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When three working class kids enroll in the most exclusive school in Spain, the clash between the wealthy and the poor students leads to tragedy.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-10-05

Last Air Date 2022-04-08

Seasons 5

Episodes 40


TMDB 8.1


franchesca 's profile image

fr_5754 shared a tip "even though i understand what theyre saying i cant keep up with whats happening 😭 worth the watch though!"

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morgan_leighow shared a tip "Season 5"

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sports1924 shared a tip "Just started watching this, I finished Emily in Paris"

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sports1924 shared a tip "Such a good show"

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mimi_daisy shared a tip "i feel like the story gets lost in lieu of the messy relationship drama"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "On my watch list"

mariah 's profile image

mariah_taylor_ shared a tip "SEASON TWO sep 6th"

snorty 's profile image

snort_sugar shared a tip "I didn’t like how they portrayed Nadia as muslim representation"

Donovan Green 's profile image

iamd0n_ shared a tip "I love this show but in my opinion after season 3 it wasn’t as good"

Micael Wiebe's profile image

micael_wiebe shared a tip "Oh yes definitely"

Akgun Yilmaz's profile image

itsakgunyilmaz shared a tip "My new fav!!"

Miyah 's profile image

miyah_miyah shared a tip "This show so good"

Wayne Astrope's profile image

wayne_astrope shared a tip "Anyone watch this?"

obisesan ayodeji's profile image

obisesan_ayodeji shared a tip "Looking for that high school movie this is it ....everything there in is just aperfrct mix of every day life"

Marissa Gimble's profile image

rissamissa shared a tip "Love it. One of my favorite shows. Not your typical teen drama. Entwined with mystery and suspense. Keeps you on your toes."

amy_7273 shared a tip "Love this foreign show! #teen #drama #foreign #suspense #lgbtq"

Vanessa Lewis's profile image

vanessa_lewis_2092 shared a tip "Drop dead love this show. Can't wait for season 4"

Lisa Renee Harelson's profile image

lisa_renee_harelson shared a tip "Not kdrama but great Spanish drama in the same style you might like"

chaka_chaka shared a tip "Loved it"

Henry Bodden's profile image

henry_bodden shared a tip "The twist and turns of this show will keep you drawn in it is so Unexpected but in a good way"

Nyx the goddess of night 's profile image

Nyxthegodessofnight shared a tip "Wild show funny on accident 😂😂"

lola_fash shared a tip "#private_schools #mystery"

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heather_newton_8051 shared a tip "What about this"

Heather Newton's profile image

heather_newton_8051 shared a tip "What about this"

Heather Newton's profile image

heather_newton_8051 shared a tip "What about this"

Heather Newton's profile image

heather_newton_8051 shared a tip "What about this"

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lady_kaet shared a tip "Whos the killer?"

Carole-anne Larochelle's profile image

carole-anne_laroche shared a tip "Best séries ever"

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SPIDER-MARVEL shared a tip "Loved Patrick"

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emma_howard_7790 shared a tip "Is this a good show to watch?"

Preston Vornberg's profile image

preston_vornberg shared a tip "Absolutley!"

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angel33 shared a tip "🍿👍👍👍🍿"

Courtney O'Malley's profile image

courtney_omalley shared a tip "Don’t watch with parents!!!"

Smit Mangroliya's profile image

adult shared a tip "Yes when Carlo did three some"

Elephant Kendall's profile image

elephant_kendall shared a tip "Ooouuhhh that’s so hard to chose but season three is definitely my favorite"

Melissa Reza's profile image

melissa_reza shared a tip "The suspense is so good, it’ll keep you up!"

Melissa Reza's profile image

melissa_reza shared a tip "The suspense will keep you up! So good."

naika shared a tip "Season 4 is confirmed"

Emilie Lumi's profile image

emilie_lumi shared a tip "amazing show, love the twost and turns. LOVE the love stories !!!"

Jerzee Cheeks's profile image

jerzee_cheeks shared a tip "It’snthe perfect show to watch if you like crime and mystery."

Noodle Toasterstrudel's profile image

noodle_toasterstrud shared a tip "Watch it. Just...watch it"

robbie unknown's profile image

simplytasteful shared a tip "this is my favorite show"

nia_southerland shared a tip "Love this show!!! So much drama 👏🏾"

Madison D.'s profile image

madison_d. shared a tip "What should I watch after this?? Its so good"

Nayshen Osborne's profile image

nayshen_osborne shared a tip "Spanish Degrassi but with murder. Sign me up!"

Nnenna Okoye's profile image

nnenna_okoye shared a tip "This show is a way better version of 13 reasons why."

Tyler Hareland's profile image

tyler_hareland shared a tip "My favorite show of all time!!!"

Jenna Ay's profile image

jenna_ay shared a tip "BEST SHOW EVERRRR #elite"

gilbert_3367 shared a tip "Enviase of the love and mystery"

Luxxury Mess 's profile image

Luxxury_mess shared a tip "This shows is like what Riverdale wants to be but can’t because of CW and lack of talent"

Micc 's profile image

mdotm shared a tip "Used to love this show but it went into a downwards spiral after season 3."

Megan Pierre's profile image

sophiathereader shared a tip "This show is life-changing. Easy to love and the characters will forever be apart of you"

eduardo_sanabria shared a tip "All of them are great, I watched all 3 seasons in 2 days. I love Anders plot line"

Gabby Chacon's profile image

iamgabbychacon shared a tip "Its amazing"

Fadi Felfel's profile image

fadi_felfel shared a tip "I agree but in all a good show"

Kaitlyn Casey's profile image

kaitlyn_casey_9009 shared a tip "Either Lu, Samuel, or Guzman"

Destinee Boston's profile image

destinee_boston shared a tip "Love it!!! Sexy and thrilling"

 's profile image

Luiss shared a tip "Great show, loved the plot and characters!"

Valencia Richard's profile image

valencia_ga shared a tip "Binged it in three days and didn't t regret it at all!"

saya_mercer shared a tip "Kept you in your toes! Definitely a must watch if you like drama and a little bit of murder mystery!"

nicole_benetti shared a tip "It is an incredible show and I think that everybody above 18 should see . It is a thriller series with three seasons."

arianna_galindo shared a tip "This show is so good and interesting"

Angelica Pulido's profile image

angelica_pulido_9856 shared a tip "The mystery and how it all fell into place"

Danielle Bates's profile image

danielle_bates shared a tip "The dramaaaaaa"

Amanda Waddell's profile image

amanda_waddell_4435 shared a tip "LOVED THIS SHOW. So so good and addicting, if you like teen dramas this is for you!!!"

Monica 's profile image

monica_winn shared a tip "If you like crime/teen dramas you should check out “Dare Me” and “Baby”!"

Tonico Domont's profile image

tonico_domont shared a tip "Great teen drama"

andrew_maitner shared a tip "June"

katherine_seager shared a tip "Season 4 is great!"

alexis_reyes_6129 shared a tip "The drama is real and they keep you guessing about who these ppl truly are and the lengths they’d go"

Sara Langley's profile image

sara_langley shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge - mix of sexy, mystery. Amazing!"

nikkiscool shared a tip "amazing"

aishani ramachandran's profile image

aishani_ramachandran shared a tip "rewatched the whole show & s4"

valerieshayy shared a tip "Not like this but a great comedy sitcom is Schitts Creek if you haven’t seen it yet!"

katelynn_natte shared a tip "I really liked all the characters and their backstories and story, definitely recommend"

kaylee_campbell_4059 shared a tip "Yes it’s so good!"

youngdemocrat 's profile image

youngdemocrat shared a tip "This is sooo good!! 100% recommend!"

yennefer_of_ven shared a tip "it’s in spanish, since the show is based in spain but i love it"

dani santoyo's profile image

dani_santoyo shared a tip "you either watch it for the plot or you’re really h*rny"

Heather A's profile image

heather_a_300 shared a tip "Not my favorite"

emily_yeargin shared a tip "Great Spanish drama"

L.anch 's profile image

L.anch shared a tip "Watched for the first time with a best friend and we were invested. 😂"

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