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Now a major motion picture! An irreverent and irresistible New York Times bestselling romance between the so-called Designated Ugly Fat Friend and the Hot Jock. Seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper may not be the prettiest girl in her high school, but she has a loyal group of friends, a biting wit, and a

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Author Kody Keplinger

Pages 320

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2015-01-13

ISBN 0316381802 9780316381802


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Mist Hoster's profile image

mist_hoster shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time! Fantastic book that everyone needs to read!"

Kayla 's profile image

dimplezkay shared a tip "Definitely"

Serena 's profile image

serena_4586 shared a tip "this book was my literal fav for years, I read it like 4 times… so so good (THE MOVIE IS ALSO AMAZING)"

Ashley Neuhaus's profile image

ashley_neuhaus shared a tip "I honestly liked the book a lot."

ꇙꋬꃳꋪ꒐ꋊꋬ 's profile image

sabrina_4329 shared a tip "My favorite enimies to lovers book very well written"

ꇙꋬꃳꋪ꒐ꋊꋬ 's profile image

sabrina_4329 shared a tip "Really good"

zineb_cherifi shared a tip "The part the main female lead had her moment at prom :)"

alyssa_nielsen_9199 shared a tip "I related to main character a lot and it was so well done. I also liked how the characters were fallible."

i_k_6334 shared a tip "Their talk at her secret place"

maizey_aubry shared a tip "It is so good, the plot is amazing!"

eponine_r_sandon shared a tip "Mine too !"

Yai 's profile image

yai_ shared a tip "Fun high school love"

phoebe_gale shared a tip "Not at the moment I just love enemies to lovers and fake dating books"

madeleine_knutson shared a tip "I'm currently in a reading slump 😬 hopefully I find something that catches my interest"

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honey_h_123 shared a tip "Love this book ❤️"

Alexia Pompelia's profile image

alexia_pompelia shared a tip "Haven’t read it yet! But definitely on my list of ones to read."

Cheyenne Graham's profile image

cheyenne_graham shared a tip "I have a few favorites. I love Even If I Fall by Abigail Johnson"

Blaitney Holcomb's profile image

blaitney_holcomb shared a tip "It's one of my all time favorites!!! You'll love it!"

ric_8595 shared a tip "I liked Bridget jones diary, online girl and loneliest girl in the universe"

devi_24 shared a tip "I have seen the movie. I think I actually read the book after I watched the movie."

Jaylee Becerril's profile image

jaylee_becerril shared a tip "@ifixler yes i actually have it on DVD"

Alexxisss 's profile image

alexxisss shared a tip "Better than the movie!"

Tyra Jackson's profile image

tyra_jackson_3216 shared a tip "Totally worth it love everything about the book✨"

shantel Webb's profile image

shantel_webb_1968 shared a tip "I would have to say the poet x by Elizabeth Acevedo and the lost apothecary by Sarah penned."

annabeth_734 shared a tip "Absolutely loving the grishaverse books currently and the show is pretty good too!"

Kate Laengrich's profile image

kate_laengrich shared a tip "I think my favorite book right now would either be the sun is also a star or Brooklyn."

leah_8497 shared a tip "The language of flowers was really good"

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ZUFO shared a tip "great movie"

dianne_melo shared a tip "Thanks! Not reading anything right now but looking for something to read. :)"

Manon_Canada 's profile image

manon_canada shared a tip "Yeah it's really good book and there is a movie too"

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marissa_lynn_golden shared a tip "After the book you should watch the movie they are both great"

ashley k's profile image

ashley_k_324 shared a tip "Nothing specific. I love romance and pride and prejudice variations."

jessica_girard_3503 shared a tip "Heated Rivalry by Racheal Reid it’s my favourite romance book ever!"

reese_urban shared a tip "I did! My favorite part is when she gets the guy at the end of the book"

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chloe_davis_518 shared a tip "Love love love!!!"

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isabel_ramos_7518 shared a tip "Very funny"

Mallory 's profile image

mallory_markham shared a tip "not really but this one is definitely close"

karla_marrs shared a tip "Nope I did not read this"

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