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"The murderer is with us–on the train now . . ." Just after midnight, the famous Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift. By morning, the millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. One of his fellow passe

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Author Agatha Christie

Pages 336

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2011-03-29

ISBN 0062073508 9780062073501


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Meagan Khatthaname's profile image

meagan_khatthaname shared a tip "It's a classic for a reason! I love Agatha Christie's writing."

Sara SoDeezy's profile image

sodeezy shared a tip "Couldn’t put it down!"

kelsey miksch's profile image

kelsey_miksch shared a tip "such a classic and a perfect introduction to the genre!"

ashy slashy's profile image

scarecrane shared a tip "gaslight gatekeep and girlboss"

Sarah  Ortinau's profile image

sarah_ortinau shared a tip "Of Agatha Christy’s? No unfortunately, still new to her writing, but I know they are a cultural staple."

Ashley Rivera's profile image

ashley_rivera_4175 shared a tip "Definitely a re read! 5/5"

Ian Osborne's profile image

ian_osborne_3530 shared a tip "There’s a reason why Agatha Christie is second only to Shakespeare in the contest of copies sold."

heather_howell_515 shared a tip "Currently reading Valley of the Dolls - GREAT book!"

chloe_smith_6205 shared a tip "Christie keeps you on your toes throughout the book and the end is shocking!"

jaycetheace !!!!'s profile image

jaycetheace_ shared a tip "I think I’m going to read The Hobbit next!"

Abbi Weese's profile image

abbi_weese shared a tip "the dialogue was hard to understand but the story was good"

FP's Kitchen's profile image

fps_kitchen shared a tip "Hard to choose from lol, but Silent Patient by #alexmichaelides for sure."

tina_kopp shared a tip "One to keep you guessing!"

Rachel 's profile image

rachel_5145 shared a tip "Such a greatly written book"

Mary Neason's profile image

mary_neason shared a tip "Of course! After you read it watch the movie. There are different versions."

Evelyn Delf's profile image

evie_09 shared a tip "A must read, I only put the book down once"

Evelyn Delf's profile image

evie_09 shared a tip "A bone-chilling and terrific mystery and a must-read #shocking_twists #fiction #mystery_and_detective"

dontcallmesin shared a tip "😍"

chris_wall_4194 shared a tip "I’m just not getting started on it! I will let you know!"

Caroline Stehle's profile image

caroline_stehle shared a tip "I liked the movie better though."

Ariana Rojas's profile image

ariana_rojas_701 shared a tip "Amazing twist of events"

Miriam Gribin's profile image

miriam_gribin shared a tip "Who dunnit. Eliminating suspects one bynine and red herrings."

Gioconda RomeroPolk's profile image

gioconda_romeropolk shared a tip "The love they all shared for their family members. When it all came together and the plot was discovered."

Tony Blakemore's profile image

tony_blakemore shared a tip "Yes Agatha Christie was a great author"

n_endicott shared a tip "I really enjoyed the characters in this book. It is well-written as well."

Fatima Shah's profile image

fatima_shah shared a tip "I really enjoyed this classical mystery novel"

day_w shared a tip "loved it! and amazing agatha christie!!"

victoria_ruwhoo shared a tip "Finished 1/08"

nicole_tompkins shared a tip "Yes!"

anjali_parikh shared a tip "They are ok I like Stephen King better"

Alyssa Sturm's profile image

alyssa_sturm shared a tip "The ending"

Alyssa Sturm's profile image

alyssa_sturm shared a tip "@ashley_hostetter the conclusion. Blew my mind"

Shanz Nori's profile image

shanz_nori shared a tip "I love Agatha Christie books"

Raevenne H's profile image

raevenne_h shared a tip "It was amazing and eerie, and there were no plot holes that I could find."

Alyssa Flitton's profile image

alyssa_flitton shared a tip "Me too! 😊"

Maurice Dupuis's profile image

maurice_dupuis shared a tip "So entertaining, I read it in one sitting! Deffinitly reccomend!"

Nora Bucco's profile image

nora_bucco shared a tip "Yes! I just read The Midnight Library and loved it! I’m reading The Guest List now. It’s great so far."

jayce_senter shared a tip "A classic with an ending that is completely unpredictable."

Mia Stulac's profile image

mia_stulac shared a tip "One if my favorite mysteries of all time."

lynn_swain shared a tip "I love Agatha Christie, so I recommend anything by her."

julie_mueller_9389 shared a tip "Yes. I've been making my way through all her books and I haven't yet found one that I really haven't enjoyed."

Betsy Morken's profile image

betsy_morken shared a tip "Great characters and surprise ending."

Allison Engle's profile image

allison_engle shared a tip "Out of the Silent Planet"

Diana Johannson's profile image

diana_johannson shared a tip "Read it in a day because it was so good I couldn’t put it down!"

Katey Bear's profile image

shimmerskeleton shared a tip "Loved the ending, a proper whodunit. Charming. But, who can ever be disappointed with Poirot?"

allie_hobbs_6229 shared a tip "Not really I love everything I read"

Emi Wilson's profile image

emi_wilson shared a tip "Very! It was really well written and very enjoyable. My favorite of hers is 'And Then There Were None.'"

Beth LaChance's profile image

beth_lachance_2977 shared a tip "Complex plot"

Mckenzie Smart's profile image

mckenzie_smart shared a tip "I had to read it for school and loved it! One of the books that got me into reading!"

kevin_3836 shared a tip "Love anything Agatha Christie! The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is my Fav!"

Hailey Monroe's profile image

hailey_monroe_2873 shared a tip "'And Then There Were None' is a classic, but 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd' is another favorite!"

ruthie_9483 shared a tip "Best book to read while curled up on a rainy day!"

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