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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Gone Girl, and the basis for the major motion picture starring Charlize TheronLibby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in "The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas." She survived--and famously testified that her fifteen-year-ol

Author Gillian Flynn

Pages 541

Publisher Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House LLC, a Penguin Random House Company

Published Date 2014

ISBN 1101902884 9781101902882

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hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "My favorite of Flynn’s books that I’ve heard the least about. So creative and well narrated"

WitcherSchooloftheFox 's profile image

witcherschoolofthef shared a tip "Can’t help but love the writing of Gillian Flynn every time."

Ariana Marie's profile image

arimams shared a tip "I finished this book three days ago and I’m still not over it!!!"

Jessica  Davey's profile image

jessica_davey_8097 shared a tip "Honestly everything I've read from her is amazing"

Stephanie and Chance Anderton's profile image

Stephanie_And shared a tip "Couldn't put it down!"

amy_2751 shared a tip "A tad boring and predictable."

cassie_moran_2219 shared a tip "I hated gone girl but this was more interesting"

Caitlin Cheney's profile image

caitlin_cheney_3860 shared a tip "Me too! I hope she publishes more!"

Chris Raines's profile image

chris_raines_224 shared a tip "Rollercoaster from start to finish."

Samantha Jennings's profile image

samhamthebird shared a tip "I do! I really enjoyed The Fisherman by John Langdan! You?"

Chiffon 's profile image

chiffon shared a tip "Dark, engaging and amazing. I love this author’s style."

Heather D's profile image

hthrdnbr shared a tip "I was not interested in reading this because I didn’t like Sharp Objects, but I loved this book. Well written, great story."

Victoria Charley's profile image

victoria_charley shared a tip "No problem! This is a twisty-turn Rollercoaster of a book up to the end!"

marianne_perino shared a tip "I did not finish this book. Half way through and no longer cared who did it!"

Autumn Berrier's profile image

autumn_berrier shared a tip "Kept me on the edge of my seat, then the ending blew my mind"

Marianne Vriend's profile image

marianne_vriend shared a tip "I still think gone girl is my favourite.. glad I read it before the movie!"

Amy Duhon's profile image

amy_duhon shared a tip "I think my favorite from her is Sharp Objects."

Stacey Lee's profile image

stacey_lee_8942 shared a tip "My favorite book ever"

amanda_castro_5847 shared a tip "Just started reading and so far it’s hard to put down"

Bridgette Cunningham's profile image

bridgette_cunningham shared a tip "I have read all of Gillian Flynn’s books. I can’t get enough."

Will Pohl 's profile image

willdoesntexist shared a tip "This book was so absurdly good, 100% recommend."

Amina Masharipova's profile image

amina_masharipova shared a tip "It is! But if you want to read Gillian Flynn you should definitely start with Gone Girl!"

Hannah Rolón's profile image

woozy shared a tip "Good, quick read! Unravels."

Laura Vest's profile image

laura_vest shared a tip "Yes i havent read this book but she writes so good keeps you on the edge"

Paul Picillo's profile image

paul_picillo shared a tip "Sharp objects"

glenna_whitten shared a tip "She is all around good author"

charlotte_2989 shared a tip "I think I read it in about 3 nights. I read it awhile back but I know I read it fast. Her books are really good!"

Hannah Madsen's profile image

hannah_madsen shared a tip "The ending was a hell of a let down."

Connie Schroth's profile image

connie_schroth shared a tip "Because it’s Gillian Flynn"

Megan Stevison's profile image

megan_stevison shared a tip "It’s pretty dark, but I couldn’t stop until I finished it"

Josh Roycroft's profile image

josh_roycroft shared a tip "Loved it! Couldn’t believe I missed the key details revealing the ending 😭"

Amanda Caronna's profile image

amanda_caronna shared a tip "I read it when I was alone for a few days. I don’t recommend doing that, haha!"

Marleen Gonzalez's profile image

marleen_gonzalez shared a tip "A good mystery with a shocking twist."

vikachan19 .'s profile image

vikachan19_. shared a tip "There's also a movie, which I recommend after the book ^_^"

Ashley Summersill's profile image

ashley_summersill shared a tip "This was my favorite Flynn book by far. Libby was one of my favorite literary characters of all times. So good!"

catherine_sabourin shared a tip "Better than Gone Girl - such a twist!"

jacqueline_jacobs_2220 shared a tip "A gritty page turner with great character development and a twisty plot!"

sydney_d_8050 shared a tip "Kept me guessing all the way to the end!"

Sarina Salyers's profile image

sarina_salyers shared a tip "Probably a tie between sharp objects and dark places. I really wish she’d write some more books!"

jenna_edwards_2068 shared a tip "Really good story line. Keeps you guessing."

Monique Crafford's profile image

monique_crafford shared a tip "I think Sharp Objects is probably my favourite, but I really enjoyed Dark Places as well!"

Kelley Huggins's profile image

kelley_huggins shared a tip "The suspense kept me reading but not as good as gone girl."

Marina Coccimiglio's profile image

marina_coccimiglio shared a tip "Nail biting! And the ending completely through me off!! Wow"

Sarah-Jane Gullacher's profile image

sarah-jane_gullacher shared a tip "Another addictive story."

Lauren Mansfield's profile image

LolaM617 shared a tip "I thought it was pretty good! It is also now a movie."

Tracy Chzasz's profile image

tracy_chzasz shared a tip "Fast moving , but disturbing at times."

Mary Stevens's profile image

mary_stevens_6659 shared a tip "Loved the story, characters were very well written."

carly_310 shared a tip "Have you read all of her books? Every single one is great!!!"

Nikki Robertson's profile image

nikki_robertson_4583 shared a tip "It was a really good book!!! But don’t even try and watch the movie 👎🏻"

megan_healy_1482 shared a tip "Kept me guessing until the very end!"

kristi wright's profile image

kristi_wright shared a tip "I personally love Gillian Flynn. Hope you enjoy it"

Brittany Hook's profile image

brittany_hook_5667 shared a tip "I just finished The Hive by Gregg Olsen and I thought it was so good!"

darryenne shared a tip "Grips you from the first page. Flynn's writing is brilliant."

beth_omer shared a tip "I loved "What Alice Forgot" by Liane Moriarty. My favorite this but it's not like Dark Places at all."

stephanie_shear shared a tip "Great book with lots of twists"

kristen_7354 shared a tip "Not my favorite of her novels as this one might have the least likable/relatable characters of them all but still a solid read"

Andrea Bouchard's profile image

andrea_bouch shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Amanda Ortega's profile image

amanda_ortega_2999 shared a tip "If you tell is such a good read"

jocy c's profile image

jocy_c shared a tip "#suspense #thriller"

Ashlee Bauer's profile image

ashlee_bauer shared a tip "So dang good."

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