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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Starts with Us and It Ends with Us comes a passionate tale of friendship, betrayal, and romance.At twenty-two years old, Sydney is enjoying a great life: She’s in college, working a steady job, in love with her wonderful boyfriend, Hunter, and room

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Author Colleen Hoover

Pages 384

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2014-03-18

ISBN 1476753172 9781476753171


Google 4.5


Anna Wieland's profile image

anna_wieland shared a tip "Quick read great story line"

vanessa 's profile image

vanessa_a.h. shared a tip "it was the most heart-wrenching book ever. i loved every piece of it!"

rachel_4369 shared a tip "This is the best book I ever read by her and I fell in love it’s a very sad book but happy I was crying so hard @love"

rachel_4369 shared a tip "This was a good book"

silvia garcia's profile image

silvia_garcia_9023 shared a tip "Conflict love 3/5"

erica_jones_1641 shared a tip "Such an interesting story line, love a good romance when I can’t predict the entire plot and this was definitely it"

alexandra_de_olivei shared a tip "I just started reading Maybe Someday, and Im in love 🥰, Is such a good book, and I don’t want to stop reading it 🤭"

Anita Minter's profile image

anita_minter shared a tip "I love everything about this book.. best one I have read in awhile!! ♥️"

Jessica Evans's profile image

ArkansasDiamond shared a tip "Such a page turner!! I loved this book! So cute, definitely recommend. 🤍"

chanel_stockton shared a tip "i love the slow burn of this book, the ending is very rewarding!"

adilenne_mejia shared a tip "no prob!"

Emily Gaetano's profile image

emily_gaetano shared a tip "Cute intriguing love story. Not a story that is common, or I’ve heard of and not your typical drama. I couldn’t put it down :)"

Marissa Burgos's profile image

marissa_burgos shared a tip "10/10! So upset I read in the wrong order. BUT i still LOVED THIS BOOK"

Sierra Saccocci's profile image

sierra_saccocci shared a tip "I really loved Verity!"

alaryn_head shared a tip "It was your typical love story. You could see everything coming next"

grace_fessler shared a tip "Written very well. Easy to follow. Very good story!!!!"

Alondra Trinidad's profile image

alondra_trinidad shared a tip "This book is so good I learned a lot of things from this."

Sandra Garibaldo's profile image

sandra_garibaldo shared a tip "Romance and the love of music between the two main characters"

hannah_d_1883 shared a tip "Wasn’t bad"

Maggie Martin's profile image

maggie_martin_1896 shared a tip "SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!"

Jacqueline Iñiguez's profile image

jacqueline_iiguez shared a tip "It was romance and I liked the plot"

kaitlyn_stevens_3068 shared a tip "Love love this book"

Layanna Ward's profile image

layanna_ward shared a tip "I like how this book was a lot harder to predict then most books with a similar plot"

Anjali Emandi's profile image

anjali_emandi shared a tip "Just started the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy :) accidentally read it out of order tho😭"

becky_villarreal shared a tip "I love the build up of the characters"

Sydney Roberts's profile image

sydney_roberts_5016 shared a tip "I could not put this one down! love love love the story, the romance, the passion! Can’t wait for “Maybe Now”"

mikaela_odonnell shared a tip "Definitely Verity by Colleen Hoover!"

becca_4783 shared a tip "Forbidden love is not my thing."

Tess Saindon's profile image

tess_saindon shared a tip "not memorable"

julia_heying shared a tip "Cute read"

leighanne_thomas_7000 shared a tip "Haven’t read it yet but I can’t wait from what the description of the book is it looks like it would be nice"

Sydney Baule's profile image

sydney_baule shared a tip "Average, kind of slow but still readable…."

ali_9093 shared a tip "This book was so slow and repetitive"

Hayden Talley's profile image

hayden_talley shared a tip "good book! thought the storyline was really sweet and am definitely excited to read the rest of the series"

Honorata 's profile image

honbo shared a tip "Easy read. Didn’t quite do it for me but it was nice."

Courtney W's profile image

cw_5986 shared a tip "Not my favorite Colleen Hoover. But a quick enjoyable read."

Life 's profile image

life62739 shared a tip "This book is amazing love Ridge."

Riley 's profile image

r1l3yru3 shared a tip "idk cheesy romance 10/10"

Megan Pate's profile image

megan_pate shared a tip "This was so good! Finished it in two days. Make sure to read this first since it’s a series!"

Paige Eilers's profile image

paige_eilers shared a tip "Loved this storyline! I can’t wait to read the second and third book in this series."

nicole_kolbinson shared a tip "Easy read. Cute story."

MB 's profile image

MattyBRaps shared a tip "warren carried this book "

Samantha 's profile image

samanthah shared a tip "Had me emotionally conflicted"

Nadia 's profile image

nadia_5404 shared a tip "Just finished it , I rate it a 6/10 it’s good but nothing compared to her other works."

ell 's profile image

mentallyell shared a tip "Colleen Hoover did it again, yet another incredible read."

melissa_allen_730 shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Lesley 's profile image

lesley_736 shared a tip "i loved this book"

bethany_bradley_6908 shared a tip "Now my favorite book it’s so good i can’t wait to read the second one!!!"

Katelyn Ashley's profile image

katelyn_ashley shared a tip "This book is so good! I love Colleen Hoover’s writing style"

piper_oberbroeckling shared a tip "one of my favs"

kasandra_4872 shared a tip "Too much sudden perfect love all at once and nothing more the whole book. Not terrible but not for me. 2/5"

ag. piper's profile image

ag._piper shared a tip "it was just like boring to me & not memorable, idk 💀💀"

Lindsey 's profile image

lindsey3 shared a tip "I loved this storyline but was interesting at times."

abi_marks shared a tip "not my favorite coho but still good"

Kelsey Dunphy's profile image

kelsey_dunphy shared a tip "Full of love, heartbreak and human emotion. Love love love"

Cady Rider's profile image

cady_rider shared a tip "Slow burn"

paige pieroni's profile image

paige_pieroni shared a tip "So cute and unique. Not very spicy but this book is perfect. I love."

Ashley Jacobson's profile image

ashley_jacobson_4469 shared a tip "I just started slammed by Colleen hoover"

mackenzie_eisnor shared a tip "3.5/5"

Bailee H.'s profile image

bailee_h. shared a tip "so good!"

bella_holcombe shared a tip "NO SPICE/cringe"

Zyonna 's profile image

zyonna_9347 shared a tip "Never read this"

Jessica Capano's profile image

jessica_capano_3762 shared a tip "it was a mix or tears and laughter and romance + some spice. could not have asked for a better book!"

Kayla White's profile image

kaylabo.bayla shared a tip "1"

Kayla White's profile image

kaylabo.bayla shared a tip "1"

Tracey Champion's profile image

tracey_champion shared a tip "One of my favorite books that I can read over and over."

Jenna Bailey's profile image

jennalfay- shared a tip "My absolute favorite coho series omg!!!!!"

chelsey_7980 shared a tip "Ofc!!"

Nan 's profile image

nan_13 shared a tip "It’s wasn’t to spicy but it was such a good read and the story line was 🔥"

Nan 's profile image

nan_13 shared a tip "I just can’t believe the ending it came out of no where had me shook"

Jayden Tripp's profile image

jayden_tripp shared a tip "I loved this book. It was defiantly a 5/5 for me!!"

chelica_bowling shared a tip "it’s such a cute love story! Very easy to read!"

reilly_ayers shared a tip "Such a good book. Loved the ending"

nandani_patel shared a tip "I really really loved this book…i quite literally could not put it down!"

Maya Tyson's profile image

maya_tyson_9480 shared a tip "Best Colleen Hoover book imo, made me cry, and had me relating a lot to the characters internal struggles. 10/10"

Bobbi Gibson's profile image

bobbi_gibson shared a tip "this is probably my favourite book by her!"

jeff_summers6 shared a tip "One of those books you just can’t put down!"

elizabeth_guagenti shared a tip "Really enjoying all of her books. I’ve read 3 in the last 2 months all within a matter of days."

Jessica S's profile image

jessica_s_6676 shared a tip "It was such a cute and nice read. I really liked the story."

Sandy Dorisca's profile image

sandy_dorisca shared a tip "This book was a great read and when you listen to the songs online, you really get a sense of feeling behind the music"

Lindsay Blocher's profile image

lindsay_blocher shared a tip "Ugly Love and Hopeless were really good. I haven’t read her two newest ones, but you really can’t go wrong with her."

Olivia Thomson's profile image

olivia_thomson shared a tip "I loved the ending"

Ashley Grasso's profile image

ashley_grasso shared a tip "Ugly love by Colleen Hoover it was amazing!"

Kaylee Lynn's profile image

kaylee_lynn8 shared a tip "Heart wrenching, emotional, incredible"

Erin Draves's profile image

erin_draves shared a tip "All time favorite book"

megan_vineyard shared a tip "Great read!"

Liv Lindstrom's profile image

liv. shared a tip "hooked me the whole time!"

megan_briggs_1688 shared a tip "I binged this so quickly I couldn’t put it down."

Maureen McDermott Rumping's profile image

maureen_mcdermott_r shared a tip "Wonderful romance"

Marissa Hunter's profile image

marissa_hunter_5029 shared a tip "The suspense was so good!!"

Sarah Foran's profile image

sarah_foran_289 shared a tip "I loved this book so so much!!"

Katie Bui's profile image

katie_bui shared a tip "loved this book! it’s so raw and deep yet intriguing to read, i couldn’t put it down"

Alyssa Mundry's profile image

alyssa_mundry shared a tip "Amazing lots of emotions and real ness"

Ella Smith's profile image

ella_smith_375 shared a tip "loved it with everything i have"

stephanie_kramer_3248 shared a tip "Loved this book! SOO good!!"

Laura Strizzi's profile image

laura_strizzi shared a tip "May 2021"

danielle_garcia_2854 shared a tip "SUCH a good read! I felt like I was watching a movie!"

Christy Quach's profile image

christy_quach shared a tip "Love this book! Make sure to listen to the accompanying music!"

lisa_cook_8765 shared a tip "My absolutely favorite book! I hope you enjoy it!"

Ruby Ryan's profile image

ruby_ryan shared a tip "#romance such a #goodread"

amy_finkhouse shared a tip "Loved this audiobook! Came with songs too!"

Sara Henley's profile image

sara_henley shared a tip "Excellent and there is a soundtrack for it on Spotify!"

Amber Floyd's profile image

amber_floyd shared a tip "This is my favorite by the queen! Started with slammed and read pretty much everything she’s written. But this is by far my fav!"

Danielle Bud's profile image

danielle_bud shared a tip "I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK"

Anissa Ramirez's profile image

anissa_ramirez shared a tip "I read this book in two days. Add this book to your list!"

Danielle DeCook's profile image

danielle_decook shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

megan_mcnett shared a tip "Such a good story! I love this book, and the author. Haven’t found a book by Colleen I don’t like 🤍"

analese_gibbons shared a tip "This is a must read! Loved every word! Need to read the rest of the “series” Maybe Not and Maybe Now!!"

Ahsoka 's profile image

throhtgoat shared a tip "⭐️"

Ariel Freedman's profile image

ariel_freedman shared a tip "It's so good!!"

ana_larez shared a tip "I feel like this is one of Coho’s underrated books but I genuinely liked it. It definitely tugged at the strings of my heart."

lily 's profile image

lily.carr shared a tip "love"

kenzie_kearley shared a tip "this book was twisting my heart around!!!"

Chandler Futrell's profile image

chandler_futrell shared a tip "Amazing slow burn"

aracely 's profile image

aracely_4075 shared a tip "My first time reading a Colleen Hoover book and absolutely loved it!!!"

valerie_trejo shared a tip "Love and Other Words :)"

hannah_5916 shared a tip "There is also Maybe Not and Maybe Now which are part of the small series!"

katie_pavlinsky shared a tip "love this book!!! and i will forever love colleen hoover as an author"

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