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Follows the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern-day African-American woman.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2016-10-09

Last Air Date 2021-12-26

Seasons 5

Episodes 44


TMDB 7.6


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hannah shared a tip "Hilarious and fresh!"

𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Love this Show"

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the_girl_abides shared a tip "Issa Rae all day. This series just got better and better."

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Blonded shared a tip "Issa is such a relatable character, love the comedy and drama. Really good show!!"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "Seems so realistic very relatable series highly recommended"

grayson_5620 shared a tip "10/10"

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "Yes! Loved this and Twenties!"

devin_conner shared a tip "Still great!"

mary_schuldt shared a tip "So good!"

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lulu_f shared a tip "Funny and poignant! Issae Rae is very talented! Love love this series!"

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kim_st-amour_9996 shared a tip "Should have won something big! ✨❤️ #blackexcellence #blackmagic"

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chelsea_arno shared a tip "Never chuckled so much watching a show , loved it!"

kandklove1 .'s profile image

kandklove1_. shared a tip "Watching right now it's hilarious amazing actress/ actors"

venetia_winford shared a tip "Like this was a good show but lost me because it took to long for the last season"

Lisa Wheeler's profile image

portuondo shared a tip "This is a show made by women for women. From beginning to end good. 😍"

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megan_robbins_9203 shared a tip "Incredible ,I miss Issa!"

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raven_young shared a tip "New season starts this month !!"

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kahface1312 shared a tip "Great show to binge watch."

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candace_johnson_4999 shared a tip "Love this show!!!"

SHEVORNE NIEVES's profile image

shevorne_nieves shared a tip "I really enjoyed watching something that people can connect to . It was real ❤️"

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julia_ward_7320 shared a tip "Very good."

Deborah Olo's profile image

deborah_olo shared a tip "One of a kind! A must watch for young, black professionals navigating careers and love lives"

Xavier Robinson's profile image

xavier_robinson shared a tip "The best. Instant classic. Can't wait for season 4 this weekend!"

Cam Woodard's profile image

cam_woodard shared a tip "Great show! Funny, but very true to real life as a young person dealing with “adulting”."

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analisa_sanchez shared a tip "Love love love this show! Very well done."

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keke_8341 shared a tip "Love everything about this show. Music. Molly. Men!"

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jason_theodoroff shared a tip "I love Issa"

alexis_martin_2836 shared a tip "One of my absolute favorite shows right now! Issa Rae has a fan for life."

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taylor_washington_718 shared a tip "Put this on your watch list!!"

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xo.niyy shared a tip "everything about this is amazing, the soundtracks are perfect"

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lck shared a tip "This show gets better and better every season."

courtney_cataland shared a tip "Great actors, story lines, fashion and music. This is one of my favorite shows."

Noelle Langston's profile image

noelle_langston shared a tip "The show is superb and the soundtrack is even better!!"

william_pope shared a tip "Issa and molly"

Regina Trolman DeMelo's profile image

regina_trolman_demelo shared a tip "Issa keeps it real and keeps me LAUGHING!"

Mya Price's profile image

mya_price shared a tip "Isa is such a likeable character! Her thoughts and humor keep me glued to the show!"

Gabrielle Dooling's profile image

gabrielle_dooling shared a tip "My favorite show of all time!!!#issarae"

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mswatch_itall shared a tip "Great soundtracks every season."

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marnita_thomas shared a tip "I don't have one. All of them are good."

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kid.kaa shared a tip "I love Issa Rae and everything she does. 🤎🤎🤎 insecure is my ****"

lorraine_nixon shared a tip "Love the soundtrack, dialogue .. banter and Issa raye, fashion and the"

t_harrison shared a tip "Hilarious, relatable and hilarious again."

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MyTaee shared a tip "Best series ever!!! Very relatable and thought provoking!!! Sorry to see it end!"

mitzy_amezcua shared a tip "Yes! It’s funny and has heart."

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eliza_ducre shared a tip "Yes, I love it! 💕"

lisa_foster_436 shared a tip "Smart, funny and the best soundtrack for television show EVER."

Tiffany Ramsubick-Plange's profile image

tiffany_ramsubick-plange shared a tip "Black excellence"

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kyle_jackson_2038 shared a tip "Season 3 Molly and Dro episodes are sooo relatable!"

kiara_williams_4495 shared a tip "The Coachella episode! Very funny 😂😂"

olivia_davidson shared a tip "Love it!!!"

Audra Ernst's profile image

audra_ernst shared a tip "Love the dynamic characters and realistic obstacles."

jessica_faulkner shared a tip "Last season coming up #TeamIssa"

perry_2326 shared a tip "Really interesting story lines"

calista_mateuszczyk shared a tip "Strong characters"

kyndal_4509 shared a tip "I love Issa Rae. This show is my absolute favorite!"

Chanelle Velazquez's profile image

chanelle_velazquez shared a tip "Very real relatable experiences with a comedic twist"

Jacquelynn Cookson's profile image

jacquelynn_cookson shared a tip "One of my all time favourite shows!!"

Nikole Van Laar's profile image

nikole_van_laar shared a tip "Witty and informative"

Zaneta Seidel's profile image

zaneta shared a tip "Hilarious! Relatable. Issa Rae is brilliant. Watch for the laughs, stay for the thought provoking moments/content."

Tiye Ngachoko's profile image

tiye_ shared a tip "Hilarious, relatable, diverse, and current"

Megan Cummings's profile image

megan_cummings_3732 shared a tip "So funny and entertaining relatable"

Ariell Aníta's profile image

ariell_anta shared a tip "I don't have an all time favorite but I have several shows (like this one) that I consider one of the greats"

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ashely_s shared a tip "So relatable!"

Aisha Abawajy's profile image

aisha_abawajy shared a tip "Oh it is soooo good!"

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mrgilj shared a tip "DO IT ! You won’t regret it …"

kimmyfae shared a tip "I watched the entire series in like a week. It’s incredible"

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Rocky_ReDD_ shared a tip "Black com-dram"

persia_s shared a tip "It is pretty awesome ☺️"

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nania_lee shared a tip "Yes! Smart and funny. Lots of good, complicated friendship and relationship stuff. Recommend!"

Shawnell Ponder's profile image

shawnell_ponder shared a tip "Have you seen little fires everywhere? Or Run the World?"

hannah_coker shared a tip "One of my favorite shows. Great soundtrack, a beautiful perspective on black relationships…plus Issa Rae’s genius!!"

Naomie Ewald's profile image

naomie_ewald shared a tip "Black excellence. Great drama. Great love stories. Great characters."

kasia_klimiuk shared a tip "Very relatable for millennials! And so funny"

simone_dixon shared a tip "Highly recommend! Wonderful show of black culture and dating."

Nur Alam's profile image

nur_alam shared a tip "Hi"

Shayla Betts's profile image

shayla_betts shared a tip "Made for the awkward black Millennial"

elizabeth_yucaneer shared a tip "Relatable & hits home"

frances_field shared a tip "Not a real fan but I understand."

lumilda_ruiz shared a tip "Looooooved every episode"

thevioletskinwoman 's profile image

thevioletskinwoman shared a tip "Real, creative and representative."

Ashley Harrison's profile image

ashley_harrison_5131 shared a tip "Great show but season 5 was rushed"

Ria 's profile image

Ria_7621 shared a tip "Hate to see this come to an end!"

Veronique Comma's profile image

veronique_comma shared a tip "One of the best shows on TV! So worth watching… I watched this 2x!!!"

imari_lamar shared a tip "Love love love ! It’s funny charming and relatable."

javon_wilson shared a tip "Absolutely!"

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savannah_villarreal_4369 shared a tip "Adultish…"

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