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Traversing trippy worlds inside his universe simulator, Clancy the space caster explores existential questions about life, death and everything in between.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2020-04-20

Last Air Date 2020-04-20

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 8.3


trin 's profile image

ay0nami shared a tip "i cant cant how many times i’ve watched this show. it’s SO GOOD. everyone should watch"

Tatianna Alexander's profile image

tatianna_alexander shared a tip "It’s like watching an acid trip"

anna 's profile image

annaa shared a tip "f*cks with your head. this show is insanely funny. such a creative twist to a podcast/interview."

i wouldn't know 's profile image

i_wouldnt_know shared a tip "GORGEOUS ANIMATION"

Brick 's profile image

brooke_hamblin_9536 shared a tip "Loved this one"

gray 's profile image

grace_beard shared a tip "this is literally my favorite show. i wish there was another season."

Alicen 8 Glasses's profile image

alicen_8_glasses shared a tip "Cool lil thought provoker"

johnna_m shared a tip "Leaves your mind wondering but such a good show. I liked the last two episodes. I’ve watched this twice now"

luluuu shared a tip "Perfect to fall asleep to while stoned honestly. It’s my go to."

Ashley Stacy's profile image

ashley_stacy shared a tip "most amazing show ! it uses philosophy to talk about the most complex ideas"

Lillian C's profile image

lillian_c_5540 shared a tip "if you like deep ideas than absolutely - its one of my all time favs"

ella 's profile image

ellarene shared a tip "insightful asf, i’m still trying to find a series that matchessss this 😩"

Ian Earl's profile image

ian_earl shared a tip "Pendleton Ward doesn't miss."

bonnie_schmidt_8013 shared a tip "Yes!!! Trippy and meaningful."

Francesca Fronczak's profile image

helpmeouthere shared a tip "intense talk about deep topics, it’s so cool how its a podcast put into an awesome animation"

Aubrey Willis's profile image

aubsmccobb shared a tip "Great show to fall asleep to"

Amaia J's profile image

amaia_j_5802 shared a tip "Pretty good"

ivy canavan's profile image

ivy_canavan shared a tip "It’s a great show!!! Def need to watch it"

David Zachary's profile image

david_zachary shared a tip "Trippy, deceptively profound series."

em pi's profile image

em_pi shared a tip "Great to listen too. Animation is beautiful"

Maria Cal's profile image

mariamaria shared a tip "I've watched this three times already. #mustwatch"

Derryl James's profile image

derryl_james shared a tip "Top Tier Late Night Vibes"

beck 's profile image

mossyquitoes shared a tip "this show is beautiful you’ll love it in the first minute"

Bee 's profile image

adeline_ shared a tip "It really is a trippy podcasts with amazing visuals. I finished it in a day!"

Jaidyn Zito's profile image

glorious.weirdo shared a tip "I loved how the show integrated Duncan’s podcast!! The episode with his mom made me cry like a baby."

Olivia Arnold's profile image

olivia_arnold shared a tip "Such a creative way to have a podcast with great topics of conversation and unique guests in the show and in real life."

harold_526 shared a tip "Will make you contemplate life. 100"

Chris Gonsalves's profile image

chris_gonsalves shared a tip "The BEST show EVER! watch or listen but don't do both at the same time."

Andy Mike's profile image

andy_mike shared a tip "Awsome effect good thinker"

tyler_prince shared a tip "Really insightful and inspirational"

Theopposedgamer 's profile image

theopposedgamer shared a tip "An interesting vision into a world of podcasts televised"

Katherine Darnell's profile image

katherine_darnell shared a tip "Best cartoon I’ve ever seen. Changed my life tbh."

Tristan Scott's profile image

tristan_scott_5904 shared a tip "Amazing 😻"

Pariah Cunninngham's profile image

pariah shared a tip "Surreal, absurd, psychedelic animation using podcast audio"

melinda_2255 shared a tip "The adult version of Adventure Time"

Lilly blair's profile image

_lillianblair_ shared a tip "makes me feel very aware. of everything"

annika zitto's profile image

annikazitto shared a tip "started watching and it's really funny, like a talk show but there's a bunch of weird **** happening in the background"

Chad Ward's profile image

chad_ward shared a tip "Must watch it on mushrooms."

Gavin Davis's profile image

gavin_davis shared a tip "Beautiful show, I sobbed on the last episode, it’s like a podcast but they animate it"

alex_kaiser_9383 shared a tip "It’s like listening to a podcast and tripping. Easily one of the best shows I’ve ever seen"

xaverie shared a tip "give this your full attention! amazing show"

allynda shared a tip "NOT FOR KIDS. Oh goosness. This is an odd one. Psychedelic animation with crazy actually serious topics."

Tiarah Jordan's profile image

tiarah_jordan shared a tip "Very cool and trippy art, interesting show"

Connor Poole's profile image

connor_poole shared a tip "The perfect show to get you thinking and put certain things into perspective"

Cole Daniel's profile image

cole_daniel_3259 shared a tip "one of the best shows to have binged, I've watched this series several times through and will keep doing so in thr future!"

Madison Sauke's profile image

madison_sauke shared a tip "Cried at the last episode. You'll love this if you love thoughtful podcasts dealing with self help and spirituality."

Kristena Becerra's profile image

kristena_becerra shared a tip "Trippy podcast love it"

leah barry's profile image

leah_barry shared a tip "Amazing! Deep, insightful, emotional, and thought provoking"

lindsey_rikard shared a tip "#cool"

Melissa Neidhardt's profile image

melissa_neidhardt shared a tip "I liked it but now it reminds me of my ex because we would watch it together:/"

Tyler Hansen's profile image

tyler_hansen_2836 shared a tip "Trippy as can be. Based on the podcast Duncan Trussel Family Hour. Amazing!"

Idrees 's profile image

idrees shared a tip "Fans of Adventure Time will appreciate the randomness/weirdness. Beautifully animated"

rae_thebae shared a tip "Interesting to both watch and listen to"

Kathleen Bradford's profile image

kathleen_bradford shared a tip "It’s an easy watch, yet also talks about heavy topics but are simultaneously heartwarming. Amazing watch."

Erika Hi's profile image

erika_hi shared a tip "Trippy visuals with very interesting topics, I've listened to his podcast further and love it!"

Shanelle Hunter's profile image

shanelle_hunter shared a tip "Opened my eyes and now this show is a memory I'll never forget and recommend to everyone"

anya_760 shared a tip "Gives you a lot to think about and interesting images while you do that."

Skye Loring-Dymond's profile image

skye_loring-dymond shared a tip "It was like a pod cast with added animation."

Em the artist's profile image

ems_den shared a tip "This on is so goated"

awesome_user_671762 shared a tip "It was a very good learning experience for me."

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