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#1 NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, AND BOSTON GLOBE BESTSELLER • One of the most acclaimed books of our time: an unforgettable memoir about a young woman who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University “An amazing story, and truly inspi

Author Tara Westover

Pages 352

Publisher Random House Publishing Group

Published Date 2018-02-20

ISBN 039959051X 9780399590511


Google 4.0


Lisa Morris's profile image

Lisamorris shared a tip "Disturbing but hard to put down. A story of perseverance."

Lauren Lavergne's profile image

Lauren.Lavergne shared a tip "🙌🏼"

Kristy Stanton's profile image

Kristy.Stanton shared a tip "A powerful book, well worth the time"

Olivia Sun's profile image

oliviawsun shared a tip "rich with so many insights like “It’s strange how you give the people you love so much power over you.”"

Peter B's profile image

peter_b shared a tip "A rare perspective worth understanding"

Laura Moscatello's profile image

laura_moscatello shared a tip "This was the best book I read in 2019."

Gary Munn's profile image

gary_munn_6749 shared a tip "How a girl educated at home became an outstanding scholar!!"

Reid Smith's profile image

reid_smith shared a tip "Probably worth the hype. Really kinda makes you not like her dad"

k_kemp shared a tip "Every page is riveting. Tara Westover is a pioneer of human character."

Evita Griskenas's profile image

evita_griskenas shared a tip "I couldn’t put it down and I’m still wanting to keep reading it after finishing. Honestly, no words, only applause"

Addie Anderson's profile image

addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "4/5 crazy"

Taylor Mink's profile image

taylor_mink_9413 shared a tip "Great book!! Listened to on audible and it was wonderful!"

oceane shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down, it was a bit slow initially but hooks on!"

Elizabeth Shaffer's profile image

elizabeth_shaffer shared a tip "I loved this book"

nicki_f shared a tip "Found it hard to get into, but then I couldn't put it down!"

Krista Grand's profile image

krista_grand shared a tip "Don’t believe the bad reviews. Read the book. You won’t redeem it."

paola_7963 shared a tip "Very nuanced, interesting story from a super unique perspective"

Gabriel Dillon's profile image

gabriel_dillon shared a tip "Loved this book!!!! Such an unusual story, but amazing!!!"

stephanie_7781 shared a tip "Yes absolutely! It was difficult for me to read sometimes because of the subject matter but I still recommend it."

karenlaura 's profile image

karen_laura shared a tip "Excellent read"

Carly Hill's profile image

carly_hill shared a tip "Such an inspiring story that keeps you on your toes the whole time!"

adina plonka's profile image

adina_plonka shared a tip "Amazing!"

Tipu Usman's profile image

tipu_usman shared a tip "I just read this one. Can you recommend another ?"

Heather Huffman's profile image

heather_huffman shared a tip "Excellent book. I could not put it down! It will leave you thinking long after you've read the last page."

Dawn Day's profile image

dawn_day_239 shared a tip "So so good!! Interesting, inspirational, page turner. Based on a true story."

Brittney Dohr's profile image

brittney_dohr shared a tip "Best book I have read in a very long time."

Sandra Munsters's profile image

sandra_munsters shared a tip "Read this. It is how to learn about different views without getting into an argument."

Joyce Giesler's profile image

joyce_giesler shared a tip "Autobiography that reads like a fiction. Couldn't put it down."

Catherine Ciccarelli's profile image

catherine_ciccarelli shared a tip "This was a good book, well written. The story itself, being real, makes you want to keep reading to see what happens next."

Marwa Ibrahim's profile image

marrrrrwa shared a tip "Halfway through on Audible and can't wait to hear the rest!"

caitlin_swindell shared a tip "5 ⭐️! Loved it"

Logan Shaffer's profile image

logan_shaffer shared a tip "I completely gave myself over to her world and her story and have been shaken ever since!"

alan_nixon shared a tip "One of the best books I have ever read. Enlightening. Amazing and thoroughly engrossing."

Gina Webster's profile image

gina_webster shared a tip "A must read (or listen)"

lisa_williams_7594 shared a tip "Yes!"

kay_reil shared a tip "A little slow but a good story."

jean_kulczyk shared a tip "One of my favorite books!"

virginia_lizotte shared a tip "Sad but true"

Marco D'Auria's profile image

marco_dauria shared a tip "Libro bellissimo, storia incredibile."

Nicole K's profile image

nicole_nicole shared a tip "Eye opener to just how much education can be taken for granted. Also just how toxic people can be."

Mary LeMier's profile image

mary_lemier shared a tip "O M G. What a ride. Loved everything about this book."

Estelle Schweizer's profile image

estelle_schweizer shared a tip "One of the best books I've ever read"

nicola_jones shared a tip "Great memoir about a girls journey through her ‘education’. Fascinating read!"

laura_j_8541 shared a tip "Really interesting read that reminded me of my strict upbringing in a similar but a little less crazy family"

kaitlyn leniek's profile image

kaitlyn_leniek shared a tip "This book was amazing!"

Elizabeth Settle's profile image

elizabeth_settle shared a tip "Insightful and powerful. A moving coming of age story that left me inspired. 10/10 would recommend."

awesome_user_670724 shared a tip "So educational and inspirational! I would definitely reread!"

Taylor Welty's profile image

taylor_welty shared a tip "I absolutely love this book one of my favorite Reads"

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