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This beautifully illustrated edition of the New York Times bestselling classic celebrates the 42nd anniversary of the original publication—with all-new art by award-winning illustrator Chris Riddell. SOON TO BE A HULU SERIES • “An astonishing comic writer.”—Neil Gaiman Nominated as one of America’s

Author Douglas Adams

Pages 304

Publisher Random House Publishing Group

Published Date 2007-12-18

ISBN 0307417131 9780307417138

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Jesse Gauntt's profile image

legauntt shared a tip "Bring a towel!"

Jesse Gauntt's profile image

legauntt shared a tip "I am loving the audible with Stephen Fry"

Lisa Morris's profile image

Lisamorris shared a tip "Such a fun timeless read. Gin and Tonic ‘s in every galaxy, genius."

Godzilla fan 's profile image

godzilla_fan shared a tip "I haven't but I am intrigued. I will check it out. I love British TV and humor"

Sapphire 's profile image

sapphirestone shared a tip "The ridiculing of bureaucracy, quirky adventure, and the source of geek humor."

Kinisha Watkins's profile image

kinisha_watkins shared a tip "Where the crawdads sing"

Brady Cole's profile image

brady_cole shared a tip "Laughed hard and often!"

Victoria Deezar's profile image

victoria_deezar shared a tip "Twisty, weird, and laugh out loud absurd."

Reid Smith's profile image

reid_smith shared a tip "Classic book. Audible laughed a lot. Tons of sci-fi nonsense which is all I’m looking for"

eric_grimes shared a tip "Unique, quirky and funny. You won't read many like this."

Emme Priest's profile image

ekpriest shared a tip "it was pretty funny and i just loved how it was written"

Ethan S's profile image

ethanos shared a tip "Extremely funny. There are tons of jokes about the answer to life being 42 for a reason. #humorous #science_fiction"

Ian McVey's profile image

ian_mcvey_817 shared a tip "Absolutely!"

Beth Bragg's profile image

beth_bragg shared a tip "No!! Did you?"

Jason Cadden's profile image

jason_cadden shared a tip "Completely"

Kristi Ransom's profile image

kristi_ransom shared a tip "So very clever."

madaline_higgins shared a tip "#funny"

Joe Blazer's profile image

joe_blazer shared a tip "Hilarious, Very engaging; well strung out writing and thought provoking!"

John Sosnowski's profile image

john_sosnowski shared a tip "Absolutely. The entire series is a mixture of goofy science fiction that you will constantly reference and remember."

Tareyn Osborn's profile image

tareyn_osborn shared a tip "Not at the moment. I am having a hard time finding my next read."

Jessica Shaw's profile image

jessica_shaw_7399 shared a tip "So worth it. Like 100% with it. I kove his writing style"

Thomas McNabb's profile image

thomas_mcnabb shared a tip "My favourite book is The Martian."

Caitlan Cable's profile image

caitlan_cable shared a tip "I just finished Project Hail Mary by Andy Weird and it was FANTASTIC"

Caitlan Cable's profile image

caitlan_cable shared a tip "*Weir"

Matty Powell's profile image

mattypowell shared a tip "One of my all time favorites."

Jake Cook's profile image

jake_cook_5913 shared a tip "The Audible is read by Stephen fry btw"

Heather Maury's profile image

heather_maury shared a tip "I definitely think so. It's so funny, but it's very much that dry, odd British humor."

Perry Rodriguez's profile image

perry_rodriguez shared a tip "Just finished reading the Sharing Knife series by Bujold. Highly recommend."

Ren Foersterling's profile image

ren_foersterling shared a tip "Right? It's in my classic go-to bookcase at home."

jorie_rao shared a tip "Just do yourself a favor and read this book. Douglas Adams has a one of a kind voice and humor that delights and entices."

abigail_unglaub shared a tip "I haven't read the illustrated edition, just the original but I recommend it!"

Curtis 's profile image

curtis_270 shared a tip "Absolutely. It's incredibly charming and funny. There will be times you won't want to put it down."

Melanie Morris's profile image

melanie_morris shared a tip "Yes his writing style is very funny"

Cat Crawford's profile image

cat_crawford shared a tip "Yes. I found it to be lacking."

Chelsea Robinson's profile image

chelsea_robinson shared a tip "I've only read this book by him."

Sahasrara Aten Ra's profile image

sahasrara_aten_ra shared a tip "I do, I have a thing for quirky British writing"

Christina Bahrijczuk's profile image

christina_bahrijczuk shared a tip "I love Douglas Adams. I love that every iteration of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a little different."

Hannah Selden's profile image

hannah_selden shared a tip "Its really absurd so the ending sorta goes with that. Very funny throughout though"

Kimberly Cox's profile image

kimberly_cox_6077 shared a tip "Great book"

Eric Ingram's profile image

eric_ingram shared a tip "I have not read the book but I hear that its also really good."

sandra_burke shared a tip "Fun and dusturbing"

Paul Sheldon's profile image

miserys_return shared a tip "This book is hilarious! If you like random stupid humor like Monty Python I wholeheartedly suggest this classic novel! 13+"

Sherry Charbonneau's profile image

sherry_charbonneau shared a tip "I love this book. I finished it in one day. I could not put it down."

Marianne Stout's profile image shared a tip "Delightful satire"

Alex Miracle's profile image

alex_miracle shared a tip "Theres a volume with the first 5 novels. I highly suggest grabbing one"

Steven Alvarado's profile image

steven_alvarado shared a tip "Mr Adams has such a unique sense of humor, I can read the book over and over again"

dan_kernan shared a tip "Of this or the last book in the misnamed trilogy? Regardless yes! I miss this author.."

patty_hubert shared a tip "So much fun. So much humour."

Alexandria Narowitz's profile image

alexandria_narowitz shared a tip "Its a classic ! Easy, fun read !"

Sarah Campbell-Miller's profile image

sarah_campbell-miller shared a tip "Definitely the sperm whale's epic fall"

aplab shared a tip "Sci-fi Classic"

Isabel Rondo's profile image

isabel_rondo shared a tip "Fun read"

Verra S.'s profile image

verra_s. shared a tip "Great commentary and humor."

Amber Cox's profile image

amber_cox_7600 shared a tip "Funny and a good pace."

Ashley Summersill's profile image

ashley_summersill shared a tip "I love this book! Nuff said"

Kynzie Clark's profile image

kynzie_clark shared a tip "Yes! His style is very chaotic and playful"

Gabriela Woodsworth's profile image

gabriela_woodsworth shared a tip "Hilarious"

Catherine LaVarre's profile image

catherine_lavarre shared a tip "Hard one... but quite possibly the Hobbit? Honestly depends on my mood though"

Vampire 's profile image

vampire shared a tip "a great book that makes the impossible seem reachable. wish i had read it on my own and not for a book report..."

MC Sassy J's profile image

mc_sassy_j shared a tip "Hilarious satire of sci-fi! M"

jamie_k_2693 shared a tip "I’m not reading as much sci fi right now but I just finished Samantha Hunt’s The Seas and loved it!"

Brianne Johnson's profile image

brianne_johnson_5020 shared a tip "Funny and imaginitve."

Peter Mitchell's profile image

peter_mitchell_2777 shared a tip "#funny #thought_provoking"

naiara_sward shared a tip "LOVE IT"

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