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Welcome, welcome to CARAVAL, Stephanie Garber’s enchanting, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling fantasy debut about two sisters swept up in a mysterious competition filled with magic, heartbreak, and dangerScarlett has never left the tiny island where she and her beloved sister, Tella, live with their powerf

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Author Stephanie Garber

Pages 416

Publisher Flatiron Books

Published Date 2017-01-31

ISBN 1250095271 9781250095275


Google 3.5


Nikki Nienhaus's profile image

nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "Finished December 23rd. Audiobook. Book #100 for the year!!! Yay!"

Bookworm567 's profile image

bookworm68372 shared a tip "Scarlet and Julian. Tella and Legend ❤️"

K McConnell's profile image

mercury.knight shared a tip "Technically this was read to me, but great book either way. Really good emotions :0"

Camryn Brown's profile image

clowns shared a tip "it was so amazing!! i loved the imagery"

Angela Lemke's profile image

angela_lemke shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Kelsey Hayes 's profile image

KelseyHayes shared a tip "The Shatter me series!"

Avery 's profile image

avery_755 shared a tip "Loved this book. My mom recommended it to me after she read it and now im excited to read the second and third"

Elyse Brouillette's profile image

elyse_brouillette shared a tip "This was really good couldn't stop reading 😍"

Bobby Hannafey's profile image

bobbyhannafey shared a tip "Read this in Feb 2021, and LOVED IT! #book #caraval #lovedthis"

CLAIRE GAUMOND (Student)'s profile image

claire_gaumond_stud shared a tip "Omg so good!"

Lilbilly 's profile image

babagrill shared a tip "Havent read this ppl say it good"

DeAnna Lawless's profile image

deanna_lawless shared a tip "it’s so addictive. i love it"

Shani Litvinov's profile image

shani_litvinov shared a tip "I devoured this book! It's so good magical and enemies to lovers done right"

Paige 's profile image

paigero757 shared a tip "I love this book!!! Fast moving, always engaging, plot twists, and romance!!"

Melissa Reeds's profile image

lissareeds shared a tip "Legend lives up to his name! Couldn't put it down"

court_4296 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Naomi James's profile image

naomi_james_5101 shared a tip "Own"

Tiff <3's profile image

tifflovescoffee shared a tip "The plot twist!!!"

Grace Sexton's profile image

grace_sexton shared a tip "Romance, adventure, and mystery. What more could a girl ask for."

Samantha Reed's profile image

samantha_reed_9814 shared a tip "Totally invested"

eggzo <3's profile image

eggzo shared a tip "It was okayy but my least favorite out of the series"

Keira Simms's profile image

keira_simms shared a tip "i am almost done with Caraval and omg it’s so good. but i am also so torn about her sister and Legend. thoughts?"

Nelle 's profile image shared a tip "I know I say "I love this book" a lot or "I LOVE this book" but THIS is just jahssjsks and it's perfect for binge reading!"

Aurelia 's profile image

aurelia_conners_5553 shared a tip "This is so good! Highly recommend it."

Oriana Scott's profile image

oriana_scott shared a tip "This book was amazing! It had me twisting and turning not knowing who to love and hate."

Spud 's profile image

spud_2016 shared a tip "Amazing world, amazing characters!! Love the fates as well!"

trinity_conklin shared a tip "i pretended like i knew what was going on 85% of the time"

Jessica Miller's profile image

jeecabug1 shared a tip "One of the best books of all time. Plenty of magic, enemies to lovers, beautiful writing, and interesting characters."

Mackenzie  Stoll's profile image

mackenzie_stoll shared a tip "one of the best series Ive ever read!! the plot is so addicting and I love the way the author set up the universe!"

Kie West's profile image

kie_west shared a tip "Literally the best book I’ve ever read (I’m 19, so that’s not saying much)"

Salem 's profile image

salem_lancaster shared a tip "I loved this book so much!"

Alayna Rogers's profile image

alayna_rogers_4151 shared a tip "Amazing plot twists!"

Emily Rock's profile image

emily_rock_777 shared a tip "Such a great whimsical book. Loved every second of it."

Rebecca McIntosh's profile image

rebecca_mcintosh shared a tip "The end was pretty compelling. Loved when she gave herself up for the love of her sister."

Isabel Mai's profile image

isabel_mai shared a tip "my first fantasy book, i loved it! a bit of mystery and a spicy romance."

Makayla Hayes's profile image

makayla_hayes shared a tip "Such a magical book. Im beyond excited to read the remainder of the series!"

awesome_user_458426 shared a tip "Are the sequels equally as good as this one ?"

julianna_darmafall shared a tip "AmaZing! Tons of plot twists!"

brinarchy 's profile image

brinarchy shared a tip "Keeps the gears turning :)"

Sydney Spinney's profile image

sydney_spinney shared a tip "I loved this book! So magical! Can’t wait to read the others.❤️"

keyonni washington's profile image

keyonni_7 shared a tip "i’m considering buying all the books to this trilogy bc i keep seeing it . is it truly worth the read like people say ?"

Diandra Repato's profile image

diandra_repato shared a tip "I enjoyed reading this! I could not put it down. Can't wait to read the rest of the series."

Maia 's profile image

maia_8253 shared a tip "amazing plot and beautiful characters i loved this series"

Emily Grace's profile image

emily_grace_4149 shared a tip "This is like one of the best series ever!!!!"

natasha_hawkins shared a tip "Fantasy aspects; great story."

audrey_terlouw shared a tip "sooo….. i need help i read the first few chapters on a sample read and i need a free place to read books online please????"

Chezzy 's profile image

chezzy_8748 shared a tip "This got me hooked and excited to read the rest of the series. 10/10"

JV Rodriguez's profile image

jv_rodriguez shared a tip "One of my favorite books. The romance, characters, and overall story were great. It messed with my head a bit too. Love it"

Rebecca Sharp's profile image

rebecca_sharp shared a tip "I couldn’t put this one down, imagine how happy I was when the two after it were even better"

ava_ashley_5409 shared a tip "I loved this book! From start to finish I was hooked!! The ending caught me by surprise!"

Yagmur Omurluoglu's profile image

rainreads shared a tip "A magical story with unexpected twists that keep you on the edge of your seat"

Aubrey Patterson's profile image

aubrey_patterson_2490 shared a tip "I loved the setting it was a fast read for me!!"

xietri shared a tip "purr"

taylor <3's profile image

taylor_forster shared a tip "I love you 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰"

Paige Case's profile image

paige_case shared a tip "The inheritance games"

Melissa Rice's profile image

melissa_rice_4152 shared a tip "BEST EVER"

madison_grace_deluise shared a tip "Yes"

Courtney Brauch's profile image

courtney_brauch shared a tip "It didn't really grab my attention. I felt like the book progressed but I didn't get any where."

Ame_G shared a tip "Wasn’t hooking me from the start, I also felt the style was a little too heavy writing for my preference."

aurora_33 shared a tip "it was a very good read but i just couldn’t get into the sequel to it"

molly_macuga shared a tip "Amazing book. I couldn’t put it down"

MacKenzie Regnier's profile image

mackenzie_regnier shared a tip "Huge plot twist!!!"

Jade Schamberger's profile image

jade_schamberger shared a tip "Bookshelf"

sarah <3's profile image

ghostgirl_ shared a tip "fav book on the planet"

Alisha Rowe's profile image

alisha_rowe shared a tip "To view my review please visit"

Sam Mack's profile image

sammak shared a tip "This book! I loved the world that was built and the magical mystery. Thoroughly enjoyed a can’t put down sort of read"

hi_._7930 shared a tip "It was the most amazing thing ive ever read."

hayrah 's profile image

hayrah shared a tip "one of my favourite books in a while i absolutely adored it 10/10"

Brittany Ingles's profile image

brittany_ingles shared a tip "This is my current read… I’m about halfway through and loving it so far!"

Claire Jacobs's profile image

claire_jacobs_1180 shared a tip "Addicting! Got me out of a reading slump"

Alessandra Pimentel's profile image

alessandra_pimentel shared a tip "All time favorite book"

Shalaina-Marie Lalonde Cao's profile image

shalaina-marie_lalonde_cao shared a tip "I haven't tried other books from her... YET! 🙃"

Lenora 's profile image

lenora_ciab shared a tip "If I had to choose, Cassandra Clare is probably my favorite! Closely followed by Sarah J Maas"

Cori Jackson's profile image

cori_jackson shared a tip "So good! I can’t recommend this enough😍"

Kayleigh Darby's profile image

kayleigh_darby shared a tip "ADDICTING"

Jadyn Light's profile image

jadyn_light shared a tip "Absolutely astonishing. I was immersed immediately and fell in love with the characters. So many epic twists!"

Janina Zomberg's profile image

janina_zomberg shared a tip "I just picked up this one!"

Jake Snyder's profile image

jake_snyder_4393 shared a tip "Its had some good plot twists, and the fantasy world that was created was very intriguing"

McCleary Porterfield's profile image

mccleary_porterfield shared a tip "This series is amazing and this book was a captivating beginning."

haven 's profile image

havie shared a tip "i like this book. hoping to read the rest of the series soon"

saf had's profile image

safiyyah_haddi shared a tip "I really want to read this!! But can y’all tell what trope it is? Age rating would be nice as well!! Thanks!"

Alexis Scheidel's profile image

alexis_scheidel shared a tip "Loved this book. So creative!"

katie_2038 shared a tip "I love this sm"

taran_kaur shared a tip "Absolutely magical."

Nicole Mouton's profile image

nicole_mouton shared a tip "If you love a mystery and a fantasy tale, a sisterly tale and a great love story, this trilogy is the one for you"

H Nixon's profile image

heather. shared a tip "Such a great story! It'll make you question what's real and what's fantasy, I couldn't put it down!"

josephene_bella shared a tip "This book is so good! It feels magical. the visuals suck u in. it also has the best romances"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Best of the series"

Tanya Bunch's profile image

tanya_bunch shared a tip "Twists, turns and unexpected events -didn't want to put it down"

Sydney Hale's profile image

sch_437 shared a tip "a GORGEOUS world with tasteful writing and an immacualte storyline: readers of fantasy *must* devour"

Hannah Sorber's profile image

hannah_sorber shared a tip "Right now, Leigh Bardugo. The Six of Crows duology is great."

megan_stamper shared a tip "I absolutely love this series!! I got swept up in the magic of Caraval and the mystery of Legend!"

never shed a tear's profile image

never_shed_a_tear shared a tip "It left me wanting to know what happens next"

Monique Lewis's profile image

monique_lewis_6739 shared a tip "Loved how the story pulled me in, finished it way too quickly and had to pick up the full series!"

Tara Hill's profile image

tara_hill_1010 shared a tip "Absolutely love this book trilogy"

Jacquelyn Beebe's profile image

jacquelyn_beebe shared a tip "Amazing story. I was hooked from the beginning. So many twists and turns. Great idea, amazing plot. Amazing read."

Kellie Rose's profile image

kellie_rose shared a tip "This looks like a good book"

Adilyn Keylock's profile image

adilyn_keylock shared a tip "This book was amazing and I could not put it down for the life of me"

ava_thomas_9641 shared a tip "SOOO MAGICAL"

Natalie Spears's profile image

natalie_spears shared a tip "Mystery and romance"

k 's profile image

k_5925 shared a tip "So magical you get lost in it; I was invested since page one"

Bayley Koranteng's profile image

bayley_koranteng shared a tip "i am currently reading ‘girl,serpent,thorn’"

hannah_christiansen shared a tip "Just finished this first book and bout to read the second! I describe it as a fantasy psychological thriller!"

channah_carpenter shared a tip "I just finished “Six of Crows” by Leigh Bardugo. The world building in that book is incredible!"

Amber Davis's profile image

amber_davis_926 shared a tip "I just finished The shadow and bone trilogy and loved it. I’m looking for something else to get into now!"

Winter Canon's profile image

winter_canon shared a tip "I absolutely love this book. Definitely a keeper!"

Heather Christian's profile image

heather_christian shared a tip "Love magic! How can you go wrong?"

Alura Horn's profile image

alura_horn shared a tip "My favorite ya trilogy"

Abun 's profile image

abundant_everlasting shared a tip "Amazing fast paced beautiful description of world."

Katherine Leavell's profile image

katherine_leavell shared a tip "Love the imagery... the author is so detailed on the clothes, places and makes it feel magical."

ve-marie_822 shared a tip "Well developed characters and a must read!"

Chloe Brimer's profile image

chloe_brimer shared a tip "This. Book. Is. AMAZING."

heather_1250 shared a tip "I've read this. Incredible. I read the series!!"

jennifer_mohr-murphy shared a tip "Magical and mysterious with romance! Love!"

Makayla Baier's profile image

makayla_baier shared a tip "I was confused on how this could be a series until the last section I finished this so quickly love it so much"

Rachel Pardo's profile image

rachel_pardo shared a tip "Is this a good read? I’m really looking forward to it!!"

Bethany Rhodes's profile image

bethany_rhodes_4093 shared a tip "AMAZING!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏"

Meredith Kardaras's profile image

meredith_kardaras shared a tip "made me cry but was beautiful"

Jennifer Daffinson's profile image

jennifer_daffinson shared a tip "I just got done with The inheritance games. I literally couldn't put it down! I read it in 2 days!"

Kenzie Stebbs's profile image

mush shared a tip "the writing is amazing and the whole story is amazing- loved the characters"

Callie Souders's profile image

callie_souders shared a tip "An amazing book! I love the magic and very intricate world!"

Audrey Kinninger's profile image

audrey_kinninger shared a tip "absolutely loved this book, if i could read it again for the first time i would"

holly_smith_9845 shared a tip "Great tale of mystery, suspense, and romance. I recommend it to all my friends!"

eliza_robles shared a tip "It was such a thriller! had many suspense moments and cute romance deff recommended!"

nicole_beeson shared a tip "I just finished The Maid Also It Ends With Us, the Kiss Quotient, and Apples Never Fall. The last 3 were fantastic!"

Madi <3's profile image

mads_1285 shared a tip "This was so good it draws you in until you can’t put it down 10/10 loved it ❤️"

e m m y's profile image

evvy_rxse shared a tip "the plot twist in this book shocked me. a very fast paced, entertaining read."

Samantha Bell's profile image

samiann shared a tip "Absolutely breathtaking and fantastic!!"

Heather Holliday's profile image

heather_holliday shared a tip "My favorite story of all time."

Summer 's profile image

summers_6841 shared a tip "A great quick read. Enjoyable and Magical, unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed."

maja_olearczuk shared a tip "Romance is my fav"

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