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A stunning new young adult adventure set in the kingdoms of the Remnant, by the author of the New York Times-bestselling Remnant Chronicles and the Jenna Fox Chronicles.A formidable outlaw family that claims to be the first among nations.A son destined to lead, thrust suddenly into power.Three fierc

Author Mary E. Pearson

Pages 496

Publisher Henry Holt and Company (BYR)

Published Date 2018-08-07

ISBN 1250159024 9781250159021

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Kaylie Knox 's profile image

kaylie_knox shared a tip "It was a slow burn but I really liked it even though it is out of my comfort zone."

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contemporary_soluti shared a tip "🔥🔥🔥"

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shanorah_brown shared a tip "Felt like the story could have gone farther."

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madison_creech shared a tip "Good escape read. Slow at first, but then it picks up and doesn’t stop. #dystopian #romance #yafantasy"

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jillian_doherty_4142 shared a tip "The romance 😍 Enemies to Lovers Excellence!"

Rosalie Sheldon's profile image

rosalie_sheldon shared a tip "Can't wait for vow of theives!"

payton_flanagan shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book, it had a few twists and turns I would’ve never expected and kept me on my toes in the best way."

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lexi_raye_ shared a tip "I was screaming the whole way though this book"

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lili_1302 shared a tip "I’m open to any recommendations, bc I still don’t know what I want to read next."

brieana_yavorsky shared a tip "I really enjoyed it!"

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mywetdog shared a tip "I have this book and I’m only on chapter 5. It seems pretty boring so far. Is it a good book? Is it worth the read?"

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toholdandforget2 shared a tip "fantasy etl. i don't really remember what happens tho"

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indi_nield shared a tip "I didn’t like that there was more short bits of romance just thrown in. I like more plot with a side of romance."

audrey marie's profile image

audrey_marie_9073 shared a tip "oh my worddddd! i loved every part of this book. I've re read it at least 5-6 times🤍"

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bailey_rhart shared a tip "love this book"

cecylia_diaz_4602 shared a tip "It was kinda a quick connection between the two love interests but there was the cat and mouse theme to it which I appreciated"

Moocow Cochran's profile image

kc_liz shared a tip "This book has now become one of my all time favorites! The story was absolutely captivating and just couldn’t put it down!!!"

Andie 's profile image

andie_7805 shared a tip "So so so good! Each character had so much to add to the story, and the story was just amazing as well!"

grace_4496 shared a tip "Dance of Thieves is my all time favorite book, 10/10 recommend, it starts getting really interesting by chapter 7."

Phia 's profile image

decemberlee shared a tip "I LOVE IT!!! my favorite book by far :)"

Greta 's profile image

g_force_greta shared a tip "Such an amazing book! The ending was CRAZYYYY! Cant wait to read the next one!!!"

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mclane_beaird shared a tip "it was such a great book that i could not put down!!"

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socklover shared a tip "Amazing second book is much better"

kierstyn_watkins shared a tip "the romance was so cute 10/10"

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jace_kami shared a tip "This book was amazing. I loved the tension between Kazi and Jase. Highly recommended"

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erika_boardman_5567 shared a tip "loved this book!! couldn’t put it down and the story was very captivating. 10/10 recommend"

abigail_miller_6390 shared a tip "I’m a fan of all of Sarah J Mass books!"

Calla Horbachewsky's profile image

calla_horbachewsky shared a tip "Fast paced enemies to lovers; dagger to throat"

lauren_mann_7624 shared a tip "New favorite book! Enemies to lovers to enemies to lovers 😍 Amazing writing, captivating story, dual perspective"

Kaylin 's profile image

kaylin_g shared a tip "Best book I’ve ever read!!!!"

Keira Potts's profile image

keira_potts shared a tip "I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK! The forced proximity, enemies to lovers, and probably set in one of my favorite places ever."

ary matsumoto 's profile image

ary_matsumoto shared a tip "9/20 - 11/8"

saf had's profile image

safiyyah_haddi shared a tip "This is next on my tbr, but I don’t know the age rating. Could y’all by chance tell me?"

kaylee_thomas_5788 shared a tip "Fast paced romance with betrayal and tension. Guy falls harder. Powerful MC who can best anyone in a fight. Amazing book"

Valentina Rivera's profile image

valentina_rivera shared a tip "This book is awesome. I don’t have words to describe it."

Andrea Meyer's profile image

andrea_meyer shared a tip "Great writing and story, good romance plot"

Dani Goodfriend's profile image

dani_goodfriend shared a tip "If definitely worth it! Especially if your interested in dark royalty books"

Jill Pettey's profile image

jill_pettey shared a tip "Absolutely LOVE this series."

Mikelle Smith's profile image

mikelle_smith shared a tip "LOVED IT"

abigail_gonzalez_4481 shared a tip "Amazing execution, perfect characters and world."

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jenna_tanner_3366 shared a tip "Love it love it love it so fun#dog"

sheela_mussayar shared a tip "Plot line and romance were perfect"

Symone Johnson's profile image

symone_johnson shared a tip "Had me reading till the sun rose!"

alyssa goretzka's profile image

alyssagoretzka shared a tip "LOVED, one of my fav fantasies"

isarey53 shared a tip "absolutely amazing 😍"

Tiffany R's profile image

tiffany_r_4127 shared a tip "Was my first enemies to lovers and now I want to read more of them!!"

Ashlynn Pasquince 's profile image

ashlynn_pasquince shared a tip "Probably the beginning because I love how it describes the past"

Nao Naomi's profile image

nao_naomi shared a tip "You can’t read the end of this book without stressing about the second one"

kathleen_random shared a tip "Is this book good for teenagers? Is there a lot of 🌶?"

Dakota Dennis's profile image

dakota_dennis shared a tip "I loved the worldbuilding, romance, and pacing. Just the right amount of everything."

keira_roberts shared a tip "I love the characters, the fantasy, the strong woman protagonist, the enemies to lovers, the plot"

𝗠 𝗮 𝗱 𝗱 𝗶 𝗲's profile image

madelyn_aiello shared a tip "I LOVED this book"

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orka shared a tip "One of best books I've read in a while"

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victoria_osborne shared a tip "LOVED THIS!"

eva sponseller 's profile image

eva.notyourmothers shared a tip "Best book I have ever read in my entire life."

leon_simmons shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY LOVELY. Only bad things are lack of side character development, and at times the romance influence was too potent."

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