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In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. Partially inspired by Mike Judge’s own experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late ‘80s, Silicon Valley is an American sitcom that centers around six programm

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2014-04-06

Last Air Date 2019-12-08

Seasons 6

Episodes 53


TMDB 8.1


Bill Gates's profile image

billgates shared a tip "You should watch if you really want to understand how Silicon Valley works today."

TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "I miss this show. I miss my regular dose of Martin Starr."

Sher Free✌️'s profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

Rashid A's profile image

Rashid shared a tip "When is the new season?!"

Brian Draggoo's profile image

brian_draggoo shared a tip "So accurate in so many ways"

sidney_williams shared a tip "Hilarious and intricately plotted."

JJinx 's profile image

jjinx shared a tip "Beside all the geeky stuff in the show that liked, the dynamic between the characters was weird and funny"

Kyra 's profile image

kyra_8313 shared a tip "One of my top 3 favorite shows of all time. It’s so simple yet so real"

Rachel 's profile image

rachel_6526 shared a tip "Who else cracks up at this show? 🙋🏻‍♀️"

Olivia Sun's profile image

oliviawsun shared a tip "somehow this show manages to make the life of a tech bro interesting lol"

Joelle Nole's profile image

heyjoelle shared a tip "A little too close to home from my days living in SC and working in tech - a hilarious parody of that crazy world."

Travis Acup's profile image

travis_acup shared a tip "My first introduction to Middleditch, Nanjiani, and TJ Miller. They are hilarious in this show."

JoeKing K's profile image

joeking_k shared a tip "Binge watched this in 3 sitting during Covid. It ended too soon"

Tim Hunt's profile image

timhunt shared a tip "Laugh out loud funny. Rated R."

romana_ibrahim shared a tip "@ikram look"

Brian Geier's profile image

brian_geier shared a tip "A wacky show that captures the perfect parody of modern tech billionaires"

steve_caplow shared a tip "Hilarious satire of the tech world. I know these guys!"

Shaun Nestor's profile image

shaunnestor shared a tip "A lighthearted, parallel view of what’s happening in the VC/start-up/tech world circus"

leila 's profile image

leilaisaloser shared a tip "hilarious once u get into it"

Maddy Mathis's profile image

maddy_mathis shared a tip "Definitely. Binged it a few summers ago. If you like Office Space, this is by the same guy"

Neha Muniraju's profile image

neha_muniraju shared a tip "Trust me it's an epic show...must watch!"

James Brooks's profile image

james_brooks shared a tip "Great from the start, last season is a little rushed, but has a great finale."

brett_yeager shared a tip "Smart. Funny. Addictive."

Todd Welch's profile image

todd_welch shared a tip "1-3"

Godi 's profile image

godi_4501 shared a tip "Very cool show.."

Susan P's profile image

suzycatq shared a tip "#favorites"

Akash K's profile image

akash_k shared a tip "Good first (and maybe second) season. Gets boring after that."

Colin Hagene's profile image

colin_hagene shared a tip "@paigelilovesbooks quite hilarious. Try Tacoma FD as well. Trust me."

Rachel Wadlow's profile image

rachel_wadlow shared a tip "SO FREAKING GOOD"

Raiden Weeden's profile image

raiden_weeden shared a tip "No, it's educational! It opens your eyes and show that you ate missing anything."

Meg Grablick's profile image

meg_grablick shared a tip "Amazing writing and character dynamics."

Partha Pratim Sanyal's profile image

partha_pratim_sanyal shared a tip "Perfect for software engineers to watch! Tells their story!"

Niyati Maheshwari's profile image shared a tip "Yes, it is. It depends on the kind of content you like actually"

Jimmy Jay Chassi's profile image

jimmy_jay_chassi shared a tip "Incredibly funny."

Kel Rice's profile image

kel_rice shared a tip "Great binge watch if you've worked at a start up or in the tech industry."

Wiley Ross's profile image

wiley_ross shared a tip "Anything with Anton or son of Anton! It's been a while since I watched it lol"

Brian Jaynes's profile image

BrJaynes shared a tip "Great show. I wish they would bring back more seasons!"

veronica_blattler shared a tip "My fave show right now is Hot in Cleveland. I love Betty White"

william_bc shared a tip "Have you seen Bored to Death? Also, I like Barry with Bill Hadder"

LM Taylor's profile image

lm_taylor shared a tip "Love this show! Very funny. If you don't mind British comedy you should check out IT Crowd"

Devansh Patwa's profile image

devansh_patwa shared a tip "I recently completed Vikings. Looking for some suggestions for some new tv series"

Matt W.'s profile image

matt_w. shared a tip "Thats a tough question lol."

Addiction Warehouse's profile image

addiction_warehouse shared a tip "Absolutely. TJ Miller is comedic gold and the entire cast is relatable but not because they are ultra smart."

Nurudeen Akinpelu's profile image

nurudeen_akinpelu shared a tip "It's very good"

Elsha 's profile image

elsha_8870 shared a tip "Silicon Valley is in my top 3! Also love Mad Men and The Office to round out my top 3 favorite shows."

Jesus Hidrogo's profile image

jesus_hidrogo shared a tip "Start-up . Thriller, version of Silicon Valley"

Jorge Flores's profile image

jorge_flores_2317 shared a tip "It's great on its own but being a computer science person I loved every second of it"

Chrissy Chace's profile image

chrissy_chace shared a tip "It’s funny, we liked it :)"

Austin Yu's profile image

austin_yu shared a tip "If I recall correctly, I really liked the first season. Cant go wrong with this one"

Jeanne Thew's profile image

jeanne_thew shared a tip "This show is hilarious."

ryan_murphy_5938 shared a tip "It’s goofy and nerdy. definitely worth watching if you enjoy those types of shows!"

Gilbert G's profile image

iopen shared a tip "I love it you must watch"

Veronica Gallo's profile image

veronica_gallo_3723 shared a tip "I think so. I used to watch it with my kids when they were in high school and we all loved it."

Mario Williams's profile image

mario_williams_2435 shared a tip "Hey! Yeah it's like "Office Space" for the startup crowd"

Adina Puleo's profile image

adina_puleo shared a tip "Hilarious and relevant"

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