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A NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and WASHINGTON POST BESTSELLER!A 2021 Alex Award winner!The 2021 RUSA Reading List: Fantasy Winner!An Indie Next Pick!One of Publishers Weekly's "Most Anticipated Books of Spring 2020"One of Book Riot’s “20 Must-Read Feel-Good Fantasies”Lambda Literary Award-winning auth

Author TJ Klune

Pages 400

Publisher Tom Doherty Associates

Published Date 2020-03-17

ISBN 1250217288 9781250217288

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Google 4.5


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marseliz shared a tip "Just a lovely read."

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kate_handberg shared a tip "It was healing and kind, inclusive and thought-provoking and everything I needed to bring for a night under my blanket."

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amyelle24 shared a tip "Practically perfect in every way. I laughed and cried and felt so many warm fuzzies."

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skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Really sweet, cute book. I recommend for kids as well."

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lottie_thomas shared a tip "Simply enchanting, engaging, eye opening, and ravishing."

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angela_oddling shared a tip "I heard someone describe reading this book as “it feels like a hug”, and that’s the best way I could ever describe it."

stephanie_bentham shared a tip "Such a sweet story"

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mike_ulisse_jr shared a tip "This is a nice, whimsical read. It is fun and light and touching, and you develop care and concern for the characters."

heather_roduner shared a tip "This is not my normal genre but I fell in love with this book and characters!!!"

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christene_goodger shared a tip "Was cute"

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sky_lark shared a tip "The characters drew me in but it is such a cute story line! Definitely a must read"

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cassie_ruiz_9537 shared a tip "I just finished this book and absolutely loved it! I recommend it to anyone who wants a beautiful, wholesome story."

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rayna_robert shared a tip "A Wholesome read"

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ashley_glover_7874 shared a tip "One of my new favorites! Highly recommend this if you love fantasy and are looking for a heartwarming story."

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noelia_romero shared a tip "So great..I love it so much... You should read it"

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jessica_reynolds_3012 shared a tip "Same! I recommend it to everyone!"

alicia_farrenkopf shared a tip "It was sweet but with a touch of cynicism. The characters were well developed. Fun, easy read."

anya_morgan shared a tip "A total tearjerker about a gay social worker for magical kids. Great story."

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sammy_52 shared a tip "TW: mentions of abuse"

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tracey_oakley_8270 shared a tip "Love this book. Lucy forever"

jupiter_7811 shared a tip "So very gay. Love it"

dylan_walsh_7428 shared a tip "So damn wholesome it’ll bring a tear to your eye"

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jessica_miller_1941 shared a tip "So wholesome and adorable. Also had lots of interesting characters and the message behind this book was beautiful."

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julia_shively shared a tip "The song of Achillies!"

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amanda_nelson_5392 shared a tip "Not really! I just absolutely loved the whole book. I really liked Lucy!"

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abigail_mckinney_4829 shared a tip "adorable story!"

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jen_bladen shared a tip "Sweet and inventive"

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haleema_t shared a tip "1. Great writing. You can tell someone has been really perfecting their arts. 2. Love the main characters 3.Love the plot"

kirsten_bertelsen shared a tip "Heartwarming"

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audiobookie shared a tip "Such a lovely book!"

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lilpotatoassasin_ shared a tip "All I can say is:When is this going to be a movie?"

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lauren_teston shared a tip "So cozy"

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jillian_bailey shared a tip "Such a beautiful, heart warming book."

dawn_8688 shared a tip "Such a heartfelt magnificent story!"

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jeni_sagen-maness shared a tip "It was magic!"

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whitney_murphy_8763 shared a tip "Wholesome, sweet and uplifting. Love love love 5/5 ⭐️"

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bridgette_smith_8450 shared a tip "This book is basically a huge hug."

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mary_rose_philipoom shared a tip "So charming and heartwarming! Perfect lighthearted fantasy read. Thank you to everyone here who reccomended it!"

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shaelyn_taylor shared a tip "An amazing book about family and loving yourself. Such a quick read because you wont want to stop turning pages."

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mariah_lafave shared a tip "The best book I’ve probably ever read. I wanted to flip back to the beginning and start reading it again as soon as I finished."

tahiesha shared a tip "It was just an easy sweet read that took me by the heart ❤️"

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mira_may_1753 shared a tip "Just one of those feel good books."

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chloe_koslowski_2649 shared a tip "yes!! i loved it so much! i couldn’t put it down"

teisha_marshall shared a tip "Yes very worth it"

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marllyn_pon shared a tip "I just finished reading this book last night and I went to bed feeling so happy 🥰"

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candace_tunnell_1913 shared a tip "It's amazing! It had me laughing and crying and both. The ONLY problem is that I wish it on for forever. Lol"

emmie_mcgrath shared a tip "Such a great book!"

megan_wright_4733 shared a tip "It felt like drinking tea and cozying up on a rainy day and just as you finish the book the sun comes out. 💖"

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jennifer_berry_5354 shared a tip "Lovely story and beautiful characters"

blake_chapa shared a tip "9.5"

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mary_freelove shared a tip "The best book I've read in a while, such a beautiful story! And very nice to read as a newly out queer person 🥺♥️"

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heather_mulvihill shared a tip "Currently reading this beauty. I don’t know which kid I love more #fantasy #fiction #read"

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katie_kustusch shared a tip "What genres are you interested in?"

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katie_kustusch shared a tip "What genres are you into?"

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katie_smith_702 shared a tip "It is hard to pick an absolute favorite, but I think I'd have to say The Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin."

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ann-sophie_behrle shared a tip "It was a little weird, a little fun. It's a perfect comfort book."

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alannah_briggs shared a tip "If Mrs Peregrines brood met the Ministry of magic and a 40 year old man"

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rebecca_aman shared a tip "Fell in love with the characters"

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alyssa__ashley shared a tip "what an amazingly refreshing read. “don’t you wish you were here” yes i really did !!"

kylie_corbett shared a tip "I just read Get A Life, Chloe Brown. That one was awesome too!"

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lindsay_crocket shared a tip "This book was everything. It was funny, shocking, sweet, and very touching. I loved every moment of it. Excellent read!"

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spoon_attack shared a tip "It's so excruciatingly good that you don't even want to put it down. Don't even get me started on the character development"

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praniti_shettiwar shared a tip "So positive and lovely family."

carrie_r_4955 shared a tip "I never wanted this book to end. I love the characters and humor."

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zia12 shared a tip "Yeah, it’s a fantastic read!"

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elizabeth_r_4072 shared a tip "Totally worth it! The characters are really fun and the story is so sweet. I'll definitely be rereading it a few times"

maya_653 shared a tip "Are you asking if I have a favorite book by this author, or a favorite book of any I've read, ever?"

laura_8133 shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve read in a long time, I absolutely loved it."

faye_1681 shared a tip "This is my happy place book!!!"

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madeline_carroscia shared a tip "It’s my new favorite book"

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mahdieyh00_k shared a tip "it's fun"

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viridian shared a tip "Very satisfying read great reading for a lazy afternoon."

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em_5303 shared a tip "Made my heart cry tears of joy- one of the most enjoyable reads I have ever encountered"

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kate_taylor_7117 shared a tip "so@cute i wanted to read it thrice!"

charlie_noble shared a tip "Loved it! Your perspective changes as his "bubble" gets popped, uplifting read."

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kaitlyn_shokes shared a tip "Very cute and feel good book but with complexities to keeping it interesting"

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christine_daniels shared a tip "Fantastic book. Imaginative with a wonderful message about found family."

mazzy_jester shared a tip "Such an addictive book, absolutely loved it!! Be prepared to blaze through it!"