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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING SERIES • What if America had a royal family? If you can't get enough of Harry and Meghan or Kate and William, meet American princesses Beatrice and Samantha. Crazy Rich Asians meets The Crown. Perfect for fans of Red, White, and Royal Blue and The Royal We!Two princesses v

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Author Katharine McGee

Pages 464

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2019-09-03

ISBN 198483018X 9781984830180


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Nikki Nienhaus's profile image

nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "Finished March 27th."

merciiii 's profile image

your-personal-librarian shared a tip "loved ittttttt"

Atalaya Burden's profile image

atalaya_burden shared a tip "I just got this book, I’m excited to read it! Opinions? Thoughts?"

Atalaya Burden's profile image

atalaya_burden shared a tip "I just got this book, I’m excited to read it! Thoughts? Opinions?"

Bartholemtetakenizngonslayplatoonate 's profile image

bartholemtetakenizn shared a tip "3 girl bosses + Daphne. This may just be my favorite book of all time 10/10 🙏🙏🙏. 27/10/22"

Destiney 's profile image

destiney_8809 shared a tip "Is American Royal any good? Also, age recommendation?"

jennifer_lusk_2123 shared a tip "I can’t wait to read book 2 🙌🏻"

brooke_5571 shared a tip "Princess Diaries definitely one I love!"

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lilah_hennawi shared a tip "READ THIS RN"

Anna Shanklin's profile image

anna_shanklin shared a tip "This book is simply amazing. A must read."

LincolnStrawberry 's profile image

lincolnstrawberry shared a tip "Amazing, had me giggling, kicking my feet."

lool shared a tip "Definitely the prequel, if I can get it"

Lili Hermeline's profile image

lili_hermeline shared a tip "A great way to escape real life."

Marilyn 's profile image

mouseymonroe shared a tip "Loved this book! I can't wait to read the next one!"

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ObsessedWithBooks shared a tip "Loved it! Just finished it yesterday. 13+"

m r's profile image

m_r_4662 shared a tip "Loved it hated Daphne"

jenny_1966 shared a tip "Pretty good. What genre are you usually into?"

maris_92 shared a tip "I loved this book so much. The romance were so cute. It definitely made me yell at the characters more than once"

Sydney Arguello's profile image

sydney_arguello shared a tip "This book infuriated me in the best way possible. If you like love and drama I would highly recommend it!"

Sav 's profile image

tobesosavvy shared a tip "Absolutely love. Addicting. The. Drama."

isabel_bennett_2800 shared a tip "sooo good, reminded me a little of the selection but in a good way!"

Madison Rohr's profile image

madison_rohr shared a tip "For people who like the selection series"

Abbygail Sapp's profile image

abbygail_sapp shared a tip "This was the first book I read from her and LOVED IT! 😍😍😍"

Karyssa Henry's profile image

karyssa_henry shared a tip "So cute !! Ugh love this"

Rory G-W's profile image

rory_g-w shared a tip "A romantic royal journey!"

Holly Schell's profile image

holly_schell_3880 shared a tip "Not if I save you first"

Reeha Rahman's profile image

reeha_rahman shared a tip "So captivating and amazing romance"

Nicole Matuseski's profile image

nicole_matuseski shared a tip "I'm struggling to find a new one after this that I just finished...any suggestions?"

Aleah West's profile image

aleah_west shared a tip "It is intense and filled with amazing drama and love triangles!!"

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august_claridge shared a tip "I loved this book! Such a great read if your into teen romance novels."

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raegan_hamilton shared a tip "Amazing"

Bridgette Smith's profile image

bridgette_smith_8450 shared a tip "I liked it but I'm having trouble getting into the sequel."

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zuccine shared a tip "Loved it. There was never a dull moment. Made me feel all types of emotions. 5/5"

ellie_stewart shared a tip "Love this!! I like how it switches different view points. Very interesting and emotional the whole way through"

Sarah Heaney's profile image

sarah_heaney shared a tip "It was a light read with likeable characters."

Rosie Katz's profile image

rosie_katz_2225 shared a tip "yes, I loved it"

mia_5330 shared a tip "Like Royal version of Gossip Girl"

mia_5330 shared a tip "They Wish They Were Us. Was a great read"

Jennifer Nguyen's profile image

jennifer_nguyen_6798 shared a tip "The plot was good"

Garrett McCorkle's profile image

garrett_mccorkle shared a tip "I enjoyed it, a little like the devil wears Prada, characters are college age if that helps."

Ava Scharringhausen's profile image

ava_scharringhausen shared a tip "I was hooked from the first chapter and it was Like I was right next to the characters"

Mossy boi's profile image

that_emo_boi666 shared a tip "Can't wait to get the next book!!"

Isabella Morton's profile image

izzyclairem shared a tip "about a 3.5/5"

alexandra_thomson_8940 shared a tip "I’m obsessed with royalty! Reminds me of The Crown on Netflix, which I also 10/10 recommend :)"

madyn parkey's profile image

madynp shared a tip "Good read, I love a good royal romance!"

grace ingersoll's profile image

grace_ingersoll_7997 shared a tip "i literally couldn’t put it down. i loved every character and immediately had to get the second book."

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