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The spirited and impulsive Charlotte Heywood moves from her rural home to Sanditon, a fishing village attempting to reinvent itself as a seaside resort.

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Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2019-08-25

Last Air Date 2023-03-19

Seasons 3

Episodes 20


TMDB 8.1


𝚋𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚢𝚙𝚘𝚘 's profile image

branypoo shared a tip "LOVE. Can’t go wrong with Jane Austen. Can’t wait for season 3 (supposed to air next year) 😍"

Anna 's profile image

anna_mikhailova shared a tip "Beautiful, well acted costume drama."

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "Once again Jane Austen does not disappoint! Please, please, please someone pick this series up for many more seasons!!"

robiamoha shared a tip "Only ongoing show I will allow myself to wait in between seasons for"

Tracey Lowenstein's profile image

tracey_lowenstein shared a tip "Stop, sit & watch"

Kristi Evans-Henry's profile image

kristi_evans-henry shared a tip "Such lovely clothes and a great story. Beats the pants off of bridgerton"

Rachel Durant's profile image

rachel_durant shared a tip "Love this show!!!"

Kristina Louise's profile image

kristina_louise_4560 shared a tip "Can’t wait for season 3!"

Valencia 's profile image

valencia_681 shared a tip "Great actors and storyline."

zora_bening shared a tip "Predictable from the beginning. Weak story."

Tamera Allen's profile image

tamera_allen shared a tip "Try out the PBS app on Prime free for 7 days to watch this. It’s well worth it."

Abigail Davidson's profile image

abigail_davidson_18 shared a tip "So good"

Sherry Underwood's profile image

sherry_underwood shared a tip "Hate the ending of season one but amazing show up til then. Season 2 is coming and I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it still"

Cara Johnson's profile image

caroline_jensen shared a tip "So upset about the ending!! It did not end the way a typical Jane Austen story would."

Dina Fehler's profile image

dina_fehler shared a tip "Really enjoyed this show, but, was dissapounted that they didn’t provide more of an ending"

Virginia Evans's profile image

virginia_evans_8319 shared a tip "It was such a wonderful story!"

stephanie_colley_8 shared a tip "Slightest touch sends the most radiant message"

upscwru shared a tip "Bummed it was cancelled for a 2nd season."

carla_klauer shared a tip "This came up as what to watch after Bridgerton."

sydney_smith_8337 shared a tip "literally one of my favorite shows"

Mari Johnson's profile image

mari_johnson_2645 shared a tip "Excellent show. Needs a second season. Come on Netflix or Amazon."

I am Naj's profile image

Alkebulan shared a tip "If you loved #Bridgerton you will absolutely LOVE Sanditon ❤❤❤"

I am Naj's profile image

Alkebulan shared a tip "Watched the entire season in 1 day 😂🤭"

heidi_2873 shared a tip "sooo good!"

Stephanie 's profile image

stephanie_grunau shared a tip "Loved this so much! Great acting + interesting period= perfect! 💕"

Maryam Nelson's profile image

maryam_nelson shared a tip "I’ve never been more obsessed!!"

shera shared a tip "Excellent period piece. Sad it was never renewed for more! Fans of Downton will love it."

Jessican'william Speer's profile image

jessicanwilliam_spe shared a tip "I love it! Really want season 2!"

Vivian Copeland's profile image

vivian_copeland shared a tip "Fabulous regency series but they leave you hanging at the end and there isn’t going to be a Season Two. Disappointing."

Katie Henderson's profile image

katie_henderson_4108 shared a tip "Amazing show omg just go watch it if you like Bridgerton"

lanifa_gabriel-manly shared a tip "Need a season two 😍"

Andrea Quava's profile image

andrea_quava shared a tip "Great show"

Cheryl Ramos's profile image

cheryl_ramos shared a tip "Period piece AND Theo James?! 😍"

shirley_payne shared a tip "I definitely binged on Sanditon."

Carrie Scott's profile image

carrie_scott_78 shared a tip "Love that it’s a Jane Austen story, period series with a cliffhanger."

ashlogic82 shared a tip "It was just announced that there will be 2 more seasons of Sanditon!"

Sonia S's profile image

sonia_s_2571 shared a tip "Outlander is not bad. Just finished Bridgerton which was AMAZING!!"

Gracie 's profile image

gracie_clark_8544 shared a tip "Such good acting and beautiful scenery. Loved the plot and characters!"

lillian_hart shared a tip "I hope there’s a season 2."

denise_rodriguez_4384 shared a tip "Loved Loved Loved this series. Im still hoping a Season 2 gets picked up. #sanditonseason2"

Kelli Scott's profile image

kelli_scott_6434 shared a tip "I am definitely a period drama lover and love historical fiction! I absolutely loved Bleak House. Have you seen it??"

Manna Osman's profile image

manna_osman shared a tip "Jane Austin essence"

Ruby Anyanwu's profile image

ruby_anyanwu shared a tip "It was a beautiful love story with a shocking end."

Carrie May's profile image

carrie_may_1494 shared a tip "Was good"

A B's profile image

a_b_3436 shared a tip "7.8"

Lindsay Frost's profile image

lindsay_frost shared a tip "Really liked it! Season 2 coming out next month!"

Katrina Ryan's profile image

katrina_ryan_8567 shared a tip "Love this show, excited for the new season!"

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