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Shirayuki was a young girl born with unique apple-red hair. She meets a famous but foolish Prince Raji, who falls in love with her at first sight and orders her to become his concubine. With nowhere else to go, Shirayuki cuts her hair and escapes to a neighboring country. While traversing through th

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-07-07

Last Air Date 2016-03-29

Seasons 1

Episodes 24


TMDB 7.8


Amber Critchlow's profile image

amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "So inspirational and heart warming! If you need a good comfort anime this is it."

Ginger Mae 's profile image

ginger_mae shared a tip "Might be one of the cutest anime I've seen."

Starrygiirl 's profile image

starrygiirl shared a tip "The characters are a bit bland but it’s pretty good it’s shojou but not the average kind so yeah"

elijah_thushmurillo shared a tip "Loved this so much definitely one of my favorites!"

Mimzi 's profile image

auntcle shared a tip "Very sweet"

Brooke Warner's profile image

brooke_warner_3744 shared a tip "It is has rhe cutest romance scenes and is an all around family friendly show. The plot is easy to follow and very interesting."

Alex 's profile image

alex2707 shared a tip "My number one favorite anime it's so good"

Jacqueline France's profile image

jacqueline_france shared a tip "My favorite anime! Loved the series, the characters, and the artwork 💜"

Sarah Horton's profile image

sarah_horton_1475 shared a tip "It’s a very cute show I would watch again"

Emry Donaldson's profile image

emry_donaldson shared a tip "THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!!!! No sexual stuff, just cute prince and his independent plant gf."

Berry 's profile image

butterberry shared a tip "Great if your looking for a romance where the guy would do anything for the mc"

Kamiri 's profile image

kamiri_braggs shared a tip "Loved this... great romantic anime"

Icy Horizon's profile image

icy_horizon shared a tip "I ship so MUCH 😭😭😭"

Ashley Bushman's profile image

ashley_bushman shared a tip "I was able to watch it all on YouTube"

mackenzie_wolf_9643 shared a tip "😭😭😭😭😭🙈 so good fantasy n romance"

Jena Sellers's profile image

jena_sellers shared a tip "100% worth it. Not toxic with lots of character growth and development!"

Maggie Vargas's profile image

maggie_vargas shared a tip "It’s so cuteeee"

emily_crawford_4901 shared a tip "I love this so much and definitely recommend"

sahana_ravichandran shared a tip "9.5/10 Another one of my favourites."

sheriyah_jules shared a tip "it’s a must watch if you like romance."

Tuna 's profile image

ksilunatuna175 shared a tip "I loved everything about this i recommend this for sure"

Little K's profile image

little_k shared a tip "First completed anime <3"

Leslie Dennis's profile image

leslie_dennis_8072 shared a tip "YESSSSS. Zen 😍🥵"

Kaitlyn Williams's profile image

kaitlyn_williams_7303 shared a tip "I enjoyed this series. A little more innocent and cliche at times, but enjoyable none the less."

oleander_sharpe shared a tip "Love the characters, the development between all of them is great"

Katherine McCray's profile image

katherine_mccray_4831 shared a tip "It’s a #feelgood show"

celeste_7520 shared a tip "literally my favorite anime series. everything about it is beautiful."

Loie Schiller's profile image

loie_schiller shared a tip "Ouran High School Host Club and Maid-Sama are my other two go-tos 😁"

rachel_olson_1034 shared a tip "Omg! I love this anime, the romance, the story, the characters. I adore it all!"

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Luna 's profile image

luna_6095 shared a tip "its was super cute and just entertaining i would watch it again"

hunter_burchett shared a tip "I liked this anime"

isabella_meador shared a tip "for sure"

Rae Pringle's profile image

rae_pringle shared a tip "I love this anime. Its full of action, adventure and romance. Definitely a favorite ❤"

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