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A family’s lives are irreparably disrupted when the 14-year-old son is accused of murdering a fellow classmate.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-04-24

Last Air Date 2020-05-29

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 8.5


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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming on Apple TV+"

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deena_chadwick shared a tip "If you don't have an iPhone, I suggest you get the 7 day trial and Definitely watch the 2 seasons of Servant and Defending Jacob!"

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SoylentGreene shared a tip "Unexpected ending."

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luanna shared a tip "So good!! Great watch for those who have and have not read the book."

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ateam16 shared a tip "Amazing show! A little different from the book but so good!!"

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christian_bell shared a tip "Very good season one."

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jill_macdiarmid shared a tip "Fantastic!!"

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tricia_ponton shared a tip "Very good, but i dont like how it ended or if its even coming back for a second season."

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ani_g shared a tip "A new side of Chris Evans worth watching."

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irina_shampay shared a tip "A glimpse into a life of privilege . A family is suddenly facing a crisis involving their son’s accusation of murder."

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kahface1312 shared a tip "This show keeps me coming back for more! Fantastic."

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chris_deluca shared a tip "Great show. Until it wasn't. I can't elaborate without giving anything away. But I absolutely loved it. Until I didn't. 😑"

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jessie_matthiesen shared a tip "Soooo gooood"

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ryan_weber shared a tip "Pretty good so far."

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paige_cox shared a tip "Amazing show"

walter_winston shared a tip "Very entertaining"

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EventHorizon shared a tip "It’s high quality thriller! Made me wait in anticipation every week"

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frances_bowman shared a tip "It is entertaining enough, but the end is very frustrating."

john_schwiebert shared a tip "Yes!!!"

kendall_de_rivel shared a tip "Such a great series! But leaves you with so many questions. 9/10 🤯"

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nilraj_punvar shared a tip "This is a good watch. With with great quality of the cinematic portrayal of a town. Amazing picture quality Apple TV+."

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atemnkeng_alem shared a tip "defending jacob us one of the most greast shows ive ever watched❤"

itzia_boyar shared a tip "A dark family drama with enough twist and turns that makes you question how far would you go for your child.."

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buvi_ramanathan shared a tip "Gripping suspense. All episodes on air"

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jami_eitel_hunt shared a tip "Loved it. Great show"

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anthony_galante shared a tip "This was really well done."

Rasta15 shared a tip "Great!"

tee_clax shared a tip "Never expected the ending. Interesting that it was different from the book"

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bobbi_ormond shared a tip "Although a bit predictable, it’s a good watch. If you’re looking for a drama to binge, I’d recommend it."

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catherine_macivor shared a tip "There was only one season"

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rachel_owens shared a tip "I loved this drama. It was gripping and had twists and kept me guessing. I highly recommend!"

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maya_b_2817 shared a tip "I believe it’s only on Apple TV+ and only has one season so far but I really enjoyed defending Jacob"

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jlyn_wilson_2247 shared a tip "Fabulous...EVERYTHING"

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zoe_catherine shared a tip "Simply amazing.., you’ll have to watch for yourself. Great cast and love the show"

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krystie_marie shared a tip "It has been months since ive watched it and it still sticks with me. Such a great twist and ending."

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erin_weber_9039 shared a tip "The suspense is palatable! I can’t wait to see where this story goes."

jennifer_lindemann shared a tip "Amazing series! Just love it."

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donna_kottmer-tyson shared a tip "This series was well done!"

mia_1010 shared a tip "This show was amazing!!"

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omar_ibrahim_1834 shared a tip "Amazing for mystery and it's clean wich makes it ten times better for people like me😂"

nathan_bruley shared a tip "Such a great show. Worth binging"

mario_p shared a tip "Good Quality and has turn at the end"

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lori_walcker shared a tip "Very intense"

emily_balog shared a tip "Great acting. I didnt know who did it until thr end and even then I wasnt sure. I love a story line that keeps me guessing."

jennifer_2979 shared a tip "GREAT!"

gail_moss shared a tip "Good read."

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janine47 shared a tip "Loved this show. Has you guessing right up til the end."

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heather_muessel shared a tip "Great show!!! You won’t be disappointed!!! #chrisevans"

ava_vurpillatte shared a tip "this show is amazing"

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priscilla_robock shared a tip "This show is perfect. 5 stars."

maria_beni shared a tip "This was so good!!!"

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kelsey_engdorf shared a tip "So good! It’s a little different from the book, so it was still shocking. The book is really good too."

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shawn_devinney shared a tip "Great Show"

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jal_reynolds shared a tip "So beautifully done. The acting is great and really helps tell a story full of ambiguity"

lori_8624 shared a tip "Actors, story"

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