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Reality quickly unravels when antisocial Yukiteru is called into a death match against 11 other mentally scarred individuals. Each player has a prophetic device tuned to their personality, giving them control over their future—and the fate of their foes.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2011-10-09

Last Air Date 2012-04-15

Seasons 1

Episodes 26


TMDB 7.8


Hanmeblvck 's profile image

hanmeblvck shared a tip "Stop binging death note or tokyo ghoul or attack on titan if you are a starter in anime just watch this !"

Lou G's profile image

lou_g shared a tip "The peak of teenage angst"

Gail Weathers's profile image

gail_weathers shared a tip "This was my first anime and I have nothing but good to say for it"

Izzi Raine's profile image

izziraine shared a tip "this is what i’ve been currently watching, i’m almost done and it’s been really good !!"

Cinny 's profile image

Cinnamon_ shared a tip "idk, good starter ig"

Annabelle Rice's profile image

annabelle_rice shared a tip "4.5/5 great intro and super interesting story"

Starrygiirl 's profile image

starrygiirl shared a tip "I love gore and this has lots of gore yay"

Sofia Jiron's profile image

sofia_jiron shared a tip "My first anime ever"

iAmToeless 's profile image

iamtoeless shared a tip "Favourite anime!! 💗"

Melanie Gomez's profile image

melanie_wiki shared a tip "I will forever be attached to Yuno."

Baka 's profile image

baka_4727 shared a tip "It made me cry so it good"

Kat McElhenie's profile image

kat_mcelhenie shared a tip "Not for kids 😳 but it was amazing!"

tabby_cat_2425 shared a tip "One of my favorite animes"

Jacqueline France's profile image

jacqueline_france shared a tip "Hilarious and tense. Yandere character alert!"

Chelsea Marshall's profile image

RockerChick91 shared a tip "Not suitable for kids. Great storyline for those who enjoy the darker side of anime"

Rishi Kokkane's profile image

rishi_kokkane shared a tip "Pretty amazing has a lot of psychological and horror aspects to it."

naka-yubi 's profile image

naka-yubi shared a tip "Mermaids Forrest is good"

Ajia 's profile image

ajia shared a tip "its like getting mindfucked by a dog"

Milkman Barson's profile image

milkman_barson shared a tip "Absolutely crazy. I loved it!!!"

Jalla 's profile image

jalla shared a tip "Hello"

Sangwoo 's profile image

sangwoo_xxl shared a tip "Yandry❤️"

charleigh sturniolo's profile image

charleigh_sturniolo shared a tip "LOVE this anime! It's twisted and heart breaking. Reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul"

Lighting The Car's profile image

oikawa shared a tip "Kinda terrifying but good"

julieta_rodela shared a tip ":3"

Nikki Robertson's profile image

nikki_robertson shared a tip "Definitely NOT for kids, but the story is amazing."

Alexander Paez's profile image

alexander_paez shared a tip "The ending left a good taste in my mouth"

yahaira_vaca-ortiz shared a tip "One of my favorites and the live action adaptation is also good it has a more scifi twist to it but both are worth watching"

Zoe 's profile image

zoe_9739 shared a tip "it had such an interesting plot, right?"

vixx mixx's profile image

vixx_mixx shared a tip "I absolutely LOVE Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Saiki K."

Hector Joel's profile image

hector_joel shared a tip "One of the best shows out there in my opinion."

eric_froebe shared a tip "In my top 3 anime"

analia_suarez shared a tip "its just cool and amazing ngl"

Peeoncheese its's profile image

peeoncheese_its shared a tip "BEST ANIME EVER a ova is on funimation or youtube #yuno gasai is bae #bestanime"

Millieshow 1's profile image

milliek456 shared a tip "My favorite anime of all time"

GC Bruh's profile image

gc_bruh shared a tip "Fun"

cayden_mitchell shared a tip "This is wild, I have watched it three times"

Todd Derscheid's profile image

todd_derscheid shared a tip "Severely messed up, violent and disturbing, with tons of surprises. Just keeps escalating as it goes."

ayslee p's profile image

ayslee_p shared a tip "Interesting characters and plot."

zaida_ferguson shared a tip "sooo good highly recommend lots of twists and turns"

Lyri Serein's profile image

lyri shared a tip "Every day that goes by is another day that I think about how much this show messed with my head."

Lit. 's profile image

litt shared a tip "Best anime. Unpredictable and kinda obscene 😳"

crimson luna's profile image

crimson_luna shared a tip "Yuno is the definition of a yandere!!"

kristin_callaghan shared a tip "Psychological fantasy horror anime at its finest! Yandere <3"

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