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Nana Osaki is a guarded and ambitious young woman with a strong will and a rough past. She is the vocalist for a punk band called Black Stones and she desires fame and recognition more than anything else. Nana Komatsu is an outgoing and flighty young woman with a weak will and a stable past. Her lif

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2006-04-05

Last Air Date 2007-03-28

Seasons 1

Episodes 47


TMDB 7.8


brookelynn_thibodea shared a tip "So good"

haley 's profile image

deathswaifu shared a tip "♥️"

Cdcdar 's profile image

cdcdars shared a tip "Highly recommend, best anime imo"

elli•phant 's profile image

elliphant shared a tip "I need to rewatch this"

Ayla Madewell's profile image

ayla_madewell_3112 shared a tip "Probably my favorite anime of all time, happy fun elements mixes with adult problem and an amazing sound track!"

pepita_graham shared a tip "I love everything about this show!!!"

glynis_bateson shared a tip "I dunno if I'd say it's a comedy, though it does have very comedic moments"

Mia Lindsey's profile image

mia_lindsey shared a tip "I highly recommend this ... I’m most favorite anime and I could watch this over again and not get tired"

Trish Douggie's profile image

faye-fayyye shared a tip "It’s one of my all-time favorites 🥰 Mad stylish and well-written."

lan123222 's profile image

lan123222 shared a tip "Its a romantic and sad but funny , just a great all around show."

Jonathan Davis Kruger's profile image

jonathandavis_kruger shared a tip "This was one of the best things my ex-wife introduced me to when we were together. #animesuggestions"

Macy Reandelar's profile image

macy_reandelar shared a tip "i cried at the end, very good anime but hard to find manga for it nowadays"

Taijai 's profile image

ihearterenjaeger shared a tip "it’s so good, it’s a tearjerker though and you will become attached to the characters"

aloe 's profile image

zyX_ph0n shared a tip "Even though it's concept is used a lot, the drama and the story made watching it worth it. The ending left me confused tho"

miyu_awan shared a tip "Dramatic!"

Elisa 's profile image

infinatedawn shared a tip "#drama #tearjerker"

Tasha Green's profile image

tasha_green shared a tip "I liked it but it slightly annoyed me. Gotta admit. Worth the watch though."

shekhinah shared a tip "It’s a shame how unknown this anime is, such a great. Will always be one of my favorites"

kayla_rampersaud shared a tip "Closest to real life and somewhat relatable to young adults"

andi 's profile image

andi_9993 shared a tip "Watch it. You won't regret it. Ppl will say it wasn't a yuri/ lesbian anime. It was. #nanaisayuri"

Isis Dumas's profile image

isis_dumas shared a tip "Literally the most real feelings come from this anime. I love every moment! #drama #romance #mustwatch #music #friendship"

TokyoBeno 's profile image

tokyobeno shared a tip "amazing my favorite anime"

Seth VanBuren's profile image

stitchievee shared a tip "It was a good slice of life drama series. Made me cry."

Mars <3's profile image

filmwh0re shared a tip "A masterpiece!!! The outfits…the characters..the plot are just fabulous"

Ryann 's profile image

okryann shared a tip "Amazing romance and comedy it definitely did suck twards the end but still good"

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