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From Taylor Jenkins Reid, “a genius when it comes to stories about life and love” (Redbook), comes an unforgettable and sweeping novel about one classic film actress’s relentless rise to the top—the risks she took, the loves she lost, and the long-held secrets the public could never imagine.Aging an

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Author Taylor Jenkins Reid

Pages 400

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2017-06-13

ISBN 1501174827 9781501174827


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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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Cassie shared a tip "Devoured this book in 5 hours."

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Two"

tanya_3053 shared a tip "Masterpiece! I absolutely love it and it tells the life of a Hollywood star and her secrets."

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thea_koss shared a tip "one of the most incredible books i’ve ever read. so beautifully written with such heartbreaking realism."

cristina_pennell shared a tip "This book got me into reading again after two years and so glad I read it. Great story and good romance."

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eggzo shared a tip "One of my favorites."

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maya_gonen shared a tip "Such a good book. I really need to do a reread. Heartbreaking and wonderful all at once."

deborah_8972 shared a tip "Great twists! Women power!"

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aimee_gerrets shared a tip "Great book and an easy read. Once I got into it, I couldn’t stop."

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lyndsay_buller shared a tip "Rating: 5/5"

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miyah_miyah shared a tip "This book was so good it made me cry"

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rhiannon_w shared a tip "So good. I read it in one sitting. I recommend it to literally everyone. A piece of art."

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maggie_capson shared a tip "Favourite book ever!!"

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alexia_lemond shared a tip "such a page turner"

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cadence_dake shared a tip "I got this book recently and it really made me feel something in my cold dead heart. It is by far one of my favorites."

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michel_garcia_tronc shared a tip "Interesting story, keeps you reading, you empathize with the characters and cry at the end."

candace_foster_1159 shared a tip "Wonderful"

nadya_hill_1341 shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book. It spiked my love for TJR books"

sophia_stephenson shared a tip "This is my favourite book of all time!!!"

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jennifer_eckerman shared a tip "Loved everything"

willow_brown_8430 shared a tip "5/5 worth the hype"

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gabriela_mussle shared a tip "This is my favourite book haha 🤌🏻"

carol_wyatt_4991 shared a tip "I’ll be reading House of Leaves next. It was a gift from a friend. He says it falls more in the suspense genre."

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angelina_tzeng shared a tip "Thrilling and amazing"

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elle_margaret shared a tip "My faaaaaav book is Memoirs of Geisha! Beautiful book"

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reddadshirt shared a tip "yes yes yes"

cheri_palmer_2695 shared a tip "Pretty good but not as great as it's touted by lots of people."

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macie_m_1452 shared a tip "busting"

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anne_macdonald_3379 shared a tip "Great story. Couldn't put it down"

ashley_giroux shared a tip "Easily one of my favorite books, love love love this story, could not put it down 🤩"

vania_de_matos shared a tip "Plot twist"

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alanna_boyd_9431 shared a tip "girl power slay"

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isabella_allen_5655 shared a tip "Favorite book of all time"

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HellenM shared a tip "I wish I could read this book for the first time again. Loved it so much."

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chonda_barcena_tapley shared a tip "The plot was different."

emery_wagner shared a tip "SO GOOD"

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melinda_guice shared a tip "It was OK, I didn’t love it or hate it."

amy_1696 shared a tip "Amazing book! Love, scandal, fame. I couldn’t put it down!"

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ivonne_helms shared a tip "It’s a great book!"

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elizabeth_kendrick_3508 shared a tip "It's really good! A plot twist I didn't figure out until very late in the book!"

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jessica_kramer_1395 shared a tip "Loves this book!"

julia_336 shared a tip "Amazing !! Read this in 4 days!!"

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kendall_nelson_9954 shared a tip "SO SO SO GOOD"

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ella_3254 shared a tip "@lauragarcia1 yess! when celia and evelyn were starting to make up (the second time) and celia made that tooth comment 😭"

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grace_6868 shared a tip "amazing book and different writing style"

kristen_obrien_8676 shared a tip "Complex characters and good ending"

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sydney_6756 shared a tip "BEST THING EVER!"

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alana_jongco shared a tip "Finished in 2 days and I still want more 😭"

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renee_hubbard_1606 shared a tip "loved how the author went back and forth between time, wasn’t a huge fan of the ending though."

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ashley_pais_9248 shared a tip "With each page I turned, it was a new twist. Unexpected. Couldn’t put it down."

lucy_kemen shared a tip "Is this a non-fiction? And would It be suitable for a book talk? I haven’t got the book yet and just wondering!"

erica_654 shared a tip "it was amazing"

stella_brahosky shared a tip "Heartbroken"

adam_willson_6639 shared a tip "Perfect!"

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brynn_cronin shared a tip "favorite book ever"

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LsquaredRainbow shared a tip "I cried multiple times, I felt the heartbreak in this book. It was so well written. I will be looking for more by this author."

elizabeth_potter_7161 shared a tip "Sophisticated writing- fun read"

beth_lee_1198 shared a tip "Easy read. Entertaining light."

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jessica_galterio shared a tip "Wonderfully written characters, a true story of passion!"

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jessie_andry shared a tip "Loved how TJR tied things from other novels into it. Great read."

theaira shared a tip "Amazing"

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roberta_taylor_6449 shared a tip "Just a super terrific story. A little twist but overall a page turner!"

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dana_kilian shared a tip "I couldn't put it down. The heartbreak, the drama, this book had me hanging on every word! Highly recommend!"

ava_minogue shared a tip "Best book I’ve read in a while it was so interesting throughout the whole thing and the ending was so emotional"

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hayden_talley shared a tip "AMAZING book!! very well written and so intriguing"

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ty_3204 shared a tip "Scandalous"

halie_v shared a tip "Listened to this on Audible. Loved the story and all of the twists and turns. Would definitely recommend!"

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moniquesp shared a tip "Loooved it! So beautiful and touching. The end was very unpredictable for me, which I also loved."

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BrokeBookBuyer shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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sophie_leblond shared a tip "It's such a beautiful story. One of my all-time favorite book, 10/10"

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k8thegr8 shared a tip "I thought it was kind of overrated. The story was fine but I don't know if it's worth all the hype people give it."

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madi_orenda shared a tip "I loved this book so much! I finished it a lot quicker than I thought. 10/10 would recommend"

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emgonz0 shared a tip "10/10, probably my favorite read this year!!"

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beautifulbookworm shared a tip "Absolutely amazing 10/10 so worth it"

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oharnela shared a tip "Good read"

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sassylassie shared a tip "Just beautiful."

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madisyn_conley shared a tip "I feel like I had my expectations too high which caused me to not like it as much."

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sarah_albertson_1764 shared a tip "Taylor Jenkins Reid's writing is so beautiful. This book **affected** me. 😭💔 So GOOD!!"

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sophia_florentino shared a tip "this book was so good i finished it all in one day"

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kristina.kennedy24 shared a tip "Perfect, made me cry"

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sarah-bel shared a tip "This book was so much more than I expected. I was hooked from the beginning. And the twist at the end had me in shock."

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rose_bonanno shared a tip "Bit predictable, but a decent read."

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lizzie_donahue shared a tip "Very captivating story. Very dramatic and eye opening in multiple ways."

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quinn_quiroga shared a tip "AMAZING BOOK. I truly enjoyed reading this book. I loved the plot, characters, theme, etc. 10/10, recommend!!"

brandi_carson shared a tip "It was definitely different"

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sarah_womack_4083 shared a tip "E-book 464 pages"

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michelle_d_9016 shared a tip "Excellent book!"

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soulmoon shared a tip "This book was very emotional 😔 but in a good way. Did not expect the ending.. Read in one sitting. Overall 10 out of 10 🌟"

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z0e shared a tip "I absolutely LOVED this entire thing!!!! 100% one I’m going to re-read"

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annika_nicolas shared a tip "Absolutely filled with love, between different types of relationships. Along side, scandalous fame life"

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katrina_farrell shared a tip "One of my favorites!! Should be a movie. I loved this book so much"

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great_grace shared a tip "★★★★★"

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Savannah.Rain shared a tip "THIS BOOK WAS SOOO GOOD 10/10"

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witcherschoolofthef shared a tip "I thought that surely this book was overhyped but no, it really was that good."

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bri_phillips_716 shared a tip "Although I personally didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would, it was still good. 3.5 stars"

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anna_flowing shared a tip "I hate stories with cheating. Let's say Evelyn isn't that good or faithful."

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elizabeth_rollin shared a tip "So perfect"

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katie_tuohy shared a tip "As a queer woman: it’s so obvious that the author is a straight white woman, it’s actually painful"

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willow_s_474 shared a tip "One of my favorites ever!!!"

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fiona_k shared a tip "One of the most entertaining books I've read this year! The tea is HOT 🔥"

jessica_krull shared a tip "It was a pretty slow read, but picked up toward the end"

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aubrey_teague shared a tip "5/5✨"

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kess_gordon shared a tip "Loved. Best read thus far."

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rachel_ashley shared a tip "February"

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anna_peacock shared a tip "2022"

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mommaneedstoread shared a tip "Love love love! This book is so good. I love dual timelines and this was so perfect. Also a few unexpected twists in there too!"

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chelseakay shared a tip "Twist at the end um yes please, i thought i had predicted the ending and I was way wrong, good read had trouble putting it down"

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rebecca_lalo shared a tip "10/10-> Could talk about this book for hours. One of my favourite books I’ve ever read. It is a must!!"

toniann_manzi shared a tip "Truly exceptional and brilliantly written. I cried reading the last 80 pages."

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annalynjade shared a tip "Loved the overall outlook on society and the LGBTQ+ representation, more specifically the bisexual representation."

macy_mohr_3114 shared a tip "A love story you will never forget"

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mel_k_2636 shared a tip "Such a great read. Kept you interested and engaged. Can you figure out the twist?"

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lea_dorcus shared a tip "Personally, overhyped. It’s too flat without enough exciting and major events."

cheryl_5172 shared a tip "Loved this book"

cheryl_5172 shared a tip "Anything by Colleen Hoover is a favorite. She’s written awesome books"

cheryl_5172 shared a tip "This book was fantastic"

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josie123 shared a tip "5/5 favorite book of 2021"

sharon_7050 shared a tip "Awesome read! Easy and full of fun"

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avery_parsons shared a tip "new favorite book"

addie_fugate shared a tip "Probably one of the best books I’ve ever read. It made you rethink so many emotions we all feel throughout of lives. 11/10."

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semone_sevion_9841 shared a tip "This is on my list to read"

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sofia_ladley shared a tip "******* fire."

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valery_varela_aya_2760 shared a tip "Didn’t finish reading but I’m really liking it so far"

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samantha_reed_9814 shared a tip "Highly recommend"

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julia_mackinnon shared a tip "Slow start but a nice read and interesting reflection on human complexities."

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amanda_van_bogelen shared a tip "This book was so gooooood"

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kelly_haggerty_4138 shared a tip "My favorite book of all time is, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison"

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andrea_jones_1626 shared a tip "Trying to figure that out myself. Suggestions?"

deanna_young_3854 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down. Best book I have read all year."

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fukutomis shared a tip "i cried"

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tricia_montgomery shared a tip "Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It kept me hanging from beginning to end."

myurell_lazo shared a tip "This book i read in a weekend because the plot twists just kept coming"

emily_lamay_379 shared a tip "I’m also reading things we never got over and next i’m gonna read the ACOTAR series :)!"

lilika_orahovats shared a tip "BRUH THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENAL I LOVE IT SO MUCH 100/10!!!"

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therese_dambrosia shared a tip "The audio is THE way to read this! One of her best and worth all the hype."

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rebecca_breault shared a tip "OMGGG SOOO GOOD"

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alveray shared a tip "MASTERPIECE BYE"

natalie_dummer shared a tip "Absolutely loved the different perspectives. If I wasn’t a mom I would’ve read it in one sitting. Can’t give this enough stars 🤩"

maddie_c_3213 shared a tip "one of my absolute favorites 10/10 recommend!"

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cindy_bransford shared a tip "fabulous!"

chase_9439 shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY LOVED!"

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giulia_books shared a tip "Just yes"

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vee_9926 shared a tip "SOOO GOOOOODDD"

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elle_gallagher shared a tip "10/10 book. could not recommend enough"

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brittany_boller shared a tip "I cried so much in this book. Never judge anyone by their appearance. You have no idea what they’ve been through. Be kind."

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rena_8504 shared a tip "definitely add it! it’s sooo good and the ending is jaw dropping"

sophia_sanders_7040 shared a tip "It was absolutely beautiful."

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em_reader455 shared a tip "does this book have spice?"

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abigail_alcala shared a tip "This was good, but I really didn’t understand the hype on it"

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faebae shared a tip "I absolutely loved this authors writing and stellar delivery that had me reading all day! I couldn’t put the book down:)"

kennedy_3518 shared a tip "Absolutely loved"

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jenifer_hoffman shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read… it was full of emotions, highs and lows, a true love story!!"

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yari_pedroza shared a tip "I just finished it 2 days ago best book I’ve read in these past few months <3"

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jackie_shindman shared a tip "Really beautiful writing ♥️ The author genuinely made u feel like u were there watching Evelyn’s life unfold 😍"

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ashleigh_gore shared a tip "This book broke my heart and I loved it! Daisy Jones was the same. I highly recommend them both!"

rea_s shared a tip "Loved this book"

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shana_smith shared a tip "Amazing read"

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rachelle_melanson shared a tip "Just took too long to get into and didn’t have an interesting plot."

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jaqueline_carbajal shared a tip "my fav book rn has to be ugly love!!!"

karli_chamberlain shared a tip "What does everyone think of this book? no spoilers please I just started it and its really good so far."

adriana_duq shared a tip "It was ok…didn’t expect that plot twist."

elizabeth_veacock shared a tip "the twist in the book…i was not expecting. Evelyn’s one true love was also a welcomed shock. overall written well 9/10"

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sami_platz shared a tip "I just finished seven husbands of Evelin Hugo and want to know everyone’s thoughts"

anna_solarov shared a tip "Couldn’t stop reading, who was your favourite husband?"

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hadleigh_cowan shared a tip "gives you a new outlook on life"

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sydney_reichel shared a tip "this book is absolutely amazing!! favorite book ever!"

juliaisnothere shared a tip "Love love love one of the best books I’ve ever read"

aminah_khan_6436 shared a tip "such an amazing book with complex characters and beautiful writing"

julie_3403 shared a tip "I am reading charm the newest book in the crave series!!!!"

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melanny_lopez_9770 shared a tip "not sure! do you have any recs?"

morgan_b_7631 shared a tip "Although the story got better toward the end, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I will definitely read more by the author, though!"

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charlotte_falkowski shared a tip "Anyone have any books like this one? I LOVE how it was set up and I LOVEDDDDD the whole plot!!!"

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peylawless shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down! Such a good read!"

ariana_percivale shared a tip "just finished love & other words and little secrets on my vacation. current read is book lovers :)"

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kaiya_reynolds shared a tip "So frickkeeeennnn gooodddd"

nina_wright_1221 shared a tip "I love this book"

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lili_weissberg shared a tip "Hard to keep reading"

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sarah_wickens_8977 shared a tip "Loved it!"

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jay03 shared a tip "it’s such a fascinating book with lots of twists and turns you’d never expect and spoiler : you’ll be crying by the end"

kerri_vanderbilt shared a tip "Could not put this down!!"

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jen_peterson_78 shared a tip "Song of Achilles in the works 😭"

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annqlyse shared a tip "opinions? spoiler warning"

rachel_wilson_4744 shared a tip "Great twist."

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susan_randlett shared a tip "Taylor Jenkins Reid always writes new friends into my life. Loved this one, too!"

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madison_ramsey_1663 shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read! Made me laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters."

lisa_henry_2240 shared a tip "I don’t know why everyone went crazy for this book. Not so much for me."

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kristian_villarreal shared a tip "I though it was overhyped but still a great read. Predictable plot."

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rae_smith_7411 shared a tip "it was such a great book. the most unbelievable thing about the book was that someone would want to be all titty."

machell_klee shared a tip "Not normally my style of reading, but good hook at the beginning and author kept me wanting to keep reading."

debora_emmanuel_6005 shared a tip "No"

kizziah_jackson shared a tip "Not particularly, did you?"

miya_9903 shared a tip "Such a great book, TJR really makes the characters come alive in the novel, one of my favourites"

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emmalyne_hellbusch shared a tip "This book made me question my entire life"

ashley_lalande shared a tip "I love this book! Such an easy read and I will certainly read more of this author."

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alex_reid_2527 shared a tip "ITS AMAZING!"

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emely_nolasco shared a tip "the plot twists 😭"

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janelle_marie_2498 shared a tip "wonderful book"

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salixemery shared a tip "The story line kept me intrigued and I appreciate the rawness in Evelyn and her story."

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jessica_jimenez_7816 shared a tip "Amazing story line"

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kaiy shared a tip "can we get more wlw like this in this world please i need the representation for mental reasons"

kiara_munoz shared a tip "Oh my gosh I loved this book I recommend for anyone honestly I didn’t think I would like it but I loved it."

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helikesitc0ld shared a tip "Beautiful book. Absolutely amazing. No words."

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natalie_ladly shared a tip "Love this book. It reads like a movie. So great!"

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teri_cano shared a tip "Do not pass on this book!"

jacqulyne_danielle shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

rachel_meyer_7962 shared a tip "Love all of her books so far - I could not put this one down."

gina_mercado shared a tip "Definitely a great book!!"

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kisha_cristina_7048 shared a tip "This book changed my life. I couldn’t even put the book down. I finished it within a whole day! 5/5!!!"

haley_knight_4588 shared a tip "Ahhhh this book is so awesome 😎"

natalia_3940 shared a tip "It was a journey reading through the chapters of each husbands and figuring out how they played a part in Evelyn Hugo’s life."

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madeline_mckinney shared a tip "Absolutely gut wrenching. Could not put this book down. 5 stars."

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finley_oliver shared a tip "loved the mixture of love (especially being lgbtq+) & action instead of an ordinary romance type story"

delaney_h shared a tip "the best book i think i’ve ever read. so beautiful."

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NoelleB shared a tip "Amazing. Absolutely beautiful. I heard it was sad but dang…"

nabeeha_ali shared a tip "I’m reading “it ends with us by Colleen Hoover"

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lisa_marshall_643 shared a tip "Fantastic--read it!"

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CrystalsandCandles shared a tip "LGBTQ+ representation and an excellent plot."

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kela_3933 shared a tip "THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH"

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jill_rattee shared a tip "One of my favourites that I’ve read this year!"

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madelynreadstoomuch shared a tip "it was so different from what i usually read! it was very refreshing"

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shelf.inspiration shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

amber_lepla shared a tip "LOVED this book! Such a great read!"

abby_jacklin shared a tip "Interesting all the way through!! Loved it!!"

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dawn_2736 shared a tip "Great read couldn’t put it down ♥️"

gloria_riemenschnei shared a tip "I just finished Twice in a blue moon- Christina Lauren and the court of thorns and roses series is amazing!"

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andria_6783 shared a tip "My favorite is The Siren by Kiera Cass!"

ainsley_hewson shared a tip "When celia says don’t chip your tooth"

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nadiaa shared a tip "Too cheesy for me and the connection between the journalist and evelyn Hugo was kind of forced and stupid lol"

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megan_paranick shared a tip "So engaging! Sobbed by the end. Resparked my joy of reading."

sophie_beaulieu_2199 shared a tip "SO GOOD"

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gabby_hansen shared a tip "Good storyline!"

summer_wakefield_7170 shared a tip "Personally my favorite part is when Evelyn meets Celia"

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lily_small_7187 shared a tip "Finished Sunday January 5"

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mandawaller shared a tip "AMAZING!!"

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madeline_dike shared a tip "The end had me sobbing"

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sarah_bartlett_9584 shared a tip "This was a dynamic and beautiful story, made me cry 4 times and I couldn't be happier about having read it. Truly a 5 star story."

alice_smith_3466 shared a tip "my favorite book ever"

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stuart_shiloff shared a tip "A terrific beach read."

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mikayla_lockyer shared a tip "Such an interesting story that you don’t see a lot. would be such an amazing movie 🥹"

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shannon_brow shared a tip "Beautifully written! A mesmerizing story of love in all its forms."

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jenna_platts_ shared a tip "One of my favorite books!"

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rojan_sadeghi shared a tip "If you love powerful women and slow burns… #queer"

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karen_ortis shared a tip "Fantastic. A different read for me. Like reading a diary almost but so enjoyable. Loved it."

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charis_romanach shared a tip "What a beautiful tale about the complexity of being a woman of power in so many powerless situations. I loved this book."

tracy_barrow_6411 shared a tip "I like the shock factor at the end about the writers father being the victim in the car accident!!"

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si3nna shared a tip "loved, loved, loved"

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ariana_mcclain shared a tip "Lgbtq"

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alicia_wilson_5998 shared a tip "Favourite book of all time!"

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pam_gieseke shared a tip "Great book!"

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taylor_forster shared a tip "My absolute favorite book of all time ever"

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marquala_basnight shared a tip "100000000/10. Soo good my new favorite book."

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elizabeth_badger shared a tip "I loved this book. It is well written and has a twist I did not see coming. When I finished I was actually sad that it was over!"

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sierra_isbill shared a tip "One of my all time favorites. If you haven’t read this, you need to. #taylorjenkinsreid"

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lucas_parks shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read. I seriously recommend it."

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blue_neighborhood_d shared a tip "<3"

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mikayla_knowles shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK. Took me a bit longer than usual to “get into it” but honestly one of my favorite books EVER now."

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karlie_starr shared a tip "50s Hollywood culture, an engaging female protagonist, and beautiful dialogue. Need I say more?"

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katie_laughlin shared a tip "It's the best book I've read this year so far!"

jody_kohne shared a tip "This book gave me all the feels, loved the writing style, and it was just an absolutely incredible read."

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leana-rae_hernandez shared a tip "Loved it!! Made me some emotional. There was anger, shock, and sadness. I absolutely loved it."

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hannahskelso shared a tip "a million/10 recommend. super inspiring and the plot twist? incredible. every girl should read this book!"

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JustThisHuman shared a tip "I didn’t like this book until about the last half and now I love it. I stared at nothing for about an hour when I finished it."

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desiree_langdon shared a tip "Diversity"

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sindy_yanes shared a tip "Me gusta este libro porque es muy bueno"

faith_8811 shared a tip "One of the best fake bibliographic books of all time ever. (Also the best book of all time.)"

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hope_wood_294 shared a tip "haven’t finished it yet but so far i am obsessed!!!"

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hope_wood_294 shared a tip "dude… i am heartbroken. i just finished it🥲"

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presley_danilson shared a tip "My favorite book of all time I love it SOOOOOO much"

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lauren_lal shared a tip "SO GOOD !!!! everything connects !!!!!!"

erin_russell_8440 shared a tip "Cathartic"

evelyn_wuerl shared a tip "Good read!"

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ronithan shared a tip "just finished reading this book and it slayed so good"

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amanda_dickmann shared a tip "Highly recommend! Loved it!"

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jacqui_silbiger shared a tip "Love this book"

skye_3319 shared a tip "Its just amazing!!!"

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ashley_wools shared a tip "This is the most amazing book I’ve ever read, hand down"

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dental_hygenius shared a tip "⭐⭐"

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sarah_starbell shared a tip "Amazing book. It made me cry my eyes out and the characters are written outstandingly well."

ann_whisenhunt shared a tip "This was well written and kept me interested all the way to the end! Loved it!"

natabooks shared a tip "Absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!"

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sunnie_k shared a tip "amazing"

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heaven_ware shared a tip "It was a well paced read. I instantly wanted to know about Evelyn and her secret life. I loved it. My favorite book this year"

islah_rose shared a tip "I looooved this book!!! 5/5 ⭐️"

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eve_carbeau shared a tip "Yes!!! I am just finishing Daisy Jones & the six by Taylor Jenkins Reid and it’s a MUST read 🤲😍"

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candy_bishop shared a tip "I. Love. This. Book!"

lauren_m_3519 shared a tip "all time fav fantastic writing and great story"

wendi_segal shared a tip "AMAZING."

ayla_eneberg shared a tip "I couldn’t put this book down! Obsessed with the characters and the love story!"

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alanah_eason shared a tip "Literally Amazing <3 #romance #lgbtq #evelynhugo"

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robecca_ragany shared a tip "Great book!"

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natalia_c_1784 shared a tip "finished this in less than 12 hours"

rachel_hoard shared a tip "It was reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylors life, yet fictional"

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tamara_fabrizio shared a tip "A tad slow at first, but then it gets really good."

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somleqonec shared a tip "I wasted the time I had to study for my math test reading this book and I would do it again. SOO WORTH IT!!!"

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anelu_aina shared a tip "This was great! Right up my alley :)"

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marisa_pereyra shared a tip "Almost a Ten out of Ten. It was so good, and beautiful written."

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victoria_desio shared a tip "My favorite book 😍"

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lauryn_bevis shared a tip "This was a seriously steamy read. Quite the page turner. Highly recommend it!"

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gracie_eastman shared a tip "Read this is 2 days...SPICY!!!!"

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chloe_colon shared a tip "absolutely heartbreaking but in the best way possible"

mimi_4967 shared a tip "I couldn't put this book down! Very well-written!"

alysha_gray shared a tip "A good mix of old Hollywood glamour, a beautiful and complicated protagonist, and heartbreaking love story."

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mary_sanchez_5017 shared a tip "So dreadful and tragic. I wasn’t really sad to the point of crying, but it was tragic, unexpected and amazing."

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jaimee_rodgers shared a tip "Read it in a single sitting"

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natalie_wilson_3109 shared a tip "Worth the hype"

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erica_irvin shared a tip "my favorite book of all time"

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erica_irvin shared a tip "a work of literature art"

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amlie_lahaie-bouchard shared a tip "This book changed the way I see almost everything in my life! Could not recommand it enough!"

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meghan_brennan shared a tip "Probably my favorite book of the summer!"

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lily_arlene_eager shared a tip "#lesbian #lgbt"

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malaynachang shared a tip "yes!!!"

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norah_paige shared a tip "This is one of my favorite books! I love the glamorous feeling of it all. The characters could all step on me and I'd thank them."

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emily_betancourt shared a tip "I just read “we were liars” in two days! Couldn’t put it down so good"

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jori_1995 shared a tip "The best book I have read this year!"

rebecca_klimczak shared a tip "This book broke my heart and all I could say was, “thank you”."

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juliana_mack shared a tip "Amazing"

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heather_linville shared a tip "Great book, and I love how it all comes together at the end!"

hannah_aiton shared a tip "Beautifully written. You find yourself always rooting for Evelyn. My favorite book of all time."

zyana_ shared a tip "Liked this way more than I expected to"

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snooks_757 shared a tip "my jaw dropped so many times when i read this. definitely recommend for anyone that likes feeling shocked lol."

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kimberly_stachowsky shared a tip "Me too!!"

devin_dakes shared a tip "i am absolutely in love with this book - highly recommend!"

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michele_karpel shared a tip "Loved it and a great twist at the end"

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alexa_books shared a tip "truly amazing! brought us through so many ups and downs of Evelyn’s life. Everyone should read this!"

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natalie_eldridge shared a tip "I absolutely loved it!!!"

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katie_cason_2246 shared a tip "Beautiful story! Getting to learn the story of Evelyn was wonderful."

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shawna_mccabe_9999 shared a tip "Loved it"

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kimberly_steele_6834 shared a tip "Everything"

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rubyruby shared a tip "Love is love 🌈"

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krista_wright shared a tip "Unputdownable!"

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megan_rose_4354 shared a tip "Give yourself a free day to read this, because you won’t be able to put it down!"

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angela_bloss shared a tip "I loved everything about this book."

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meg_cutler shared a tip "Oh my God.... This one is going to stay with me. Loved it!"

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abigail_morgan_8305 shared a tip "I loved this book. If you love Hollywood stories, this is for you!"

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solange_tadros shared a tip "Amazing!! Loved this author and the plot line"

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casie_blevins shared a tip "Read it in one magical sitting. Outstanding."

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megan_halasey shared a tip "I couldn't stop reading this book. I just had to find out how it ended."

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mary_ella_snyder shared a tip "Excellent!!"

lindsey_lloyd_9155 shared a tip "I’ve only read this book by her, but I loved it!"

elizabeth_nunez_830 shared a tip "Best book ever. Romantic and keeps you wanting more and more."

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grace_cantu shared a tip "Best book!"

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lindsey_gonzales shared a tip "A book you will ignore your family for and be thinking about long after you finish. Such lovable characters."

olive_8527 shared a tip "oh. my. god. this. BOOK"

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jade_terry_4318 shared a tip "Such an amazing novel!!"

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jade_terry_4318 shared a tip "Absolutely one of the best books i have ever read. Be prepared to cry."

sarah_deming_9977 shared a tip "Beautiful storytelling of a starlet’s life. Funny, romantic, unexpected!"

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kennedy_madgett shared a tip "ADDICTING and a fascinating read! Was so hard to put down."

yulia_borodoker shared a tip "The story was so unique and beautiful. Loved all the characters"

santana_gonzalez shared a tip "This book was so freaking beautiful"

awesome_user_594421 shared a tip "this book was so amazing! if your looking for a sad but good wlw read, this is the book for you! 10/10 recommend!"

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dasia_5379 shared a tip "The best book i’ve ever read . A must read for everyone"

kimberly_green_897 shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! Couldn't put it down!"

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kelly_lynch_5064 shared a tip "It was interesting from start to finish! Just an all around great read! ❤️"

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debbi_holihan shared a tip "My whole book club enjoyed this book. The main character is a delight."

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debbi_holihan shared a tip "My entire book club enjoyed this book. The main character is a delight."

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morgan_hurley_4629 shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

kellie_whitton shared a tip "Really enjoyed this one."

grace_byrne_8886 shared a tip "Prince of tides or red white and royal blue!"

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siena_johnson_3523 shared a tip "Yes so worth it!! Just look up trigger warnings before reading!!"

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allison_edmonds shared a tip "#characterdevelopment"

quantum_koi shared a tip "This is an amazing book!!! ❤"