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A fun, flirty teen debut from Wattpad phenom Alex Light about a fake relationship and real love. Perfect for Jenny Han fans.It’s been years since seventeen-year-old Becca Hart believed in true love. But when her former best friend teases her for not having had a boyfriend, Becca impulsively pretends

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Author Alex Light

Pages 288

Publisher HarperCollins

Published Date 2020-02-18

ISBN 0062918079 9780062918079


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Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Really cute! Quick read, definitely recommend!"

Ava Beaton's profile image

ava_beaton_3327 shared a tip "I love this book so much! It’s adorable and is a really good read! I couldn’t put it down!"

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your-personal-librarian shared a tip "LOVED ITTTTT!!! made me absolutely melt sometimessss!! so sweet and romantic 🤍"

hartley-love_fergus shared a tip "I read this in 24 hours...couldn't put it down!"

Natalie Scott's profile image

nataliscott shared a tip "First book I read when trying to start getting into reading again! It was a great book!"

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Fantasylover_3690 shared a tip "This was honestly super cute and easy to read, I had a lot of fun with it"

Isabelle Falbala Vigneault's profile image

isabelle_falbala_vi shared a tip "Really simple but comforting reading. Made me smile. ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

Annalyn Jade's profile image

annalynjade shared a tip "Dual POV & plot twists!! I liked it a lot."

Bailey 's profile image

bailey1073 shared a tip "Lots of swear words, and references to naughty stuff ❌"

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dani_paterson shared a tip "A great portrayal of how everyone has there own difficulties in life and no family is perfect."

mikaela_9923 shared a tip "I loved this book. An easy read."

zoe_5123 shared a tip "I’m thinking of starting this book, any comments about it?"

lilyann 's profile image

lilyhercilla shared a tip "a really sweet book. finished it in one day, it’s a super easy and quick read!"

sophia lynn's profile image

sophia_lynn_284 shared a tip "LOVE."

Nelle 's profile image shared a tip "This book reached my expectations! It was so good."

addie_mcdaniel shared a tip "such a cute book, gives very much rom com vibes"

Olivia 's profile image

Olivia_C_ shared a tip "I thought it was just ok."

Kaitlin Krutka's profile image

kaitlin_krutka shared a tip "Sweet story, High School crush, fake dating, fast read (1 day), highly recommend!"

Maddie B's profile image

maddie_b_1059 shared a tip "So good! Had a great plot line!"

Grace R's profile image

makenna_gracee shared a tip "really liked how sweet and wholesome it was, and there was literally no ****"

Popfizz 's profile image

popfizzy shared a tip "It was cute, idk, I was looking for a really bad romance, but I was pleasantly suprised"

Evelyn Perez's profile image

evelyn_perez_3753 shared a tip "It was a great book I love how they put the different point of views"

Riley Kyle Dignan's profile image

therileykyle shared a tip "Cute fake dating trope and interesting takes on forgiveness and growing up/moving on."

•LunaAtMidnight_ •'s profile image

lunaatmidnight__ shared a tip "THIS IS SO amazing"

Maria 's profile image

mariasbookcorner shared a tip "I love these kinds of books, so adorable and a must-read... wish there was a sequel!"

margot_roma shared a tip "i loved how lighthearted and happy this book was"

whatsanallie shared a tip "It was very wholesome towards the end and it made up for a slow beginning"

Stella!!!❣️ 's profile image

Romancehorrorforver shared a tip "Favorite book! I loved The Spanish Love Deception!!!"

Madelyn E.'s profile image

madelyn_e. shared a tip "i love when they’re at that highschool party in the swamp thing 😂 so fun!"

lir_yissar shared a tip "Read that one and loved it, thanks!"

Izzy Ratatouille's profile image

izzy_ratatouille shared a tip "It was the cutest book i’ve ever read!"

mariah_moody_6815 shared a tip "A classic fake love turned real love story 10/10 recommend"

emma_dickerson_3419 shared a tip "I give this book a 10/10 because its very cliche and i love cliche books😀😀😀"

ashley_8827 shared a tip "It was adorable, I’m a sucker for romance novels and this one did not disappoint"

Rebecca McFadden's profile image

rebecca_mcfadden_2008 shared a tip "Audiobook was so good!! Love this couple so much!"

Dawn Younger's profile image

dawn_younger_2436 shared a tip "Cute love story! (Has some language.)"

Jacy Bristow's profile image

jacy_bristow shared a tip "This was one of my favorite books"

Kaylee Graves's profile image

kaylee_graves_8068 shared a tip "Amazing 11/10"

Marianne D's profile image

marianne_d shared a tip "felt rushed"

Giselle 's profile image

giselledvr shared a tip "cheesy, cute, wholesome"

mariana 's profile image

mariana_gould shared a tip "i absolutely loved this book so cute! perhaps one of my favorite couples!"

Melanie Gandara's profile image

melanie_gandara shared a tip "Trust me it’s really good! I cried a few times lol"

mcokeefe99 shared a tip "I thought it was a cute & fast read that deals with some important issues that a lot of of deal with"

andrea_ramirez_3991 shared a tip "the story of this book is perfect to me🫣💞"

carissa <3's profile image

carissa_o.o shared a tip "My favourite book! It’s super cute and has a great plot."

Mary William's profile image

mary_william shared a tip "Its so good that i finished it in a day!"

Rae 's profile image

bookwormrae shared a tip "This book was SO good!!! It had everything you could want and more!!"

erin_darling_2543 shared a tip "Love fake to real relationship stories!!"

serenity_grace shared a tip "Is was cute, it was really nice how they both went through the same thing and he only trusted her"

Sophia 's profile image

tinkbunny shared a tip "listened in audiobook. SO CUTE. i love fake dating tropes"

Ari 's profile image

ariweling shared a tip "such a wholesome, cute, and quick read!!"

Kennedy Boeglin's profile image

kennedy_boeglin shared a tip "Anyone have any suggestions of books like this?"

melanie_libres shared a tip "It was a cute, easy read! I like to throw something like this in between heavier books."

Blaire Fay's profile image

blaire_fay shared a tip "Super cute ❤️"

Hehe 's profile image

melody_olson shared a tip "I love it."

caroline_hallema shared a tip "Great fake dating, lacked a little spice for me but still gave me good feels!"

Cate Triphon's profile image

cate_triphon_856 shared a tip "This book moved a little fast but was still really good! Definitely read if you’re looking for a short, light romantic story!"

Anaya Dalton's profile image

anaya_dalton shared a tip "This book is so good, if you liked Wattpad books you’ll love this."

Niya Xie's profile image

Niya1224 shared a tip "When something fake becomes real love."

sophie_g._6739 shared a tip "I loved it so much! It has so much twists and turns, I definitely recommend this for people who love #drama and #romance!"

Leashley Oldfield's profile image

leashley_oldfield shared a tip "soo good"

Maddie Liebl's profile image

maddie_liebl shared a tip "I read this entire book within 24 hours, it was so cute. It is a fantastic read for any romantic bookworm!"

Audrey Walters's profile image

audrey_walters_7778 shared a tip "It was just so good read it in 2 days"

isabella_castaneda_6241 shared a tip "I love it it’s basic but really good and I can relate to Becca bc I get trapped in books easily"

Epic reader's profile image

epicreader shared a tip "Loved the two main characters and such a good story"

allyson_jo_hermanson shared a tip "Best book for a weekend read! A cannot put down!"

Maya Hansen's profile image

maya_hansen shared a tip "Super easy cute love story!"

katie 's profile image

katie_527 shared a tip "Read the whole thing during a 5 day vacation. Loved it so much!"

Gloria Loveland's profile image

gloria_loveland shared a tip "ABSOLUTE FAVORITE"

madison_recine shared a tip "Read this book in a think 2 days. really recommend for a quick read. cute but kind of sad too"

Aadhya Katara's profile image

aadhya_katara shared a tip "It was such a good book!!"

Isaura Alvarez's profile image

isaura_alvarez shared a tip "I read this book in 6 hours. I could relate to the story and it was a really nice story."

Nicole Baird's profile image

nicole_baird_624 shared a tip "This was a cute, quick and easy read!"

Sydney A's profile image

sydney_a_1001 shared a tip "This was the book that got me into reading more. I read this book 3 times in a week and every time I look at it I smile!"

Brooklyn Oberg's profile image

brooklyn_oberg shared a tip "I LOVE Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins"

morgan_15 shared a tip "Absolutely love this book"

Andrea Paola Arocho's profile image

vinzlx shared a tip "it’s a pretty good book, if you liked “to all the boys i loved before” you’ll like this . It’s a quick and fun read."

Jillian Leonardo's profile image

jillian_leonardo shared a tip "I loved the ending, it brought up topics of divorce, and true love"

Macey Branson's profile image

macey_branson shared a tip "It’s such a good read with great characters and an amazing ending"

phoebe_silverman shared a tip "It was sweet how they didn’t judge eachother and felt save while with eachother"

Sam Kimball's profile image

sam_kimball shared a tip "this was a very fast read! first book i read for leisure for a while in a few months 🙌🏻 highly recommend this read!"

hailey_carmody shared a tip "Fast paced, cute teen romance"

lilah natalie's profile image

lilah_natalie shared a tip "super cute little romance for a quick and fast paced read :)"

Tefinag Albakowsh's profile image

tefinag_albakowsh shared a tip "Super cute read"

haikey shared a tip "The story was amazing and I fell in love with the characters!!"

shanika_go shared a tip "THIS WAS AMAZING OML-"

kylee_martinez shared a tip "Cute romance ❤️"

Jessica Johnson's profile image

jessica_johnson_5012 shared a tip "Loved this. Very cute"

isabella_medrano_6221 shared a tip "It always had the perfect love story on every page"

alex(taylor’s version)🫶🏻🫶🏻 's profile image

tpwklm8 shared a tip "I read it in one sitting, loved it!!"

s1ut.f0r.books shared a tip "10/10 it was so good and easy to read I finished it in 3 hours after I got it"

hailey_winter shared a tip "Ofc"

kayleigh_302 shared a tip "it was a good teen romance book"

grace_185 shared a tip "i only said thumbs up so i could write comment. this book SUCKED. gosh the writing was horrible and i was throughly disappointed"

Sierra Isbill's profile image

sierra_isbill shared a tip "Such a cute read! 🤩"

gloria_l_2630 shared a tip "LOVED IT!!"

celeste grubbs's profile image

celeste_grubbs shared a tip "Literally in love with this book!"

Katie Everett's profile image

katie_everett_9638 shared a tip "I was a little skeptical at first, but it turned out to be an amazing book! A very sweet, quick read."

Kay Lee's profile image

kay_lee_5742 shared a tip "Fake-dating trope, child of divorce. I found the book very relatable and loved the character development."

Reagan Santucci 's profile image

kaila_higgins_6568 shared a tip "A great book. Starts off slow in the beginning but the more you read the more you are interested in it."

Daffodil longstem's profile image

daffodil_longstem shared a tip "It was good. Tad bit corny but overall super cute"

leannah_hicks shared a tip "It was good; I was just waiting for it to be great. 3 out of 5"

allison_bailey_8188 shared a tip "Definitely!"

Brynn 's profile image

brynn_shea shared a tip "super cute love story, a classic highschool love :)"

Rizzle Harfmann's profile image

rizzle_harfmann shared a tip "i loveeeee thé characters in this book"

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