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D.J. Tanner-Fuller is a widow and mother of three. Things become too much to handle, so she asks for help from her sister Stephanie and her best-friend Kimmy.

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2016-02-26

Last Air Date 2020-06-02

Seasons 5

Episodes 75


TMDB 7.6


Adrienne 's profile image

adrienne_aldridge shared a tip "Although it wasn’t necessary I’m actually so glad they did this show. So cute"

allie_2869 shared a tip "Love the theme and all of the characters in general"

Jackie!!:) 's profile image

jackiereads shared a tip "i adore this show"

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cynthia_217 shared a tip "I loved full house when I was younger, but now I love fuller house even more. It has more adult humor."

Tyler Roehl's profile image

tyler_roehl shared a tip "It was funny and had a problem that they needed to solve"

Allie 's profile image

allie_4151 shared a tip "Love the cast"

bridget_bastian shared a tip "it was funny and relatable"

Den N's profile image

den_n shared a tip "Good to watch with the kids."

Camryn Curtis's profile image

Salthowounds shared a tip "Yeah I loved the newest season!"

Tricky and Trendy's profile image

tricky_and_trendy shared a tip "Amazing show for people that loved Full House."

Madison Strom's profile image

madison_strom_9870 shared a tip "I like some of the comedy they have, how they are all together as a big family"

blank blankerson's profile image

blank_blankerson shared a tip "Funny, Entertaining"

Katelyn Jackson's profile image

katelyn_jackson_2294 shared a tip "I definitely think so! It brought back the nastalgia from Full House while still being it’s own show. Perfect for the family!"

Joseph B's profile image

joseph_b_9569 shared a tip "The first 2 seasons were good but now it’s kinda bad and has cringe worthy humor. 6/10"

JJ Broghammer's profile image

jj_broghammer shared a tip "A good mix of family and drama."

Charlotte 's profile image

charlotte_2967 shared a tip "Great show for kids"

Jeremiah Griffin's profile image

jeremiah_griffin shared a tip "Yes"

Wolfy Wolf's profile image

wolfy_wolf shared a tip "I’m so sad it’s ended it was such a good show"

Ramona Nay's profile image

urstrully85 shared a tip "Only seen some episodes"

Brittany Toll's profile image

brittany_toll_865 shared a tip "Not as good as normal full house but still worth the warch"

daniella_saxby shared a tip "Absolutely, my favourite show of all time!"

Marilyn Powell's profile image

marilyn_powell_4573 shared a tip "Definetly!"

ansley_kidd shared a tip "i have watched it several times"

Rohith794 .'s profile image

rohith794_. shared a tip "It's a great show to binge watch and laugh! Just relax with."

Fruitsnacc259 ;-;'s profile image

fruitsnacc259_- shared a tip "Actually I’m just starting but it’s really funny!"

tina_5108 shared a tip "I have! 😭😭"

Doris Ewald's profile image

doris_8619 shared a tip "Sooooooo good I love this show"

Kaelyn 's profile image

dreamloveto shared a tip "It is amazing everyone should watch it"

Akos Kovacs's profile image

akos_kovacs shared a tip "It a great family story and very funy"

Jasmin Itwaru's profile image

jasmin_itwaru shared a tip "Same"

anita ogbeide's profile image

anita_ogbeide shared a tip "I love this show"

Emily Bishop's profile image

emily_bishop_698 shared a tip "It is so good and kids live it"

Bridget Walker's profile image

bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "Good love them"

Chrissy K's profile image

chrissy_k_5380 shared a tip "Yes its a great show if you loved Full House i highly recommend this show"

Darci Sellers's profile image

darci_sellers shared a tip "This is by far the best nostalgic show I have ever seen. I love this show."

Aracely Arzabala Cerda's profile image

aracely_arzabala_cerda shared a tip "If you like full house you will like this show it just about family"

Kristina Hartley's profile image

kristina_hartley shared a tip "Kate*"

Kristina Hartley's profile image

kristina_hartley shared a tip "I'm sorry this so the wrong show"

Nicole Buckley 's profile image

nicole_buckley_8337 shared a tip "If you liked Full House, then You'll probably like this one too. I really wish Nicky and Alex would've been in more scenes"

ajoung_ajoung shared a tip "Best show of youve seen the originals!!"

Elethu Rich's profile image

elethu_rich shared a tip "Idk I love them all"

Destiny D's profile image

destiny_d_7534 shared a tip "Good show with ups and downs"

Briannah Brayboy's profile image

briannah_brayboy shared a tip "Yeah"

gabby_1957 shared a tip "I don’t know it’s hard to say"

leshellewahl shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

Jaelyn Mitchell's profile image

Jaelyn_Jae shared a tip "Really good if you like family laughter and love"

Bella Leigh's profile image

bella_leigh shared a tip "It is funny and it the add on of full house"

Izabel Santiago's profile image

izabel_santiago shared a tip "I really liked the double wedding episode @A@amy_dawson"

alejandra_diaz-magana shared a tip "I couldn't decide"

Lynn R's profile image

lynn_r_8632 shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite shows"

Hailey Douglas's profile image

hailey_douglas_1843 shared a tip "Perfect series"

jordan_wright_4722 shared a tip "I loved this ❤"

Chloe Dawn's profile image

chloe_dawn shared a tip "I don’t really know what’s so great about the show, but it’s just perfect. Go watch it!"

Hayden Collins's profile image

hayden_collins_3702 shared a tip "Funny and light hearted"

Esti Goldberg's profile image

esti_goldberg shared a tip "I loved it so I’d have to say yeah!"

kyleigh Evertsen's profile image

kyleigh_evertsen shared a tip "It's a reboot of the show "Full House" and is full of funny family humor"

Jay Morris's profile image

jay_morris shared a tip "This show sucks balls."

Sophia Huang's profile image

sophia_huang shared a tip "Yeah"

cassandra_ward_7027 shared a tip "Just chill this has both kid and adult humor so funny and heartwarming"

Meg m's profile image

meg.m shared a tip "watched every episode over five times"

Brittany Slaby's profile image

brittany_slaby shared a tip "Not sure. Probs when they go to Japan."

Carlina Fernicola's profile image

carlina_fernicola shared a tip "This show is amazing and it is close to full house."

ripley_sage_casajuana shared a tip "This is a great tv show to binge and to laugh at."

mia_ditullio shared a tip "Best tv show!"

reece_krajkovich shared a tip "Sike"

Arthur Olivis's profile image

arthur_olivis shared a tip "Arthur Olivis Jr."

azzy_8635 shared a tip "Idk never watched"

Princess Vinne's profile image

princess_vinne shared a tip "I think all"

Kaiya Franke's profile image

kaiya_franke shared a tip "Fuller House"

Jaida marie Burnett's profile image

jaida_marie_burnett shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch 😚😃"

Erika Pleimling's profile image

erika_pleimling shared a tip "Love it"

angeline_reyes_4271 shared a tip "It’s not the best show I’ve watched but it’s OK I like more of the first show which is full house. "

Ednita Rodriguez's profile image

ednita_rodriguez shared a tip "I love the people who play on it"

brooke_1916 shared a tip "It is the best show i have ever watched. It is funny, good for kids, and is a great show in all i really recommend Fuller House."

Mikaelyn LaPointe's profile image

mikaelyn_lapointe shared a tip "Its funny."

Sonnie Osmon's profile image

sonnie_osmon shared a tip "Its. Great very funny and suspenseful"

 Sara Salama Sara Salama's profile image

sara_001 shared a tip "Funny"

sadi_2680 shared a tip "Cause I know that it's a good show so I liked it"

Kymber Sheets's profile image

kymber_sheets shared a tip "I like it because it is just like full house"

Jess Kiehl's profile image

jess_kiehl shared a tip "Yes! I just binged the series."

Yandel Burgos's profile image

yandel_burgos shared a tip "Season 5!"

michelle_hudson_9185 shared a tip "Funny. Wholesome."

Evie Soule's profile image

evie_soule shared a tip "I like this one, but I did think full house was better. :)"

kayla_curry_3243 shared a tip "This is a show that I have been watched at least 30 times. ITS SO GOOD"

Lib Gulick's profile image

libbyrose17 shared a tip "It was a great show! I loved it. I definitely recommend!"

Gracie Kingcade's profile image

gracie_kingcade shared a tip "It’s great!!"

copperboomgigi shared a tip "I'm really liking one tree hill, modern family and veronica mars as well"

Eli Fields's profile image

eli_fields shared a tip "Family show with drama, love, and life lessons"

Ree Forrester's profile image

ree_forrester shared a tip "Not at the moment"

Amber Howard's profile image

amber_howard_7842 shared a tip "Yeah I like full house and I like fuller house but it's either a hit or a complete miss. So depends on the person"

mia_owens_1910 shared a tip "The classic was better in my opinion."

PoTaTo 's profile image

potato_8387 shared a tip "I cried at the end!!! Great show though definitely recommend but if you haven't seen full house that's also a must watch."

Maryn Call's profile image

maryn_call shared a tip "I can’t think of any as of right now, but I’ll let you know if I think of any!"

ella_6616 shared a tip "bob saget :("

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