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First there were ten--a curious assortment of strangers summoned as weekend guests to a private island off the coast of Devon. Their host, an eccentric millionaire unkonwn to all of them, is nowhere to be found. All that the guests have in common is a wicked past they're unwilling to reveal--and a s

Author Agatha Christie

Pages 275

Publisher Macmillan

Published Date 2001-05-13

ISBN 0312979479 9780312979478

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onelonelyplanet shared a tip "#alltimefavorite"

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miserys_return shared a tip "Dark and thrilling. Loved it!"

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baylee_kotrba shared a tip "This book was so good!"

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morgan_pettit shared a tip "A must read for anyone in the mood for a chilling mystery!"

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a.foley shared a tip "Agatha Christie is far and away The Queen of Mystery. It’s a must read, genius!"

cat_heinen shared a tip "Loved the book when I was 12 and loved it just as much (if not more) at 22. Fantastic Mystery!!"

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k_lelievre shared a tip "The twists and the suspense"

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tai_sieza shared a tip "I love the framing of this it keeps you on your toes !"

marilyn_parkinson shared a tip "A great “who done it” of a book. One of the best of Christie’s."

marilyn_parkinson shared a tip "The best one of Agatha Christie."

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melissa_fraser_7833 shared a tip "I love a good mystery. There is nobody better at writing good mysteries then Agatha Christie."

lyndsey_gentil shared a tip "Once I started I could not put it down! It truly is one of the best murder mystery novels, I never expected the ending!"

grace_jinkins shared a tip "No one does Mystery like Agatha Christie"

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fakenames4life shared a tip "prob the ending :)"

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nathan_schmitz_6820 shared a tip "Probably the best whodoneit I've ever read."

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chiffon shared a tip "I’ve read this book again and again. It is so entertaining each time."

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random_person_5312 shared a tip "One of the best 'Who Dun it' books I have read in a long time"

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smittenforstories shared a tip "the epilogue letter and the cops discussing the case in the end: perfect. Great book"

william_chaykin_jr shared a tip "11/22/63 by Stephen King. Different genre than an Agatha Christie novel, but that was the best novel I’ve ever read."

michelle_casteel shared a tip "The Green Mile is my favorite. The movie was good but the book was outstanding."

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rutansh_sanghavi shared a tip "I actually did, quite unexpected for Agatha Christie but it was still fun"

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hannah_blodget shared a tip "wow this one had me messed up for a while. i only finished it last night but wow did it have me."

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austin_james_6072 shared a tip "Love the word play and the twist at the end. Agatha Christie is an amazing writer."

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k8_fish shared a tip "Excellent theatrical script, as well."

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lisa_greene shared a tip "I know!!! Brilliant."

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wallace_craig shared a tip "It’s very good! Chilling and suspenseful. Trickery and twists abound. Enjoy!"

kennedi_pitt shared a tip "It’s been forever since I read it, but all of Agatha Christie’s novels are fantastic!"

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carri3 shared a tip "Such a classic, I really loved it all the way through"

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kimberly_rodricks shared a tip "This one is, and will always be my favourite Agatha Christie novel."

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kristine_tweed shared a tip "Hands down my favorite book of all time. Got me hooked on who don-it’s and mysteries since my youth"

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w_barton shared a tip "One of the best mysteries of all time."

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mayro27 shared a tip "Good book👍"

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seoyoung_park_7962 shared a tip "Finished this book in like ten hours. Couldn’t figure out who the murderer was, absolutely fascinating!"

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sarah_franks shared a tip "Best and most original boom out there, when you read it you'll also understand a lot of comedy shows spin offs😅😂"

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lizzie_krum shared a tip "The best mystery you will ever read!"

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clickity_clack shared a tip "SO GOOD!"

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navah_bat-yudah shared a tip "Suspenseful and curious"

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nickt shared a tip "Never could've predicted the ending."

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bookobsessedblonde shared a tip "I’m so glad I read this."

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trinity_key_8296 shared a tip "Of course! If you can, let me know what you think!"

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aubrey_podschweit shared a tip "YES!!! It’s been a while since I’ve read it, but maybe I’ll read it again :)"

saphira_grace shared a tip "The first real mystery book I'd ever read, and I loved it! I've read it 3 times now, and still get surprised by the end"

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elizabeth_bandy shared a tip "Love mysteries"

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pranoy_behera shared a tip "Yes I think Murder on the Orient Express and the ABC Murders are also really good reads!"

jessica_7005 shared a tip "Great book"

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carrie_mccannell-scruggs shared a tip "Just this and Murder of the Orient Express. Great suspence!"

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sashin_jamo shared a tip "Agatha christe manages to take me by surprise every time"

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shiloh_dillard shared a tip "fun, easy read!"

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hannah_umsted shared a tip "This book is so well written. It is a very compelling story"

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brooke_griffor shared a tip "This book is amazing. #mystery"

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autumn_keefe_3270 shared a tip "Yes, I loved the ending! Didn't see it coming actually!"

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jojo_overholt_9173 shared a tip "I will always love the book thief."

emma_1746 shared a tip "Classic whodunit exciting mysterious book."

rodes_ackerman shared a tip "My favorite whodunnit!!!"

katie_ferm shared a tip "The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue!"

amy_vaughan shared a tip "I love AC and this is my favorite book of hers. ⚡️"

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kimberly_sandre shared a tip "I loved Monday's not coming"

sara_teal shared a tip "Yes!!! It’s a quick read and very well done. It’s the inspiration behind Ruth Ware’s One by One and Lucy Foley’s The Guest List."

breanna_marceniuk shared a tip "Love this book!"

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joseph_freynik shared a tip "Fantastic atmosphere and just a fun read"

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stacy_lacy shared a tip "I loved this book. Kept me guessing."

wyntyr_oberlin shared a tip "Timeless. Blueprint of the whodunits!"

emily_p_84 shared a tip "Honestly. I haven't read it in years, but I remember loving it! She's just an easy author to read."

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elizabeth_evans_105 shared a tip "I hate mysteries. I love this novel. There will never be another Agatha Christie."

angela_9568 shared a tip "Daisy Jones and the Six and the Essex Serpent"

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colleen_cill_chainn shared a tip "Great classic mystery"

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allison_bailey_6637 shared a tip "Awesome! It’s like a better clue!"

sophia_ingram shared a tip "It was my first Christie. Gripping and clever. For Gen Zers like myself, I didn’t find the language too hard to keep up with."

syrah_omar-johnson shared a tip "I read it like 5 or 6 years ago for a school assignment. I liked it back then, but idk if I would read it again"

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ella_ondrejko shared a tip "It was a great mystery book and how the murder did it was a fantastic way."

cindy_obuchowski shared a tip "There are too many to list🤣 Anything by Lisa Jackson is good!"

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sandi_recker shared a tip "I did! I'm super interested to see how it turns out!"

elke_jones shared a tip "Good mixture of mystery and humor."

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sarah_salles shared a tip "It is slow at first but incredible and suspenseful."

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heather_l_4933 shared a tip "Phenomenal ending!"

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keely_knopp shared a tip "One of my favorites, a staple for mystery lovers"

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gabrielle_f_stuart shared a tip "Absolutely wild! You will not put it down! Brilliant novel!"

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courtney_wilkins_8825 shared a tip "I read this book in freshman year of high school for English, and I would love to read it again sometime."

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anette_arline_muoz shared a tip "Love this book so much!"

brooke_c_3255 shared a tip "One of my favorite books to read. A very unexpected ending. Very different book to read and I 100% recommended it to everyone!!"

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mandy_jane_218 shared a tip "One of the best"

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joy_matthews_3491 shared a tip "One of my fave Christie books"

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rami_m shared a tip "Yep"

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laura_herring_6029 shared a tip "The Guest List by Lucy Foley reminds me of this one. Very entertaining read."

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sandy_williams_4643 shared a tip "I like anything by Fredrik Blackman. Totally, different genre, but great stories"

anna_coyer shared a tip "So good! Suspenseful with just enough detail"

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marissa_grace_5438 shared a tip "My favorite Agatha Christie book, I got hooked on this one."

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