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A grieving teen finds an unexpected connection with two classmates at her new high school after they all land in the same Shoplifters Anonymous group.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-06-14

Last Air Date 2020-08-25

Seasons 2

Episodes 20


TMDB 7.9


krystle_poirier_8968 shared a tip "Interesting, got hooked"

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khyliam8 shared a tip "it dedicates very well to one’s who have addiction or toxic relationship. it represents a lot of girl power."

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lily_emmanuel shared a tip "Very good but goes down hill after first season"

sylver_smith shared a tip "the mitski name drop at the end of the first season just confirmed i was the target audience for this"

ayo_1533 shared a tip "Bro the way they portrayed the reason why they steal was so good"

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lari shared a tip "Don’t watch this if you’re not interested in teen angst"

melina_medellin shared a tip "gay. need anotger seasoj"

cami_6468 shared a tip "It was good. The show is about 3 teen girls that grow a friendship together through shoplifting."

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reina_55 shared a tip "its super underrated but so so addicting"

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The_Divas_Mom2003 shared a tip "Love this show!! Well written, acted. Love the three main actors."

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taa_buck shared a tip "Love this show! Really bummed Netflix is canceling it after this season but I guess that’s Netflix for you..."

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p_b_355 shared a tip "Fun"

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bwch13 shared a tip "love!"

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angel_carnaghi shared a tip "YES I LOVE EVERY CHARACTER"

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trillah_j shared a tip "AMAZING I LOVED THIS SOO MUCH!!!"

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meredith_healey_gar shared a tip "#underrated #teen drama that mixes up predictable characters with atypical storyline"

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mrgnburle shared a tip "very unique show, unlike any other thing i’ve watched before"

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madison_williams_9336 shared a tip "Pretty good"

ciennahernandez shared a tip "Amazing coming-of-age show to binge."

Kathy Heck's profile image

kathy_heck shared a tip "So GOOD!!!!! Can’t wait for Season 2!"

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solo.adventure.girl shared a tip "Perfect show to binge watch with your girlfriends. I cant stop watching it!"

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rayne_suarez shared a tip "Should’ve def had a season 3 *sigh * oh well"

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jasmine_conley_9527 shared a tip "yes! for sure"

malka_war shared a tip "This was a relaxing show to watch after a day of work:) I really liked it."

alishba mahmood's profile image

alishba_mahmood shared a tip "Super underrated"

chloe. shared a tip "my favorite show in netflix 👍🏼"

trestooo shared a tip "Best show ever"

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autumn_mcever shared a tip "literally could not stop watching this!"

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empresscappi shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch!"

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aura_jandres shared a tip "Not very family friendly but its a good show"

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gabriel_reed shared a tip "It kind of is......"

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jenna_stalls1 shared a tip "i absolutely loved binging this show"

faythe shared a tip "Loved it! Drama and friendship with some comedy too. Couldnt take my eyes off of it"

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hamilton_261 shared a tip "its gaaaay"

angela_4108 shared a tip "Great show!"

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nayeli_ortiz shared a tip "It good"

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sophia_yes shared a tip "Any teens will love this show. Sad that it ends so soon though :("

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hazel_colver shared a tip "Love this show quite mellow"

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life_with_tory shared a tip "Wow this is one of the best Netflix series I’ve seen in a while."

calasia_shuler shared a tip "it a good movie to watch when you just on your laptop and sitting on your couch eating chips"

imoni_jones shared a tip "I love it so much"

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jasmin_3859 shared a tip "It really good show lots of drama but it only season makes a good quick binge watch"

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jasmin_3859 shared a tip "Only 2 seasons *"

jazlyn_1019 shared a tip "love it the ending is the best"

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alethia_robinson shared a tip "The show was so awesome !!!"

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arielle_bc shared a tip "Amazing show! Very heartfelt"

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alyssa_bernal shared a tip "I wish the did more sessions"

Madysan S's profile image

madysan_s shared a tip "Yes"

arianna_galindo shared a tip "I loved this show sooo much"

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kate_hasara shared a tip "This isn't the most realistic series, though it has moments of poignance. The ending was exactly what it needed to be."

kimberly_albring shared a tip "This is a perfect show"

Natasha Mayberry's profile image

natasha_mayberry shared a tip "Great storyline and I like the progression of the characters."

dorothy_9896 shared a tip "It was binge worthy. I enjoyed seeing the characters as they were bounding and trying to over come struggles"

sarah gray's profile image

sarah_gray_7155 shared a tip "#drama its a highly relatable coming of age show"

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savannah_correia shared a tip "I LIVED FOR THIS SHOWWW"

mila_bostick shared a tip "Very interesting"

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nina_boblitt shared a tip "The most under rated show of all time. Love the story line and the 3 main characters. Highly recommend it"

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2026.grace_henry shared a tip "There were a lot of problems shown and the characters had visible growth"

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nour_salih shared a tip "-2 seasons -PRETTY LUCA"

clarissa_5033 shared a tip "Its the perfect show on how to shoplift! LOL. Don't actually do it😉"

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oblivious_ shared a tip "I loved this show and the friendships miss a lot of friendship shows nowadays"

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endoline_laurel shared a tip "She’s gay."

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KabDriver shared a tip "Good show, not particularly spectacular but easy to watch and nice to binge"

🦋Llama🦋 's profile image

llamaplant5 shared a tip "This show is AMAZING! I highly recommend it. Although I havent finished it yet, it is still amazing!"

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