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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NEWBERY MEDAL WINNER • NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNERDig deep in this award-winning, modern classic that will remind readers that adventure is right around the corner--or just under your feet!Stanley Yelnats is under a curse. A curse that began with his no-good-dirty-rotte

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Author Louis Sachar

Pages 272

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2011-06-01

ISBN 0307798364 9780307798367


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Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "So fun to read!"

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marsh_6055 shared a tip "One of the most perfect books ever written. I'm not kidding."

Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "Love this book! Read it for the first time at 38 and I'm so glad I did!"

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melissa_hudson_8331 shared a tip "July 2022"

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suemari_durrah shared a tip "I have this book myself and I read it like fifteen times"

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SailorPulsar shared a tip "#newbery #newbery_medal"

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val_9015 shared a tip "good."

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evelyn_velliky shared a tip "This book was a great read for just relaxing outside or chilling in your room under a blanket!"

Evelyn Velliky's profile image

evelyn_velliky shared a tip "I have actually. I read wayside school when I was younger and absolutely fell in love with it!! Definitely recommend! 💕"

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leticia_perez_6407 shared a tip "Very good book."

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hana_hayes shared a tip "Finished 5/4"

Emma Pimer's profile image

emma_pimer shared a tip "I’m a Holes stan"

Makenna 's profile image

makenna_1928 shared a tip "I love this book so much"

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taylor_sipos shared a tip "I stole this book from the school library because I love it so much."

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bookreaderog shared a tip "I love the feeling the book gave. Felt so much like a classic that it is."

📚Books and café☕🤎's profile image

First_edition_ shared a tip "Classic favorite and the movie is very good as well."

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nairb24601 shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read"

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evie_jklein shared a tip "Like the movie a bit better but still love the book"

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audrey_s_9259 shared a tip "Def add it!"

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krysta_kidwell shared a tip "Love the book and the movie"

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neve_burton shared a tip "Great book!"

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bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "Good loved it"

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jane_allison shared a tip "Kept me on the edge of my seat!"

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cheri_reider shared a tip "Yes! Super fun."

Chelsye Bartsch's profile image

chelsye_bartsch shared a tip "Yes! I know every line! Lol"

emily_kovmir shared a tip "Yes, I have! However, it’s not very similar to the book."

melody_wiegand_ shared a tip "Read as an adult. Love this book!"

Adeara Jean Maurice's profile image

adeara_jean_maurice shared a tip "Great YA book"

zoe giesbrecht's profile image

zoe_giesbrecht shared a tip "It was ok, a stiry about friendship"

lilonna alik's profile image

lilonna_alik shared a tip "This book was the highlight of my 6th grade year"

Madisynne Gwalter's profile image

madisynne_gwalter shared a tip "I read this with a bunch of friends a few years back and enjoyed it quite a bit :))"

Jessica Yaws's profile image

jessica_yaws shared a tip "Great book and great movie!"

bla_dvs shared a tip "Liked it a lot and watched the movie too"

Becks 's profile image

shhimreading shared a tip "Loved this as a kid and also adored it when it was released as a movie."

Jocelyn Duran's profile image

jocelyn_duran shared a tip "Very engaging and the movie is good too! Almost identical to the book :)"

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brianna_davis_3700 shared a tip "Yes, I saw the movie."

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Bee.Reads shared a tip "@debra_wolf not to long its pretty small, theres 50 chapters but it's very good"

luna_whitcher shared a tip "I like the plot."

faith roberts's profile image

faith_roberts_7129 shared a tip "I remember reading it in the 4th grade, I really admired the story of friendship behind it, and this is what made me admire it"

Monica Salazar's profile image

nikk34 shared a tip "This is the only book I've read by Louis Sachar"

Brenda Aviña's profile image

b_Avina shared a tip "Forever will be one of my childhood favorites. Even still, I’d love to reread it in the near future."

Sarah Anne Francis's profile image

sarah_anne_francis shared a tip "I feel like I noticed something new every single time I read this. It's a quick read, something I can get though in a day."

zoe_vais shared a tip "An all-time favorite of mine. Love the duel story lines and the mix of real and unbelievable."

Deborah Core's profile image

deborah_core shared a tip "I loved this one. A lot of twists and turns and surprises keeps the reader turning the pages!"

Maddie K Hubbard's profile image

maddie_k_hubbard shared a tip "it’s a classic! a simple story turned into something bigger ❤️"

Kay 's profile image

bookworm1940 shared a tip "Umm not right now but im always looking for something to Read so if tou know anything let me know"

Brittany Corrighan's profile image

brittany_corrighan shared a tip "I've read this book so many times❤️"

Angelica Gardner's profile image

angelica_gardner shared a tip "I liked that there was karma for the antagonists in the story."

Amanda Spaulding's profile image

amanda_spaulding_6333 shared a tip "I truly enjoyed the book. My son who is not a reader even read the book."

binie shared a tip "Cool pirate vibes, olden day adventurous, eclectic"

Sophia Barnes's profile image

sophia_barnes_261 shared a tip "Favorite childhood book!!"

Kelvin N's profile image

kelvin_n shared a tip "This was the first book I couldn’t put down as a kid. The pages turned themselves!"

Grapesoda 's profile image

minttassion shared a tip "I don’t have a favorite part but the part I remember most is when Stanly finds a giant rock that looks like a fist"

Dorkasaurus 's profile image

carly_4287 shared a tip "Yeah! I am currently getting ready to read “One of us is lying,” and that book seems like it will be good"

grant_helmsjr shared a tip "It's a great story"

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