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A New York Times bestseller!"Has everything you'd want in a retelling of a classic fairy tale." - Jodi PicoultIn a lush, contemporary fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Brigid Kemmerer gives readers another compulsively readable romance perfect for fans of Marissa Meyer.Fall in love, break t

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Author Brigid Kemmerer

Pages 384

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA

Published Date 2019-01-29

ISBN 1681195097 9781681195094


Google 4.5


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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a great book to read,especially if you want a good retelling!"

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Malfoy_76 shared a tip "Love this book so much!"

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graceg2000 shared a tip "This was a good story! I would give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I’ll definitely read the next book."

seriah_227 shared a tip "Liked this book… not amazing but good for children… nothing bad in here"

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elyse_brouillette shared a tip "Love the universe Brigid invented!"

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dakota_sahagun shared a tip "Read in a day, absolutely love!!!"

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aubry_bahr shared a tip "Kelly"

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audiobookie shared a tip "A cool retelling of Beauty & the Beast. I liked it!"

nicole_link shared a tip "Great book read in 2 days ."

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mahathi_stalin_9 shared a tip "I love the romance and how action packed this book is!"

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mahathi_stalin_9 shared a tip "This is a really good book great plot twist!.."

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rose_5074 shared a tip "Fantasy action"

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taryn_shover shared a tip "Perfect new twist on an original fairy tale. Couldn't put this down. Absolutely loveeee it!"

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pher_books shared a tip "Love this book. Has 2 povs of the main charecter. Lil enimes to lovers. Needs more hype!!"

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hannah_m_9435 shared a tip "This is the book that got me into fantasy books so I will forever recommend it to absolutely anyone."

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farrah_5556 shared a tip "Loved this book- can't wait to read the next one in the series!"

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lisgonzo shared a tip "This was a good book. Easy read."

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allee_nelson shared a tip "Loved this book so much! It gets your attention from start to finish and the writing is easy and smooth to read."

erin_darling_2543 shared a tip "A great book."

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jaydee_caldwell_9253 shared a tip "I loved this book. I’m reading the second one now. You will really enjoy it a lot. Promise! Give it a chance.😊"

sam_b_8490 shared a tip "Harper is so sassy and bold. I also liked her relationships with Rhen and Grey."

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hcarter.8975 shared a tip "This book was absolutely stunning."

avas_1005 shared a tip "It's a great book if you love fantasy. One of my favorites!!!"

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angie_mendez_3189 shared a tip "Love it! It’s the coolest twist on beauty and the beast I’ve read so far"

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adreann_paul shared a tip "Loved this book!"

Megan Purdue Fields's profile image

megan_purdue_fields shared a tip "Reimagined beauty and the beast vibes"

kelsey_chase_2645 shared a tip "Couldn’t stop reading this! I love these characters!"

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abigail_eltrich shared a tip "I loved this book!! It was such an easy read."

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sydney_stapf shared a tip "Finished this book in two days, I could not put it down!"

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christie_leah shared a tip "Amazing storyline, characters and plot. It is incredibly hard to put it down while reading it."

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laura_scoggins shared a tip "Great Beauty and the Beast retelling! Enjoyed it very much!"

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Joker_Arsene. shared a tip "Still in the middle of reading it, so far I think it's worth to try out. Good book."

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elizabeth_sinasohn shared a tip "I’m still reading this book and getting a little bored is it worth it to keep reading?"

allyson_jo_hermanson shared a tip "Loved this retelling of Beauty and the Beast!"

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dawn_johnson_3441 shared a tip "One of my all time fav books! So good!"

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christi_stephenson shared a tip "I read this in one sitting."

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tori_lynn_2838 shared a tip "YES! There are so many twists in the story line! Its totally worth it!"

Talar Dishoian's profile image

talar_dishoian shared a tip "Has anyone read this book? I just bought it after constantly passing by and picking it up. Any thoughts?"

Destiny Funnell's profile image

destiny_funnell shared a tip "This story got me back I to reading! The beginning was a bit slow but it was worth it to push through!"

elizabeth_montoya_7130 shared a tip "I loved this book! Such a good story, I read it in a day."

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brittney_thatcher shared a tip "One word.... #incredible"

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dana_wolf shared a tip "A well done twist on the Beauty and the Beast story with CP rep and a strong heroine."

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demon_-_ish shared a tip "ITS SO GOOD !"

Fitzwilliam Darcy's profile image

fitzwilliam_darcy shared a tip "Beauty and the Beast"

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avery_bates_7689 shared a tip "Defintely a court of thorns and roses"

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megan_wallace_9348 shared a tip "Yes"

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christi_koons shared a tip "Not a huge fan of re-tellingly but this book is AMAZING!"

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ashley_littlefield_108 shared a tip "This was the a perfect retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a delightful twists throughout the book!"

Mia Suggs's profile image

mia_leann_ shared a tip "4.3⭐️/5"

taryn.elyse shared a tip "So magical! The characters are amazing. Absolutely love this series."

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brittany_steward shared a tip "Fast, fun read! I always love a twist on a classic. This delivers."

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brittany_steward shared a tip "Fast, easy read - a twist on beauty & the beast"

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caseymtaft shared a tip "Its was good and enjoyable, but not the first book I would recommend for a "Beauty and the Beast" retelling."

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Eira_1391 shared a tip "A refreshing read that involves a curse and a fairytale that comes to life."

Jeanne Squillante's profile image

jeanne_squillante shared a tip "Heroine has Cerebral Palsy."

Katherine Leavell's profile image

katherine_leavell shared a tip "Modern beauty and the beast tale."

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jessica_9533 shared a tip "It’s so interesting and I wish it wouldn’t end!!"

katie_hutchison_2608 shared a tip "Fantasy"

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natali_bacon shared a tip "October"

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natali_bacon shared a tip "October"

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selina_mai shared a tip "its good"

m__1019 shared a tip "BEST CHARACTERS"

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charlotte_kowitz shared a tip "no problem"

bella_iannotti shared a tip "This is the best one in the series! (My opinion)"

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