She-Ra and the Princesses of Power poster


In this reboot of the '80s series, a magic sword transforms an orphan girl into warrior She-Ra, who unites a rebellion to fight against evil.

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2018-11-13

Last Air Date 2020-05-15

Seasons 5

Episodes 52


TMDB 8.8


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david_hansen_9557 shared a tip "Seen it already and I liked it."

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caralyn_nicole shared a tip "v good and gay"

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sam_pamenter shared a tip "It's a great show to binge watch, enjoyable for all ages and has a lot of fantastic storytelling and representation!"

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-lily- shared a tip "It says it's for kids.... But I watch it anyway lol :)"

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casually_procrastinating shared a tip "It's very inclusive and diverse!! Loved it."

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mandipandi303 shared a tip "The best animated show to come out in a good long while. I recommend it to people of all ages and genders."

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ashley_lowther shared a tip "Great reboot! Wonderful characters and amazing story. And great representative for LBGTQ"

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deali_moon shared a tip "Favorite show"

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tayler_tate shared a tip "This show is everything ❤️❤️"

zakary_burgess shared a tip "Slow start but worth the investment. So much diversity, so much heart."

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cameron_omnia shared a tip "Dont get discouraged by the first 3 seasons Seasons 4 & 5 are GOLD!🥇"

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miami3233 shared a tip "So binge-worthy! This show really makes you connected to the characters and feel what they feel. 100% recommended to everyone."

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rosa_ortiz_8271 shared a tip "Great show I recommend it if you're gay or not"

abby_the_godess shared a tip "So gay!! I love it!"

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parker_548 shared a tip "Trigger warning abusive household. Targeted towards pretty much everyone"

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peril shared a tip "YASSSSS"

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AvaAdoreSoma shared a tip "Looooove this show! I wasn't even upset at the remake lol."

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kittens_bride shared a tip "Love it"

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ticktock_room shared a tip "How do I even put this ! Just watch and you will fall in love 100 percent guaranteed"

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kyla_ren shared a tip "My favorite self aware queer friendly complex cartoon for kids that will blow the minds of adults"

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Lava.Nest shared a tip "love the characters, great action, almost cried once, epic intro song"

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kim_st-amour_9996 shared a tip "I’m totally shook by how good this show is. Hordak is one of the best vilain in the last century 🏅"

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SolasIsanEgg shared a tip "Omg yes, if you like gay princesses and angst, then totally!!"

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existing_isfun shared a tip "Please watch it"

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lilly_fur_Warriors shared a tip "Awesome 🤩"

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jessica_johnson_7555 shared a tip "One of the few reboots that surpasses the original."

michael_7099 shared a tip "Wow. Can't believe I liked this as much as I did. Up there with The Last Airbender series"

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em_garden_. shared a tip "this is great! a really funny show that you could recommend to a friend that isn’t into anime, they would still enjoy it! ☺️💕"

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alexa_pines shared a tip "Gay"

marisa_skye shared a tip "I love this show so much!!"

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lilac_moon_6387 shared a tip "OMG i freaking love this show. amazing character development, great storyline. overall a 100/10"

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arion_333 shared a tip "Best show ever"

nicole_hamel shared a tip "It was amazing !!!! Binged the heck out of it!"

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cann- shared a tip "WATCHED THIS ALL 5 SEASONS IN A WEEK SO GOOD#lgbtq #lgbt #cartoon #animation"

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ciara_abongo shared a tip "Very exciting to watch! Only took about 4 days"

marissa_e._molina-c shared a tip "Just pure awesomeness in EVERYTHING!! It’s great - you’ve gotta watch it!!"

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JustDani shared a tip "Omg this was one of the best shows I've ever seen. The characters are so diverse and the lgbt+ representation is amazing!!"

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kyla_mitchell shared a tip "literally just awesome all around go watch it"

hailey_coake shared a tip "My favorite comfort show and really great LGBT+ representation! This show is my absolute favorite!"

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sydney_anime shared a tip "gay vibes only"

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jacob_beauvais_jaco shared a tip "Owl House and Amphibia on Disney+"

Jacob Beauvais JacobTheOrdinary's profile image

jacob_beauvais_jaco shared a tip "Owl House and Amphibia on Disney+"

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valkyjra_banshee shared a tip "One of the best animated series currently in production!"

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bethy_ballard-mora shared a tip "We started watching for background noise and got sucked in!"

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amna_durrani shared a tip "Then Entrapta"

samantha_berry shared a tip "#lgbt"

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haley_hobbs shared a tip "Thus show is amazing it has great LGBTQ+ rep"

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finley_buehrer_5828 shared a tip "It was intresting and funny. It had lesbian people/cats it was full of action and adventure def reccomend"

nieke shared a tip "It was so amazing and so much more than a bunch of sparkly princesses! It included such amazing twists and drama!!"

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kaelyn_mcfadden shared a tip "I LOVED THIS SHOW SO MUCH"

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kaylee_miller-owens shared a tip "LQBTQ representation!"

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arah_al-shabanah shared a tip "representation in the show is immaculate"

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janae_meilin shared a tip "#representation #lgbtq"

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sherah shared a tip "I loved it because it was just very funny and exciting to watch! But also because it can be, in some situations, relatable!"

hailey_1941 shared a tip "it had amazing representation, good for all ages, incredible character development, and all around just an amzing show"

rachie shared a tip "Its gay its magic its perfect"

josiah_6701 shared a tip "Extraordinary!"

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arisbel_vertiz shared a tip "Gay and amazing story"

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doggyscore shared a tip "Has the best lgbtq+ representation. Wish I could find a show close to this, but nothing compares to how GREAT this show is."

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marcus_wimmer shared a tip "canon LGBT characters"

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alice_grey_3147 shared a tip "It was just amazing. It was super gay and the character arch’s were awesome."

ava_watts shared a tip "Best show ever lots of lgbtq characters with great representation of it. An amazing storyline with lots of lovable characters. "

laney_tarara shared a tip "yes. yes, yes, yes. #lgbtq"

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alondra_trejo shared a tip "Gay"

chanin_mauery shared a tip "I loved this one as a kid in the 80s. If you are into this genre then maybe you would like Jem and the Holograms."

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sugarhoneyicet shared a tip "the best"

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meg_jagt shared a tip "If you like cartoons, romance, and magical girls then you'll love it! I think the characters themselves are the best part."

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katelyn_malmer shared a tip "Maybe Fullmetal alchemist. It changes all the time. 😅 What's your favorite tv show?"

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theshyemochild shared a tip "Gay"

baylee_boisclair shared a tip "Love this show! I’ve watched all 5 seasons in under two months! 😂 has and amazing ending, great plot and character development"

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riccardo_the_guinea shared a tip "It's really entertaining."

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gamer_12 shared a tip "Catra"

em_adderson shared a tip "There's way too many to choose a favorite for me. You'd have to break it down into categories, lol. You got a fav?"

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meekonee_24 shared a tip "Such an amazing show! Gives me He-Man vibes"

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goldfi1sh shared a tip "Yes! It is an amazing show with great lgbtq+ representation"

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Rif_ shared a tip "Literally amazing, the show has an amazing plot twist. I definitely recommend it!"

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lollipop_wolf shared a tip "Gayyyy cartoon 🏳️‍🌈"

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deann_kham shared a tip "good concept, good animation, lovable characters. i love cartoon shows that are animated"

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fifer_loftus shared a tip "Definitely!"

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ashvergent shared a tip "absolutely loved everything."

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burklee_heslop shared a tip "Gay"

faith_elzie shared a tip "Very! Admittedly, pacing can be kinda weird but I've found that issue in most Netflix originals."

drew_whiteside shared a tip "Pitch perfect characters and casting, real growth and depth, effortless diversity and representation."

sydney_ruiz_9778 shared a tip "Amazing! Way better than the original!"

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gianna_1131 shared a tip "I love the story and double trouble is my fav character. 100/10 #netflix"

zac_collins_1669 shared a tip "Everyone should watch this show! It is wholesome and lovely. Queer friendly, sweet, and endlessly hopeful."

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kazzle.dazzle shared a tip "Totally, it’s one of my favorite shows"

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avery_comb shared a tip "Best infusion of representation, fantasy, and generally really good writing ❤️"

jack_linden shared a tip "Absolutely"