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The #1 New York Times bestseller and National Book Award Finalist from the bestselling author of Everything, Everything will have you falling in love with Natasha and Daniel as they fall in love with each other.Natasha: I’m a girl who believes in science and facts. Not fate. Not destiny. Or dreams t

Author Nicola Yoon

Pages 384

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2016-11-01

ISBN 0553496700 9780553496703

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Chezzy 's profile image

chezzy_8748 shared a tip "A wonderful story that made me cry and feel for the struggles. 7/10"

Kailey Castle's profile image

kailey_castle shared a tip "That's so weird it says juvenile fiction it's more yong adult fiction imo"

Vanessa Lewis's profile image

vanessa_lewis_2092 shared a tip "I love how the book give you more. 2 ending, future of the characters, past of characters, and 2 set of point of view"

hannah_r_7260 shared a tip "By far one of my favorite novels! Nicola Yoon has a way with words and is one of my all time favorite authors!"

Shivani Padhye's profile image

shivani_padhye shared a tip "A very true to the heart love story❤️ The end could be better though 🙏"

Addie Anderson's profile image

addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Cute, 4/5"

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "I love this beautiful romance"

Kayla Larson's profile image

kayla_larson_4988 shared a tip "Uhm favorite book in general I’d have to say is The One, which is the third book in the selection series"

lexi_251 shared a tip "I have not yet read this book if you have leave a comment please"

irene_k shared a tip "Cute romance"

Megan Harden's profile image

blahblahblah3000 shared a tip "Its a beautiful book that represents life in a realistic way were not eveything works out perfectly."

Emma Rose's profile image

hellothisismyusername shared a tip "A great book that allowed you to experience different cultures, Jamaican and Korean. Age rating: 13+"

PHOEBE FOWLER's profile image

phoebe_fowler shared a tip "Highly recommend, this book will give you a whole new perspective on what can happen in 12 hours"

mia_6659 shared a tip "WOW"

gracyn_yetter shared a tip "i think it’s definitely worth it!"

Victoria Santiago's profile image

victoria_santiago_8197 shared a tip "This is the go to YA romance book"

Kallon Fabina's profile image

kallon_fabina shared a tip "I do! Unfortunately it's a pretty strong departure from this genre, but it's Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman"

Raquel Kalpakoff's profile image

raquel_kalpakoff shared a tip "My favorite book of all time."

Kailie Brecelj's profile image

kailie_brecelj shared a tip "you feel so involved in their love story it’s exciting"

kathi_gauger shared a tip "good story happy ending"

blake_chew shared a tip "I have only read the book but the book it so amazing definitely worth a read"

mary_bassett shared a tip "AMAZING! Sparked so many different emotions. I just simply loved this book."

isabella_aguirre shared a tip "This love was just Destined from the beginning!"

Kayla Jones's profile image

kayla_jones_7325 shared a tip "Such a beautiful romance. I cried so hard. Fate, love, science, and overall amazing story!! 100% recommend"

ava vukovich's profile image

ava_vukovich shared a tip "this book is so worth the read!"

Ddee Reynolds's profile image

Dee_yawnn shared a tip "One of my most favorite books of all time!!!! It’s so sweet."

Jada Nagberi's profile image

jadanagberi shared a tip "i read this in less then 24 hours... too good"

C Foster's profile image

c_foster shared a tip "It is an emotional roller coaster"

Sophia Hyre's profile image

SteelTheMoment shared a tip "Great book! Fast read and interesting storyline!"

Kira Besherse's profile image

kira_besherse shared a tip "A wonderful romance! It’s quite sad near the ending so if your not looking for a good sad book wouldn’t recommend...#romance"

Ava Schaldecker's profile image

ava_schaldecker shared a tip "So much fun to read nice romance novel to relax and enjoy on a summer day."

Nevaeh Mendoza's profile image

nevaeh_mendoza shared a tip "I love how every character is important to the story no matter how minor they may seem"

Blaine-Monet 's profile image

blaine-monet shared a tip "It was such a good book , so romantic and it keeps you interested the whole time."

maria_rangwala shared a tip "The movie does not do the book justice. An amazing love story and has the most amazing characters. Could not put the book down!"

Lauryn Wisenbaker's profile image

lauryn_wisenbaker shared a tip "Easy read, great story line. Ending felt rushed tho #threestars"

Alaina 's profile image

alainamnt23 shared a tip "From Ms. Chirico"

Siedah Holmes's profile image

siedah_holmes shared a tip "One of the best first-love stories on paper. 10/10."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "3/10"

Abigail Mendivil's profile image

abigail_mendivil shared a tip "Yes definitely!"

cool beans's profile image

cool_beans_7597 shared a tip "I started this book Thursday night, and finished Saturday morning. I couldn’t stop reading!"

Jessa Styles's profile image

jessa_styles shared a tip "A tearjerker at least for me"

EB Fisher's profile image

ebfisher shared a tip "Loved this book so much I gave it as a Christmas gift that year. The book was so good, I hated the movie."

Danielle Baker's profile image

danielle_baker_7816 shared a tip "Great book!! Way better than the movie."

nev_haugh shared a tip "This book made me laugh, cry and even though it started out kind of slow I loved it!!"

dayanara 's profile image

br4inr0t shared a tip "I wasnt a big fan of the ending but i loved the whole relationship."

Myrah M's profile image

myrah_m shared a tip "Ngl I cried at the end but it was soo worth it 💗"

Zoe Underwood's profile image

zoe_underwood shared a tip "It was such a good book! 11/10 recommend"

Mia Knight's profile image

mia_knight shared a tip "No, but I want to!"

grace_schwoch shared a tip "don’t watch the movie it is nothing like the book & disappointed me a lot! it was also kind of boring:(("

Sarah Davis's profile image

sarah_davis_2998 shared a tip "Yes I have seen the movie."

Victoria Robles's profile image

victoria_robles_6630 shared a tip "I like both the main characters"

Alexis Lamar's profile image

qqlexi shared a tip "I like the format in which Nicole Yoon writes her books switching between characters perspectives."

YaBabyJo 's profile image

yababyjo shared a tip "I could read this over and over again."

Gg Davis's profile image

gg_davis shared a tip "It was gorgeouS what else can I say."

olivia_womack shared a tip "Yes!"

alexis_mischel shared a tip "This book is so good for a cozy romance read! Totally recommend for people who are lonely and like to cry 🙃✨"

Alejandra Nelsen's profile image

ale_rose1438 shared a tip "Written incredibly. Still haven't stopped thinking about it."

Cecilia Reynolds's profile image

cecilia_reynolds shared a tip "This book is the reason I downloaded this app! I loved it so much that it took my out of my reading slump. 10/10 would recommend"

Little Johnny's profile image

little_johnny shared a tip "It was good but it was so sad I had to read fanfic after it to close up the story"

aubrieee 's profile image

aphroditeslove shared a tip "this book was freaking amazing. it was funny, sweet, romantic - everything you want in a book. definitely recommend!!!!"

Madeline Mae's profile image

madeline_mae_118 shared a tip "Beautiful and gives light to live as an immigrant in the US"

Mary Gaines's profile image

mary_gaines_9497 shared a tip "Loved how each character had a story"

Alexandra Lysiak's profile image

alexandra_lysiak shared a tip "Beautiful story"

Galactic Prism's profile image

galactic_prism shared a tip "This does not have much to do with this book but at the moment I am reading Dear Justyce."

Piper Lancey's profile image

jovonna shared a tip "🥺🥺🥺 i love the smaller yet very important and significant inclusion of altérnate realities and infinite possibilities"

Olivia R Torsone's profile image

olivia_rosee shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! I can’t tell you how amazing the author connects everyone and I could not put this book down."

Mya McCarthy's profile image

mya_mccarthy shared a tip "Love it"

rachel_7471 shared a tip "This book is so good it is beautifully written and the ending makes me cry every time!"

Sydney Tannenbaum's profile image

sydney_tannenbaum shared a tip "Such a fun easy read. Loved the way it was written and how everything so miraculously fit together. Great plot line."

dara peterson's profile image

dara_peterson shared a tip "Book is wayyyy better than the movie"

Savannah 's profile image

ZUFO shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK"

Duaa Khan's profile image

duaa_khan_9621 shared a tip "honestly one of my favorite books. It provides a whole new perspective on the world."

Rachel Stevenson's profile image

rachel_stevenson shared a tip "This was a great fun YA read. Loved the original cover better though."

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