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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephen King whose “storytelling transcends genre” (Newsday) comes “another winner: creepy and touching and horrifyingly believable” (The Boston Globe) about a group of kids confronting evil.In the middle of the night, in a house on a quiet street in suburba

Author Stephen King

Pages 576

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2019-09-10

ISBN 1982110597 9781982110598

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Megan  Sterling's profile image

ohjeezmeg shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

Lisa Morris's profile image

Lisamorris shared a tip "This was a really great story. I listened to it with my 12 year old and we both enjoyed it."

Spencer<3 🏳️‍🌈's profile image

tiny_mushroom shared a tip "I’m normally not for telepathy or telekinesis but I can’t pass up Stephan King! This book is honestly one of my favorites! 10/10"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "This book is a suspenseful page turner which you will end up reading long past the time you intended to go to bed."

Skip Rooney's profile image

skip_rooney shared a tip "On of the best Stephen king books I’ve read."

Jess Cook's profile image

jess_cook_6130 shared a tip "Very interesting premise!"

Rey Min's profile image

rey_min shared a tip "So many interesting parallels to real world events :)"

Alisha Lasher's profile image

alisha_lasher shared a tip "Great book! I didn't want to stop reading!!"

john_cena_7788 shared a tip "ho"

Teddie Pearson's profile image

teddie_pearson shared a tip "One of his best"

leah_jordan shared a tip "Didn’t want to put this one down!"

Jennifer Robinson's profile image

jennifer_robinson_8756 shared a tip "I do like the author"

peyton :)'s profile image

peyk-47 shared a tip "kinda slow at first so it took a couple of tries but it really picks up! vv interesting :D"

Sasha Pasquini's profile image

sasha_pasquini shared a tip "Can't put it down!! Easy to read, but sometimes heavy to feel xD"

samantha_saldana shared a tip "put me in a reading slump"

Cristian Nieto-Mora's profile image

cristian_nieto-mora shared a tip "A little slow at first but picks up in classic king style! Would recommend as a great book for a weekend read."

Ron Shortt's profile image

An_Ossuary shared a tip "This was a great read. I never felt bored. Also enjoyed the characters."

Amber Forcier's profile image

amber_forcier shared a tip "Here is my reading list so far this year! Going back down the Harry Potter spiral now!"

kyene_pratt-pena shared a tip "Just started but it's sooooooooo good"

Krystal.H 's profile image

maebaby shared a tip "First book I’ve read by stephen king and I loved it can’t wait to read more by him."

Allen Freeman's profile image

allen_freeman shared a tip "The first half was OK, then it took off like a wildfire!"

Skye Jubinville's profile image

skye_jubinville shared a tip "I really liked it! My favourite Stephen King book is definitely sleeping beauties, but this one is also really good"

Natalie Kudlacz's profile image

natalie_kudlacz shared a tip "It was amazing. I loved the mystery and the protagonist. He really is a problem solver in a horrible situation."

Tyler Wehrwein's profile image

Mega_moose shared a tip "Great read! Stephen King is getting back to his roots of creating a strong thriller."

Rick Pringle's profile image

rick_pringle shared a tip "Not King's best but a compelling read"

katie cameron's profile image

katiemae shared a tip "such an amazing book! one of those books where you start reading and can’t put it down till you’re done!"

Jessika Cripps's profile image

jessika_cripps_2127 shared a tip "It gave me a lot of suspenseful feelings. Everything about this book is just good and worth the read."

Nicole Moreira's profile image

nicole_moreira shared a tip "Not my favorite Stephen King book, but it was a solid read. A complete story; detailed with a sealed ending."

Joe 's profile image

joereads shared a tip "It was too however, perusal the ending was bad."

cheshire_cheese shared a tip "It was just long enough so that I didn't lose interest but also had enough to read"

Heather Martin's profile image

heather_martin_9941 shared a tip "Good suspense"

Alyssa Broughton's profile image

alyssa_broughton shared a tip "Took me a little longer to read but one I got about a quarter of the way in, I couldn’t stop!"

Gerardo Luna's profile image

gerardo_luna shared a tip "Yes"

John Gill's profile image

john_gill_8139 shared a tip "It's a good book to read over the weekend. And snuggle up too since we are all quarantined in our own homes."

charlie_morrell shared a tip "Loved it!"

kayl_fancett shared a tip "This book was absolutely phenominal! I really couldn’t put it down. A true page turner!!"

Lily Bishop's profile image

lily_bishop shared a tip "It was very good and a nail bitter, but the ending was kind of lackluster"

Cynthia Gonzalez's profile image

cynthia_gonzalez_9097 shared a tip "Loved every second of this story!"

Chase Lipman's profile image

chase_lipman shared a tip "Absolute page turner, scary but not in a way that gave me nightmares."

Lynn Bonhomme's profile image

lynn_bonhomme shared a tip "I just read Later by Stephen King. It was also a good read."

Kayla 's profile image

kaylak. shared a tip "Absolutely loved it. Loved the kid power similar to King’s ‘IT’. Really liked the way it ended, it was wonderfully done. 10/10"

Katie Hannam's profile image

katie_hannam_3588 shared a tip "Best Stephen King book I’ve read in years!"

Amanda Pelletier's profile image

amanda_pelletier_1028 shared a tip "It was okay."

andrea_coon shared a tip "Great characters and story. Some surprising twists."

Amanda Miller's profile image

amanda_miller_3139 shared a tip "Later, another Stephen King book. Loved it"

Jackie Agbay's profile image

jackie_agbay shared a tip "Fast paced"

shelby_madison-brid shared a tip "So good. Even when you think it can’t get any better it does"

jake_7902 shared a tip "Easily one of my favorite books"

victoria_wiegmann shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read. Very good plot that gets interconnected and webbed into one. A thriller and page turner."

meredith_lime shared a tip "This was an amazing book. I couldn’t put it down."

Jynx P's profile image

jynx_p shared a tip "The plot was amazing and it got interesting since the beginning."

Jessica Boyer's profile image

jessica_boyer_7795 shared a tip "Amazing! I was sucked right in. I stayed up until 4AM to finish reading the second half!"

Cherry Daves's profile image

cherry_daves shared a tip "Great story! Keeps you turning the pages."

Claire Ganzenmuller's profile image

claire_ganzenmuller shared a tip "9/10"

Charlie Moran's profile image

charlie_moran_8721 shared a tip "Idk just really good"

Stoddard Whitridge's profile image

stoddard_whitridge shared a tip "Could not put this down. King being the King."

TERRENCE P WILLIFORD's profile image

terrence_p_williford shared a tip "One of Stephen King’s best books. Hopefully there will a sequel."

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