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Raymond "Red" Reddington, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, surrenders in person at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. He claims that he and the FBI have the same interests: bringing down dangerous criminals and terrorists. In the last two decades, he's made a list of criminals and terrorist

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2013-09-23

Last Air Date 2022-05-27

Seasons 9

Episodes 196


TMDB 7.6


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adam_schmadam shared a tip "old man obsessed with pretty lady cop - wants to help her get a promotion"

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pook_farook shared a tip "I couldn’t get into season two or beyond."

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kyle_movies_123 shared a tip "Still watching this currently and it’s one of my favorite crime series shows! 💯 recommend"

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Tante143 shared a tip "In my Top 3 Fave Shows! James Spader is the Bad Guy you LOVE! He is incredible !"

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Tante143 shared a tip "I love CLEVER. This is one CLEVER Show. Red is the Bad Guy that you LOVE."

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leleahlovesya shared a tip "My all time favorite!! Have watched all 12/seasons a couple of times. Never a dull moment... Everyone loves this."

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mlhawkins shared a tip "🙌 One of my favorites crime shows ever!"

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nicole_duprey shared a tip "Yes, quite surprised by it. James Spader does a great job."

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holley_rilko shared a tip "Raymond Reddington, the coolest guy on the FBI’s most wanted list!"

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franciska_bakker_sephton shared a tip "Sassy! Hilarious! Great writing."

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susan_randlett shared a tip "So many episodes that you’ll binge for months and never finish. Such a fun show."

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hossein_fakhr shared a tip "Amazing"

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mary_gemmer shared a tip "I have loved Blacklist from the beginning, but love it even more since my son works for the show."

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info_net shared a tip "Ensure you have 2-3 hrs to spare bc once you start watching one episode you cannot stop. He he."

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nanditha_merlin_fra shared a tip "Must watch"

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shan_winslow shared a tip "Love James Spader in this! He's the main reason I started watching and that I keep watching."

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april_leveille shared a tip "Just like Dexter...this is another criminal you end up ❤ loving"

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Ahmadwolf shared a tip "If y’all want a good show to watch hit this one up 🔥🔥🔥"

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jessica-lee_veloski shared a tip "Must watch one of the best series"

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wahsatch_outdoors shared a tip "Great show. Spader is creepy."

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philip_stout shared a tip "Loved this series 👍👍"

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siva shared a tip "If you like thriller, crime, heist and Don movies. This is for you"

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caroline_garrigos shared a tip "HE IS A BADASS. Loved it."

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kylee_mcdonald shared a tip "I watched this show waaaay to young. I’ve been wanting to go back a rewatch it tho"

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dawnzig shared a tip "Guilty fun"

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jenna_holloway shared a tip "Yesssssssssss James Spader does an amazing job"

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le_1689 shared a tip "Whoops stupid Siri lol spader!"

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le_1689 shared a tip "James spider is amazing in this you can’t take your eyes off his character and you root for him being the bad guy per say"

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legendary_lynn shared a tip "Love James spader"

mayte_portilla shared a tip "Yeah it’s addictive!"

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henry_njemanze shared a tip "Any recommendations similar to it?"

yarom shared a tip "There is only one James Spader.."

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cindy_larr shared a tip "Really love this serie! Its just awesome! There is always a twist and you keep doubting everything all the way! Mysterious !"

patti_archer shared a tip "The VERY best show I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy! I highly recommend to ALL, esp those who enjoy intrigue!! THE BEST🎉"

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tad_hastings shared a tip "Truly one of the best shows ever on TV"

dalila_leon shared a tip "Really liked this show the plot and characters are just amazing"

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deborah_shaw_4973 shared a tip "One of my favorite series"

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robin_duplessis shared a tip "James Spader as Redd is fantastic, he's so deliciously wicked. Good stories"

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destiny_sierra shared a tip "9/10"

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travis_martin shared a tip "Watch every single episode"

roxanna_myers shared a tip "Absolutely loved this show!"

ashley_hernandez_2830 shared a tip "amazing"

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cindi_gould shared a tip "I never miss it. You have to love Red."

chris_mac_9735 shared a tip "Thrilling, gripping, entertaining... a great show, for sure! Also, James Spader is an under-appreciated national treasure!"

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mahsa_6923 shared a tip "Mr. Kaplan, Red and Cooper"

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bella_budd shared a tip "Just started watching this. I love it 👍"

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christina_joy shared a tip "Reddington and Aram"

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kaitlin_harrell shared a tip "FAVORITE NETFLIX SERIES!!"

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cleeb shared a tip "Super suspenseful and funny when you least expect it."

michelle_glassco shared a tip "I love this series. It is addicting. I find myself drawn to charismatic characters like “Red” Reddington."

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BikoQue shared a tip "Great show"

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brandon_cooper_2732 shared a tip "He made it for me - the stories he told"

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albert_skretka shared a tip "Just started this on Netflix. Been on my list for awhile. Its very good."

jay_browder shared a tip "Love Red!"

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emily_almeida_878 shared a tip "Lots of fun twists turns and drama."

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emily_almeida_878 shared a tip "Absolutely love Raymond Reddington. He really carries the show"

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eileenshea shared a tip "James Spader is godlike! 😍😍"

patty_edwards shared a tip "Two words...James Spader."

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chase_hoffman shared a tip "One of my favorite shows!"

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sohini_sengupta shared a tip "The best show"

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salima_b shared a tip "I watched it a couple years ago and it is still one of my favorite shows"

derek_elliott_2940 shared a tip "Reddfield by far. James Spader was an excellent casting decision for this part."

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julie_boswell_8100 shared a tip "This show is absolutely fantastic!"

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katie_baker_3257 shared a tip "Love this show!! It is a bingeworthy show!!! Once you start an episode it is hard to stop!!"

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jacob_zilm shared a tip "So good#crime #true_crime #mystery"

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sierra_woodhouse shared a tip "Love this show"

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acceptablekiwi shared a tip "Honestly, I love the many plots the show has and how intricate they all seem to be."

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neil_tochor shared a tip "Fun and addictive, kind of resembles "white collar".."

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amanda_sayers shared a tip "Drama"

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sophia_vogt shared a tip "Love the action and crime"

bailey_young_2860 shared a tip "Amazing show."

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bebe_paul shared a tip "Twists, turns, suspense, mystery!!!"

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tiff-layna_love-love shared a tip "Yes! Red. All I can say. Just. Superior acting skills."

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david_canites shared a tip "Intriguing and great acting."

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mary_paschal shared a tip "Must watch, fast paced, action packed psychological thriller. Keeps you on your toes, as well as having crime related drama."

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christine_f_1447 shared a tip "I liked prison break"

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zipporah_johnson shared a tip "I do. Hey hru?"

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barbara_geiger shared a tip "Really good in the beginning. Got tired at@the end. Thumbs up for the most part." 's profile image shared a tip "Very good!"

mary_daffin shared a tip "Can’t get enough!!!"

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halla_lamptey shared a tip "It's a pretty good show. Started bringing it, but had to take a break at season 4. Looking forward to see what happens next."

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candace_beachum shared a tip "I really liked it! Criminals, serial killers, lots of twists and turns...."

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TayTay_2007 shared a tip "Love this show! ♥️"

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amber_newcomb shared a tip "Definitelyaa"

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amber_newcomb shared a tip "Definitely!!"

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danielle_stephens_9660 shared a tip "Love it! Any book suggestions similar to the show?"

tanya_thornberry shared a tip "Great cast"

kali_desautels shared a tip "I both like and hate this show. I enjoy it, if I don’t binge it. Liz can be a pain, but Red is amazing."