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One kiss lasts a moment. But a thousand kisses can last a lifetime. One boy. One girl. A bond that is forged in an instant and cherished for a decade. A bond that neither time nor distance can break. A bond that will last forever. Or so they believe. When seventeen-year-old Rune Kristiansen returns

Author Tillie Cole

Pages 352

Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published Date 2016-03-14

ISBN 1530496195 9781530496198

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jackie shindman's profile image

jackie_shindman shared a tip "I’m literally in shambles only a couple chapters in...I can’t even handle the pain this book is causing me 💔"

Reylynn&Kris Purdue's profile image

teampurdue shared a tip "One of my all time favorite books."

Chezzy 's profile image

chezzy_8748 shared a tip "A very good sob love story sure to make you cry for the characters."

Julia Strum's profile image

julia_strum shared a tip "I’ve cried from books before but this is the first one that made me bring a tissue box into my bed"

stephanie chippett's profile image

stephanie_chippett shared a tip "5/5 for me!! Loved this book, beautifully written. Will definitely make you cry. A wonderful love story!!"

Adri Onna's profile image

adri_onna shared a tip "4 stars, I liked it but not my favorite"

Nkp 's profile image

nexzayra_ shared a tip "I honestly thought I would never stop crying. I did eventually after a good 20 minutes after I finished the entire book."

Rose Truong Paderanga's profile image

rose_truong_paderan shared a tip "Such an emotional roller coaster. I went thru a box of tissues reading this book. So good."

Ashleigh Brown's profile image

ashleighbrown shared a tip "THIS BOOK BROKE ME"

Olivia Cimino's profile image

olivia_cimino shared a tip "this book made me SOB"

abby_phillips_4241 shared a tip "cry"

ghost 's profile image

gh.ost shared a tip "Absolutely. It so good and cute"

jessica_shults shared a tip "It’s my favorite, it’s written so beautiful that I’m sad to see it end."

madison_ho_5158 shared a tip "So heartbreaking."

DeirdreS 's profile image

DScott01 shared a tip "Anything by Colleen Hoover is good!!"

Marianne Temali's profile image

marianne_temali shared a tip "genuinely broke my heart but i loved it so much"

peyton_rathwick shared a tip "can someone spoil it i’m not really in a good place to start a sad book"

alexis_9565 shared a tip "This book is amazing!! The writing is beautiful and it brings you through a unique teenage love story. Would 10/10 recommend!"

Skylar bishop's profile image

skylar_bishop_7301 shared a tip "It was sad and happy all at the same time.Had me crying on the first page."

Paige 's profile image

paige_sarlo shared a tip "it really gripped your heart and held on tight the whole way through."

bianca 's profile image

biancaa18 shared a tip "i got atttached to this book and now tears are all over it. sad ending"

Susie DeMay's profile image

susie_demay shared a tip "Amazing book, beautiful characters"

Madison Jin's profile image

madison_jin shared a tip "I love this book so much! Anyone else just cry the whole time?"

Ava Regina's profile image

ava_regina shared a tip "I will definitely get it I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now"

Teagan Becker's profile image

teagan_becker_3176 shared a tip "it is the best book ive ever read. it has left me equally broken yet filled at the same time"

joyce_shalom shared a tip "Cried so much. Great book"

jordan_sanders_3293 shared a tip "Made me ball my eyes out for at least half of it. It’s such a sad but good story."

Mikaela B's profile image

mikaelab shared a tip "My favorite book"

angela_8454 shared a tip "It was so so sad but so good. It was so beautifully sad and I love it."

Joanna Dinh's profile image

joanna_dinh_9001 shared a tip "Cried through the whole book"

vanessa_de_la_cruz shared a tip "This book will have you bawling your eyes out at 2am! This was such a great book!"

lu_reid shared a tip "BEST- BOOK- EVER- but cried at ever chapter😩💗"

Laura Avila's profile image

laura_avila shared a tip "Emotional…heart wrenching story about love at it’s purest. #emotional #sogood #lovestory #needtissues"

zel kesh's profile image

zel_k shared a tip "Loved it made me sob at chapter 3, was a great release of floods. #emotional #sad #tilliecole #needtissues"

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