was fine but I didn’t love it"

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michael_klw_west shared a tip "To much kidness"

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railee_skye shared a tip "I hate children"

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keiralikesmovies shared a tip "Good show"

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mary_hiemstra shared a tip "This is a funny show and I'd say this show is for all ages!🙂"

chaka_chaka shared a tip "My second favorite Disney show and I’m an adult that still watches this."

dristi_adhikari shared a tip "It only shows the trailer"

brylee_hanson shared a tip "I love that show!!"

michelle_gonzalez_160 shared a tip "I loved Jesse had so many so many seasons and kid appropriate"

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wolf_hunter shared a tip "It's my fav"

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beida_batista shared a tip "Is was funny and it was just kida inspiring"

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charlotte_2967 shared a tip "Great show"

ember_krasinski shared a tip "~Jessie~ Soooooo good family friendly kids can watch I love this show soooo good"

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evelyn_cramer shared a tip "Nostalgia"

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Naivy shared a tip "This is my childhood"

myla_broyles shared a tip "Love it"

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nany_pea shared a tip "Luke"

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krys_gerri shared a tip "Jessie is a great show so watch it if you're bored"

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anyssa_camarena shared a tip "WatcHWatch it"

alejandra_diaz-magana shared a tip "So funny an amazing family show"

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summer_softball_stewart shared a tip "#halarious #funny #relatable"

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latrice_tate shared a tip "Love jessie even parents will grow on JESSIE!!!"

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alexandraswanson shared a tip "Rest in Peace Cameron"

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kty shared a tip "funny sometimes, very nostalgic"

n_kl shared a tip "LOVED this show. HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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bukkie_cso shared a tip "Classic!!"

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antonio_mcneil shared a tip "📼"

sadie_1707 shared a tip "It’s my favorite"

sadie_gohlinghorst shared a tip "It is funny"

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prinxessa._tinaa shared a tip "Love it"

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lulya_eyassu shared a tip "How do you watch it"

amiyrah_white_7787 shared a tip "I like this show"

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roza_fattahi_manfared shared a tip "How do you watch it"

victoria_7216 shared a tip "Love show"

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aerial shared a tip "Perfect show i promise"

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xxspok3n_vybzxx shared a tip "Prolly ravi"

kerri_kelly shared a tip "I love Zuri"

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khadijah_khan shared a tip "Its so fun to watch"

rylie_mcdonough shared a tip "10 out of 10 suggested if you like Cameron boyce"

kayliana_lacerda shared a tip "It's good for all ages totally recommend"

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yahil_ocasio shared a tip "@hsnswn"

sania_1894 shared a tip "This show was amazing and made my day!! My favorite ones were the holiday episodes because some of them invjtes guest stars."

belky_vanessa_molina shared a tip "@lauraleewatts"

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kaniyah_baker shared a tip "It is so good I watched it when I was a little kid"

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subscribble_4_know_ shared a tip "This show was so good it watched the entire series over and over about 40 times"

tanayah_holmes shared a tip "It is my fav#comedy #drama"

stellar_7257 shared a tip "Thsi sucks i dont know hiw ti watch ##romance"

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kailynn_mckee shared a tip "I love it #periodt"

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olivia_ibarra shared a tip "It was funny and it was really enjoyable"

van_bik shared a tip "How do we watch"

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sr_262 shared a tip "Yes. I watched it when I was younger. A great show!"

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hailey_olson shared a tip "I was so sad when they took it off netflix😭"

am_1662 shared a tip "it was my favourite when i was younger. depends on what you’re interested in"

chloe_jasper shared a tip "One of my favorite TV shows when I was younger"

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mia_grace_9453 shared a tip "A classic😂"

lauren_5776 shared a tip "@chelseawrightreads if you like most Disney shows from 2010 then yes"

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Fanfiction-13 shared a tip "Love it"

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vanelly_funez shared a tip "I love Jessie sm 💗"

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michael_lubandi shared a tip "Have you tried watching you on Netflix"

ava_bley shared a tip "For shows similar to this there is good luck charlie and sitcoms like that!"

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