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When everyone else mysteriously vanishes from their wealthy town, the teen residents of West Ham must forge their own society to survive.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2019-05-10

Last Air Date 2019-05-10

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.7


Sherri Arney's profile image

sherri_hodges shared a tip "Interesting 🤔 to see how this turns out!"

ariel smith-golub's profile image

ariell.skye shared a tip "such a great show. so sad it got cancelled"

ariel smith-golub's profile image

ariell.skye shared a tip "we’re never gonna see what happens with sam and grizz and that is just rude"

Elizabeth Sanders's profile image

elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Great series"

erin. shared a tip "Be prepared that this is a one season show. So disappointing there is no season 2"

kenzie <3's profile image

kenzieb shared a tip "so sad this series was cancelled :( one of my favorites!! I just wanna know what happens next"

Jolena Owens's profile image

jolena967 shared a tip "Cant wait for season 2"

Dyllie Becker's profile image

dyllie_ shared a tip "i loved this show!"

hannah <3's profile image

hannah_parker_5369 shared a tip "still hate netflix for what they did to this show #cliffhangers"

Alicia Newkirk 's profile image

alicia_newkirk shared a tip "So sad theres only 1 season"

emme_weber shared a tip "This got cancelled, and I was really upset about it because the 1st and only season was so good!"

Hilary Carter's profile image

hilarycarterr shared a tip "Very captivating and real - loved it so much"

Addison Zechman's profile image

addison_zechman shared a tip "This show is amazing! The twists and plotlines are amazing!"

Ifeoma A's profile image

ifeoma_a shared a tip "This show is such a trip! May seem like just a teen show but it’s really compelling"

Travis Cansler's profile image

travis_cansler shared a tip "REALLY GOOD! A cross between the Pied Piper and an apocalypse film!"

Da’Nai Parker's profile image

whoiisdanai shared a tip "I got hooked and now I see its been cancelled and... I dont like it here😂🤦🏽‍♀️"

Arleisha Strauder's profile image

arleisha_strauder shared a tip "This should have gotten a season 2, ending sucked"

iciz 's profile image

iciz shared a tip "If you liked this you might like The Wilds!"

carson deaver's profile image

carson_deaver shared a tip "Truly amazing, great acting, very interesting plot as well as subplots"

salma 's profile image

SaLma-uWu shared a tip "This show is really good."

Lizette Williamsen's profile image

lizette_williamsen shared a tip "Cancelled?? Enjoyed this but needs more."

soraya_morgan shared a tip "Sad that it got canceled"

Jordan Angel's profile image

jordan_angel_8728 shared a tip "I think I read somewhere that it’s not!:("

Xavier Rieves's profile image

xavier_rieves shared a tip "Yes, I binge watched the whole thing"

Chayli Chastain's profile image

chayli_chastain shared a tip "One of my favorites it sooo good 100% recommend"

haya_snobar shared a tip "It only has 2 seasons so far but definitely worth waiting for new seasons!"

Madeline Taylor's profile image

madeline_taylor_9055 shared a tip "This is such a good show. can’t wait for season two!"

Luke Marty's profile image

luke_marty shared a tip "This **** is absolute gassss🤑"

Jenifer Bacon's profile image

jenifer_bacon shared a tip "It’s awesome you should decently watch"

Sophia Mazzaglia's profile image

sophia_mazzaglia shared a tip "My favorite character would probably be Sam"

Sophia Mazzaglia's profile image

sophia_mazzaglia shared a tip "Who is your favorite character"

Landon Green's profile image

landon_green_3676 shared a tip "It’s a perfect show to watch during quarantine it’s really good highly recommend"

Taylor Brandt's profile image

taylor_brandt_4930 shared a tip "My mom"

Hannah McKasson's profile image

hannah_mckasson shared a tip "Hate that the canceled season 2"

Joshua Cormier's profile image

joshua_cormier_4763 shared a tip "Needs another season."

Ashley 's profile image

Ashely_1 shared a tip "i didn’t like the ending but loved it"

Haley Whorton's profile image

haley_whorton shared a tip "It’s really good but very much slower than regular tv series. Overall I enjoyed watching it!"

Zakora Sorrell's profile image

zakora_sorrell_9284 shared a tip "I could pick one but I really like outer banks, Ginny and Georgia, the society and others I can r watch these shows all day!"

Kate Kitson's profile image

kate_kitson shared a tip "Shoot I don’t, if I come across one I’ll let ya know! :)"

skobeloffblue 's profile image

skobeloffblue shared a tip "I still can’t believe they canceled this for 3 trash movies"

ariella_lambert shared a tip "👍🏻"

Emma Newton's profile image

emma_newton_6956 shared a tip "there is only one season and it’s sooo addicting"

Grace 's profile image

grace_5537 shared a tip "Omg so intriguing!!! Normal high school drama with a twist. Love it so much!!!"

Kennedy Alexis's profile image

kennedy_alexis_ shared a tip "This show is intense funny and romantic at the same time I love the characters and the real world problems!"

Cheris Williams's profile image

cheris_williams shared a tip "It’"

ary 's profile image

ary_7826 shared a tip "i love this show so much. probably has to be my favorite, it did get cancelled but still very good. (it’s on netflix!)"

Rachel Lalonde's profile image

rachel_lalonde_3878 shared a tip "Yes it is! I watched it two days!"

sandra_duran_1995 shared a tip "Very entertaining. Too bad Netflix decided to cancel S2 when it was gonna come out this year"

alyssa_poremba shared a tip "Probably episode 7"

Ella Ryan's profile image

ella_ryan_163 shared a tip "Amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩"

Chrissy🖤 's profile image

qxeenchrisc shared a tip "I’ve been waiting patiently a little over a year for word on a second season. 🙁"

Destiny Welch's profile image

destiny_welch shared a tip "Crazy good"

Shakir Issa's profile image

shakir_issa shared a tip "It was really coll plus they had two different people fighting warewolves and majstacrats"

Cathy Fink's profile image

cathy_fink shared a tip "Wish there were a second season. There were so many things left unanswered."

Carissa Mancuso-Miller's profile image

carissa_mancuso-mil shared a tip "I needed a season 2"

kailey_fiolka shared a tip "this is the best show in the whole world i’m still so mad it was cancelled. watched it in one day totally worth it"

Tara Turpen's profile image

tara_turpen shared a tip "Needs to be renewed!! Need more!!!!!!"

Chris B's profile image

ChrisB shared a tip "80K of us can’t be wrong @netflix please bring this show back! #thesociety #netflixoriginal"

Mary Lou 's profile image

marylou3 shared a tip "this show was INSANELY GOOD i finished it in a day……… i’m so upset they canceled the second season😪"

Heather Wilson - Pitts's profile image

heather_wilson_-_pitts shared a tip "A dramatized social experiment. Feels just like what you would expect if teenagers ruled the world."

Nicole Condrey's profile image

nicole_condrey shared a tip "Can't wait for season 2!"

Lilac spark's profile image

lilac_spark shared a tip "Yeah very good 👍"

anahi_plasencia shared a tip "It’s a really good show to watch"

kolton_mcgrath shared a tip "This looks good"

Mikyla Murphy's profile image

mikyla_murphy shared a tip "❤️ can’t wait for season 2! It’s an awesome concept"

shea_5082 shared a tip "Amazing show but they just cancelled season 2 and it ends on a cliff hanger"

Jennifer Pearson's profile image

jennifer_pearson_2033 shared a tip "I would have to say Allie. Who is yours?"

Samantha 's profile image

sammsamm shared a tip "I fell in love with this show definitely binge worthy !!"

elizabethann_sulliv shared a tip "Definitely grizz!"

Jul Eve's profile image

jul_eve shared a tip "best show ever. definitely binge worthy"

Kallie Montano's profile image

kallie_montano shared a tip "When the older sister died"

The Savannah Show's profile image

the_savannah_show shared a tip "AMAZING SHOW I WAS SO MAD WHEN THE CANCELED IT"

Mykie Butterfly's profile image

mykie_butterfly shared a tip "Cassandra"

Bakugou Katsuki's profile image

bakugou_katsuki_2581 shared a tip "this was oddly good"

Paige 's profile image

paige_9218 shared a tip "i love this but we don’t know if it will have another season which is sad"

theresa_machelle_ch shared a tip "I havent watched it yet... but I'm going to check it out .."

Q Tip's profile image

q_tip shared a tip "Good"

mila_bostick shared a tip "if you like mystery, this show is for you!"

kayla_barlow shared a tip "The show is definitely worth the watch. The show is for someone who likes mystery and team action."

Funzyy 's profile image

funzyy shared a tip "This was a great show to watch it dosent really matter on your age i totally recconmend"

sydney_forrest shared a tip "Real good"

Dina Chalmers's profile image

dina_chalmers shared a tip "Grizz"

kayla_hamiltonn shared a tip "Is this really canceled?? They left a cliff hanger at the end ?"

Caroline Bright's profile image

caroline_bright shared a tip "Mmm that’s hard, but probably Allie played by Kathryn Newton!"

Maya 's profile image

umbrellacademy shared a tip "The best show ever"

avery_andell shared a tip "Canceled after one season (deserved a second!) but I’d still recommend!"

Nia Smith's profile image

nia_smith_5564 shared a tip "I wish they never cancelled it"

Anastasia Wygant's profile image

anastasia_wygant shared a tip "we need another season!!!"

Melissa Portell-Stull's profile image

melissa_portell-stu shared a tip "So upset there won't be a second season!"

brisa_robles shared a tip "So sad they canceled it after the first season, it would’ve been such a popular show, I just know it😔"

Shireen A's profile image

shireen_a shared a tip "Right now I’m all about handmaids tale lol"

McKenzie King's profile image

mckenzie_king_8643 shared a tip "try teen wolf or the maze runner there both good"

Alexandria Boyer's profile image

alexandria_boyer shared a tip "Cancelled because of Covid🥺"

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