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Harry Potter spent ten long years living with Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, an aunt and uncle whose outrageous favoritism of their perfectly awful son Dudley leads to some of the most inspired dark comedy since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But fortunately for Harry, he's about to be granted a scholars

Author J. K. Rowling

Pages 309

Publisher A.A. Levine Books

Published Date 1998

ISBN 0590353403 9780590353403

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clara.h shared a tip "Page turner"

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james_taylor_4858 shared a tip "Not right now, I'm trying to get into reading."

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parker_charles shared a tip "They’re all so good! Either the 3rd, Prisoner of Azkaban, or 7th, Deathly Hallows"

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devin_graham_3894 shared a tip "In the series!? Whew. Not one, but 3. Lol. Years 1-3, because I'm sobbing in 4-7. Lol."

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rachel_edwards_1443 shared a tip "No problem! You can't go wrong with Harry Potter"

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heidi_arkenbout shared a tip "I love 5 & 6. Which is your favorite?"

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Hard not to love this...I have it in Latin and illustrated...I should read that one!"

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latichia_fox shared a tip "Very worth it"

sophia_giordano shared a tip "YES YES YES"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "👌🏼"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "👌🏼"

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joe_delia_152 shared a tip "Suzanne Collins"

alana_von_voigt shared a tip "I definitely think so!"

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alexis_mangino shared a tip "Agreed! I love harry potter!!"

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robyn_phantasmagoria shared a tip "I'm currently in the middle of goblet of fire, and chain of gold by Cassandra Clare!"

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lacey_prager shared a tip "#5"

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looney_lovegood13 shared a tip "Idk, maybe when Hermione said "its leviOsa, not leviosA" to Ron in charms."

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alexzandria_schoolc shared a tip "Yes"

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bookgurlbunny shared a tip "My first real book I ever read"

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deleted_user_1624065805030 shared a tip "The beginning of it all ❤️"

madison_shaw_6892 shared a tip "When Harry gets Hedwig"

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ohNoKylo shared a tip "Atm I'm between several books. Kind of in reading rutt everything I have currently does not interest me."

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wolf_king_9373 shared a tip "The Percy Jackson series. I'm on the second one as of now."

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amanda_kennington shared a tip "Yes it is if you liked Harry Potter movies. You get to know new characters that wasn't in the movies plus alot more details!😄"

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osborne86 shared a tip "Yes! the series is very good."

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riley_king_6326 shared a tip "Yes! Of course you should! It's a delightful classic."

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rex_jacobsen shared a tip "I'm currently reading Robert Jordan's "Wheel in Time" series How about you, Serena? @serenabaker"

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lily_staddon shared a tip "Mistborn The Final Empire and Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards!"

eddie_collins_6920 shared a tip "No problem"

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eat_the_rude shared a tip "Definitely. If you liked the movies you'll love the books. The fantasy world in this series is phenomenal."

alexandria_myers shared a tip "Yes, the Harry Potter series is good."

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hannahliiiz__ shared a tip "Oh yeah the book Burn is what i’m currently reading and it is amazing!!"

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the_golden_k1ng_of_ shared a tip "How can u not like this"

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petra.griffiths_gri shared a tip "The cruel prince is amazing and recommend that book"

chels. shared a tip "Not my favorite, but it’s good."

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stephanie_greco_7412 shared a tip "I haven’t read it since I was a child. I’d say yes still! There’s more that happens in each of the books than in the movies."

sofiai shared a tip "The start to an amazing series. Such a agreat book."

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josiane_dpeault shared a tip "Absolutely ❤️ I love Harry Potter's world it's magical."

amelia.edwards shared a tip "Have you read the other ones in the series?"

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elizabeth_rivera_7446 shared a tip "Yes, definitely worth it."

millysmith shared a tip "Yes"

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cari_delacruz shared a tip "Loved the entire series. Always carried a Harry Potter book around wherever I went. I just couldn't seem to put these books down!"

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kacey_justus shared a tip "The movie is great but I love the book more"

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matthew_mckenney shared a tip "Ooh thats a hard one. I'd say my favorite read so far has been Enders Game."

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katie_blair_1014 shared a tip "Definitely and once you read the first you will keep reading them and it turns into such a great series"

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katie_blair_1014 shared a tip "It is a great opener to a great series"

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star_derrick shared a tip "Absolutly worth reading."

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kaitlin_janis shared a tip "Getting through The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green right now!"

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sara_iadanza shared a tip "Goblet of Fire was my fave I think. So hard to choose. What about you?"

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brandy_weber shared a tip "I'm currently reading Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. Currently loving it"

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vi_hart shared a tip "I just finished lore which was so good. I'm about to start a court of thorns and roses"

jordan_medeiros shared a tip "the selection series!"

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arianna_marquez shared a tip "My favorite part was probably when Snape was teaching them class and said (I think) "Fame obviously isn't everything.""

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finley_jenkins_931 shared a tip "Sooo incredible!!"

miranda_small_6571 shared a tip "From the Harry Potter series it would be The Goblet of Fire"

pryce shared a tip "I enjoyed reading all of the Harry Potter books"

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kendall_shadduck_6922 shared a tip "The dark tower by Stephen king is good"

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caleb_hamilton_2955 shared a tip "This was a huge part of my childhood and I love reading it to this day. Definitely worth it"

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mariah_cook_9184 shared a tip "The Lunar Chronicles is actually one of my favorite series!"

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summer_levins shared a tip "Very!"

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jennifer_rodriguez_1243 shared a tip "I haven't really finished it. But I'm pretty sure it's gonna be worth it. Up to you though."

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our_lord_and_savior shared a tip "That's a tough one. Probably goblet of fire"

beth_hall_3754 shared a tip "Mine too! I read it at least 3 times a year."

denise_a. shared a tip "I just finished "Spinning Silver" by Naomi Novik. I enjoyed that one quite a bit."

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ben_schneider_4544 shared a tip "1000 percent worth it! This series is one of my absolute favorites!"

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bethany_robinson_3346 shared a tip "Thanks! My favorite book overall has to be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak."

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robert_fabrizio shared a tip "Probably Harry Potter 6 or Harry Potter 7"

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emily_johnson_8965 shared a tip "Gosh it is hard to choose! Prob chamber of secrets"