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The multimillion-copy–bestselling first novel by the author of The Invention of Wings, coming from Viking in January 2014 The Secret Life of Bees was a New York Times bestseller for more than two and a half years, a Good Morning America “Read This” Book Club pick and was made into an award-winning

Author Sue Monk Kidd

Pages 317

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2003

ISBN 0142001740 9780142001745


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sherri_hodges shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book. Such a great story."

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nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "The Movie was good too."

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "Sue monk really hit the ball out of the park on this one. It’s destined to be a classic."

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meg_wadlington shared a tip "I’ve read this and love it!"

angela_baxter shared a tip "🥰😌😘"

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miriah_harris shared a tip "A great coming of age book set in 1964 South Carolina during the civil rights movement."

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sarah_munn_8166 shared a tip "Different genre but just read Beach Read and it was great"

karissa_merrill shared a tip "Yes!!"

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amaya_wright shared a tip "My Sisters Keeper"

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "4/5"

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julia_mosley shared a tip "I love this book SO much! I cryed so much at that one part😭. But I won't spoil. It is a good book and is a good therapy book."

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caitlin_beltran shared a tip "Such a great read!!! One of my new favorites"

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erika_bernatz shared a tip "It's a bit darker but have your read the last child by John hart?"

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jacob_gooding shared a tip "Sure! Hope you enjoy!"

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katrina_harriman shared a tip "Love the characters and plot. Strong female role models"

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bethandaaron_strope shared a tip "Not at the moment. I love books but don't have much time to read."

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gwen_porter shared a tip "Super good book!"

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hviley shared a tip "This was a great story!"

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clover_royes shared a tip "Gosh, hard to say. Memoirs of a Geisha has been one I've loved forever."

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christina_houdeshell shared a tip "I’m in between books right now. But my absolute favorite book is Saving CeeCee Honeycutt."

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terri_ogrady shared a tip "A very good read"

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monique_iverson shared a tip "The Dirty Book Club"

joy_8728 shared a tip "It's my favorite book💕"

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kolika_simmons shared a tip "Easy read!"

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priyal_inani shared a tip "me?"

christa_smith shared a tip "Currently loving Alice Hoffman’s The Book of Magic. I’m always willing to go bank to Massachusetts with the Owens."

lorna_castillo shared a tip "sure have. one of my favorite Wes Anderson movies"

lorna_castillo shared a tip "wait you meant Secret Life of Bees, lol. I've seen that too. very touching"

anastasiya_korolev shared a tip "Yellow Crocus was good and so was Call your daughter home"

michele_g_3589 shared a tip "An amazing story that made me smile and cry. A must read"

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brittany_kristene shared a tip "Yes, worth it"

melissa_menapace shared a tip "yes!"

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julie_preston_2270 shared a tip "One of my most favorite books…EVER!"

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cc_walker shared a tip "Lovely, heartwarming story."

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delanie_goyette shared a tip "I read this my freshman year of high school and to this day it is still one of my favorites. A quick read for anyone too."

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jennifer_wall_5498 shared a tip "Where the Crawdads Sing is one of my favourites!"

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shantay_carr shared a tip "Totally worth it! It has a clean writing style and potent narrative."

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maryann_elliott shared a tip "im really enjoying Good Vibes, Good life by Vex king."

julie_morgan_4721 shared a tip "One of my favorites. Loved. Hated to finish. Wanted another book like this."

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andrea_shelley shared a tip "No I didn't even realize there was a movie!"

deborah_wilson_1595 shared a tip "No. I rarely go to the movies"

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eric_lucero shared a tip "Read book and few times. I also enjoyed the movie."

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ashley_knight_1878 shared a tip "Easy and fast paced. A book about finding where you belong and making your own family."

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roberta_moninger shared a tip "Absolutely"

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jared_and_peyton_wo shared a tip "Beautiful book!"

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bri_mash shared a tip "One of my top books of 2019!"

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mckayla_fitzpatrick shared a tip "Yes i fell in love with the book and characters gibe it a try"

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annicc shared a tip "It’s a good light read!"

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annicc shared a tip "It’s simply but sweet"

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jaclyn_dannelley shared a tip "I have! I read the book and watched the movie back in High school and they were both equally good."

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olivia_t_1921 shared a tip "Deep af dude"

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lili_pruett shared a tip "This is my favorite book"

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gaale shared a tip "This book is super good. It can really open your eyes to new ideas. It’s also super sad if you like sad stories"

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wanda_scott shared a tip "Love it"

kelsey_fulghum shared a tip "Such a good book for the heart and soul!"

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stacy_lacy shared a tip "Couldn't put it down!"

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jaylen_houlihan shared a tip "Very empowering book. Great story!"

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jaylen_houlihan shared a tip "3.5/5 ⭐️"

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kate_clausen shared a tip "Yes!"

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neana_saint shared a tip "Awesome book !!!"

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