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The #1 New York Times bestseller, now a major motion picture. Look out for Jojo's new book, Paris for One and Other Stories, coming October 18, 2016. They had nothing in common until love gave them everything to lose . . . Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living an exceedingly ordinary life--stead

Author Jojo Moyes

Pages 369

Publisher Penguin Books

Published Date 2016

ISBN 0143130153 9780143130154

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sgrdn shared a tip "Really like this series. It will have you laughing at times and crying at others. Great characters."

maleea_disney shared a tip "Have you ever seen it"

cynthia_plante shared a tip "If you love this, and you will, read After You and Still Me, also by Jojo Moyes"

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gennibean shared a tip "Best movie ever!!"

leela_schroer shared a tip "I've really been loving the series A Curse So Dark and Lonely! Great storyline!"

terri_lessard shared a tip "Can’t read the second one, Me after you,"

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devinia_hannon shared a tip "Yes. I've seen the movie. I sob so hard at the end."

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angela_edwards_8490 shared a tip "I cried and cried. I was mad but then I understood."

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chelsea_berlucchi shared a tip "This was an amazing book and I did not expect to like it as much as I did"

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readingpaigelol shared a tip "made me sob for an hour. i love this book so much, i think about it every day."

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arnold_calosing shared a tip "When I tell you I cried. i cried"

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ava_gonzales_1925 shared a tip "love it"

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jessica_briggs_3378 shared a tip "I cried and cried!!!!"

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eliza_bergstrom shared a tip "Whatever book I just finished 😜"

laurie_taylor_9482 shared a tip "One of my favorites lately is "Before We Were Yours" by Lisa Wingate"

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kimber_guillen shared a tip "Two I just finished recently In Five Years & The Light We Lost. Both SO good but you will cry lol"

emma_koech shared a tip "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is such an amazing book too!"

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april_bell_2874 shared a tip "Not so much a favorite part but more the overall slow progression of the story. Beautiful and heart wrenching."

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liz_bruh shared a tip "I loved itttt, totally worth it"

autumn_p_imhoff shared a tip "I just finished Lilac Girls and it was wonderful. The Nightingale is one of my all time favorites."

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aspen_oliver_1487 shared a tip "Just finished “this is where it ends” it’s top 5 for sure."

em_chase shared a tip "Not many books make me cry. This one did. For a while."

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rinu_simon shared a tip "Love it"

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margaux_winnard shared a tip "Did you read, After you? It's the follow up book to this one. I definitely recommend it. I'm not reading anything currently."

tracy_lespade_9266 shared a tip "I haven’t read it yet"

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amanda_peake_876 shared a tip "Wow"

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anna_quach shared a tip "Absolutely, had to read to whole series too!"

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maggie_cartmillendow shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book. I couldn’t put I down."

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nancy_rowen_ellis shared a tip "Really tough book for me but finished it. Enjoyed the movie"

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allyson_vallarte shared a tip "It’s so sad and it changes your perspective on life."

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claudia_escobedo_8473 shared a tip "Right now i am obsessed with Colleen Hoover books. Any of her books are just gold!"

nikki_kahler_8521 shared a tip "I liked the heartbreak"

laurel_mg shared a tip "Sweet but sad book. I enjoyed it and it was an easy read and easy to get into."

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kd_bluehaven_ shared a tip "I didn't know this was a book but omg I love it and usually this kind of book is not my cup of tea but I love it"

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krys_3051 shared a tip "Yes very sad so get your tissues lol"

jessica_steele shared a tip "Loved this book so much wish the ending was different though"

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chelsae_wrone shared a tip "I loved how it wasn't a typical love story. Happy endings are not in everyone's future and this book depicts that."

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amanda_dickmann shared a tip "Kind of hard to get into, but very happy to have finished it!"

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kelly_osullivan shared a tip "Oh yes I have, cried like a baby lol"

anne_doucette shared a tip "Movie was very touching. Very well done."

anne_doucette shared a tip "The movie was very touching. It was very well done."

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emily_woodland shared a tip "I have! Surprisingly enjoyed it and thought it was cast perfectly."

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tori_m_4039 shared a tip "It doesn't hit you at first, but when it does, it hits hard."

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audree_ho shared a tip "Best book if you’re looking for a funny romance but are okay with crying"

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kandie_wells shared a tip "Matt the book was depressing 😕 to me so no favorite part"

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brandilyn_duke shared a tip "You will not be disappointed... enjoy!"

kristen__2981 shared a tip "Heart wrenching. Could not put it down!"

lacie_palmer shared a tip "It will make you cry but it is soo good!"

michelle_kemper shared a tip "Great book!"

orchid shared a tip "Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!"

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trusti_patel shared a tip "I'm not a big fan of fiction but I'm reading non fiction right now. I miss you when I blink"

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kathy_everlof shared a tip "Presently nothing but I am looking ."

jess_harris shared a tip "I loved the whole book no favorite part ❤"

asha_king shared a tip "Broke my heart but I loved it"

nasta shared a tip "I loved it as a tear jersey. It's impactful in that way, and a dramatic look at the extent but also limits of love"

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desi_9322 shared a tip "I like it personally, it really just depends what you like"

emily_garbonzo shared a tip "Great read. Hated the ending"

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maddie_ashburn shared a tip "ONE OF MY FAVORITE ROMANCES— the book IS better than the movie, and the movie was still great."

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carrie_loveland_reu shared a tip "There are 2 sequels to this that I haven’t read yet!"

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anna_lizarova shared a tip "It is definitely worth it."

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billiejo_teegardin_7587 shared a tip "Right now I am loving P.S I Love You by Cecilia Ahern. It's a very emotional read for me."

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sharity_medrano shared a tip "Good romance"

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alexandra_blanco_857 shared a tip "Tears."

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soli_jetu shared a tip "In my book this is the best book in this series."

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anna_claudia_novaes shared a tip "Not really, I really liked the trilogy"

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leigh_a._williams shared a tip "If you’re looking for a romance with a good cry at the end, this is the one! Easy and fun to read with all the feels at the end!"

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christy_quach shared a tip "Emotional read but so good!"

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carissa_early shared a tip "Literally cried my eyes out to this book."

vanessa_giancola shared a tip "It is! I can’t think of a word to describe how awesome this book is! There is three in this series! Highly suggest them!"

amanda_maronick shared a tip "Yeah"

sarah_schettler shared a tip "Yes! I loved that it stayed true to the book."

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m_m_9819 shared a tip "Yes and I cried like a bitch baby, just like I did with the book!"

Michaela Van Sluytman's profile image

michaela_van_sluytman shared a tip "I really do, I've read this entire trilogy and a couple others as well"

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maia_bergan shared a tip "Both the movie and the book are AMAZING! I personally prefer the movie, simply because actress Amelia Clark is adorable!"

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lucy-ann_oscar shared a tip "I haven't watched it in a while but I think I wasn't satisfied with it"

claire_henry shared a tip "Cried like a baby"

dorie_moore shared a tip "I loved it!"

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carole_geiger shared a tip "I enjoyed it. :)"

jasmine_jones_2853 shared a tip "A bookshelf book"

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gaby_5355 shared a tip "Loved the book! And the movie was awesome 😄"

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abby_lutack shared a tip "I cried. He died. I’m done."

esha_abaid shared a tip "What about you???"

esha_abaid shared a tip "Any books you recommend???"

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maria_wright_9356 shared a tip "The book puts you on an emotional roller coaster but a great read and definitely worth reading at least once"

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jennifer_ince shared a tip "Classy!"

grace_anne_8368 shared a tip "Not yet"

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catherine_hollins shared a tip "Read it, watch's beautiful"

Marilyn Velez-Santillan's profile image

marilyn_velez-santi shared a tip "How love can be more than physical. You felt it reading this book."

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shanon_almonte shared a tip "I do think it’s worth it. But if you’re unsure, watch the movie first ❤️"

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bryana_garcia shared a tip "This love story is not what you’d expect. It’s brilliant and sad and juste everything I could have hoped for and more"

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rhonda_7316 shared a tip "The saddest book I ever read... it’s the love and heartache and how the author puts it across, fantastic!!"

kaylee_3749 shared a tip "@jeff_lenz I really loved the whole Me Before You series. But I also enjoyed Ship of Brides and The Giver of Stars!"

brooke_8395 shared a tip "Omg I cried in this 🥺"

monica_8770 shared a tip "Hope you enjoy it"

percy_krnavek shared a tip "this book was so terribly sad and it made me cry, i normally don’t cry over books"

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sue_varner shared a tip "It is a wonderful story"

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mushda_nawabi shared a tip "It was amazing and you truely go through every emotion"

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angela_bloss shared a tip "“You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.”"

brandie shared a tip "Extremely well written and the movie did not disappoint loved both."

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ella_waltman shared a tip "i have, very sad"

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jeanette_strydom shared a tip "Seen it and loved it.. they did not do to bad on the subtle changes from book to movie 😊"

kim_omara shared a t