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Coming soon to Disney+! Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is the first bestselling book in Rick Riordan's phenomenally successful Percy Jackson series.Half boy. Half God. ALL Hero.Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood. I never asked to be the son of a Greek God.I was just a normal kid, going to

Author Rick Riordan

Pages 384

Publisher Penguin Random House Children's UK

Published Date 2008-05-01

ISBN 0141924403 9780141924403


Google 4.5


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sophie5 shared a tip "This book is definitely one of my favourites! It was the book that kickstarted my reading obsession, definitely recommend!"

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kaylee__h shared a tip "favorite book series since 5th grade🥰"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "#middlegrade #modern_fantasy #mythology #action_and_adventure"

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dylan_rossi_9511 shared a tip "My gateway book into reading - for me it’s a classic and will always remain 5/5 stars. I love and treasure this book."

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juliacelano shared a tip "i really like all the characters and the comedy throughout!"

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bree_thompson_5998 shared a tip "I haven’t read it in a while but probably when Percy met his dad"

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bree_thompson_5998 shared a tip "Percy Jackson"

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icalled911foranicee shared a tip "Involved a school/camp and supernatural"

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charlotte_goodwin shared a tip "Favorite series ever. I love fantasy and Greek mythology."

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mj_5383 shared a tip "I just finished Hero’s of Olympus, definitely recommend. I’m currently ready a book called the fire keepers daughter."

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rameen_ahmed shared a tip "It’s one of the best books by far and opens your mind to the amazing totally new and different fun world of Greek mythology."

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emily_mcdowell_926 shared a tip "This was the book that made me fall in love with reading"

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ella_the_weeb shared a tip "This and the whole series!"

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p_b_355 shared a tip "Good"

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carol_leton shared a tip "Read the book"

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evie_jklein shared a tip "I just love the imagination this book gives you and how confident people turn out to be"

alastair_8653 shared a tip "battle of the labyrinth, my favorite so far"

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matthew_98 shared a tip "definitely maze runner, even tho i have already read it!!!"

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hannah_baril shared a tip "such a comfort read for me and the characters are relatable and the story is well written"

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hannah_7831 shared a tip "Of course"

elysse_mastrapa shared a tip "Honestly Im not sure about one specific book but I like the second set of books the most"

briana_2897 shared a tip "When percy meets his dad. Also him finding out he is a deme God"

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faith_stouder_1760 shared a tip "My all time favorite book."

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jessica_ibarra_5667 shared a tip "From this series definitely “The Last Olympian”"

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Alison_Dailey shared a tip "I gotta say Annabelle or Grover"

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rhyan_bowen shared a tip "Its one of the best books to read if you are looking for a teen series when reading books!"

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mackenzie_elizabeth shared a tip "Yes I enjoyed the movie"

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kenzie_guyette shared a tip "I absolutely love this series by far the best so far!!!"

cassius_paul shared a tip "Tbh probably this book. Do you have one?"

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bex_finley shared a tip "I will never NOT love Percy Jackson! 😍"

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ash_mads shared a tip "I become surpreme Lord of the bathroom"

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amyrmm shared a tip "He literally dedicated this book to kids with dyslexia."

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nikki_barron shared a tip "It's not incredible historical fiction but it does teach a lot @ ancient greece"

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random_person_on_the_internet_lul shared a tip "I don't really have a favorite. I have read like 6 books from this author though and I enjoy them 9/10."

caleb_costin shared a tip "Great short read."

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king_kapow shared a tip "Hi"

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katey_mcmullan shared a tip "Prepare for a lot of reading these books are amazing"

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rosalie_sherlock shared a tip "In the first series definetly the first of the last but in hero’s of Olympus....probably house of hades"

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lydia_stern_ shared a tip "Percy Jackson is my favorite books of all time!!!"

kate.books12 shared a tip "Super action packed, funny and fast paced!"

kingsley_1584 shared a tip "The ending part"

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jessica_23 shared a tip "It is the best dam book ever"

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elizabeth_hover shared a tip "Sooo inclusive across all platforms! Loved the character dynamics and the plot! #fantasy #greek #beautiful"

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zear_asmile shared a tip "I hate reading put i love this book"

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jake_snyder_4393 shared a tip "Good starter to the series"

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MJ2913 shared a tip "One of my favorite book series and authors"

marcus_hernandez_8623 shared a tip "I loved the book 😊📖"

michel_ghali shared a tip "Little bit YA but still worth the ride"

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f_hossam_harfoush shared a tip "which series Ive read 76"

rozlynn_adams shared a tip "It’s a great book, and a person who you wouldn’t expect is the villain"

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zachary_demorest shared a tip "Awesome book and very accurate Greek mythology"

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hailey_3073 shared a tip "Perfect time to read these books because the TV show is going to be on Disney Plus eventually."

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aditto_showkat shared a tip "I really liked the third book. The titans curse."

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stepfanie_moinat shared a tip "I read it in high school and it got me interested in Greek Mythology"

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elaina_ritchie shared a tip "My son read them he said lightning thief"

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larissa_layland shared a tip "Cool@"

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maci_baker_1892 shared a tip "Thank you 😊"

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primodooms2day shared a tip "A quick read with a high payoff and you quickly become invested"

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kylee_konsor shared a tip "One of my favorite authors. Such a great storyline."

raya_dalton shared a tip "Great plot, totally binge worthy"

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katie_pfotzer shared a tip "Honestly this is still one of my favorite books of all time."

nahome shared a tip "It’s a great book :>"

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asher_lindemuth shared a tip "Definitely the titans curse or the battle of the labyrinth you?"

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yana_hyrlina shared a tip "Good fantasy"

anaya_ishtiaq shared a tip "I loved this book soooo much! My fav fantasy series😍😍"

mattie_howard shared a tip "#fantasy #awesome #recommendations #love"

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jennifer_white_iezzi shared a tip "The movie was pretty good too!"

grace_mcnabb shared a tip "the series is so good!! , be warned not to watch the movie though lol. it’s a disgrace"

rowan_weaver shared a tip "I love this book so very much"

carson_barber shared a tip "Awesome"

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mikaila_s shared a tip "Such a goos story, funny, keep you on edge of your seat, whole series just gets better and better as it goes"

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kailyn_a. shared a tip "This book is what made me start reading! Totally recommend it"

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alyssa_mattingley shared a tip "4/5"

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isacc_delavega shared a tip "I'm reading 1984 rn and it's p good"

eellllleeee shared a tip "Not reading much but I heard the six of crows was good"

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chidera_samson-omek shared a tip "The last Olympian"

Chidera Samson-Omekarah's profile image

chidera_samson-omek shared a tip "And the whole Percy Jackson and the whole Heros of Olympus series."

azrael_petrie shared a tip "absolutely!"

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shreeya_panda shared a tip "This book is dam good 😂"

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ii_moonchxld__ shared a tip "i’d say so, percy jackson is a good book series. Especially if you’re into greek mythology."

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kennedy_reads shared a tip "such a good book my lordy lord"

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ryan_ward_653 shared a tip "The book series is fantastic tho I absolutely hate the movies!"

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shea_moog shared a tip "The action and the suspension makes it an amazing book"

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gabriela_salzman shared a tip "Loved the storyline and I’m a big fan of green mythology"

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isabella_bryan shared a tip "This is the book that first got me reading"

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honeybun_nat shared a tip "Nostalgia"

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molly_zorn shared a tip "Its amazing but once you get into you can't stop!"

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strawberry_blue shared a tip "Mythology"

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casey_b_1155 shared a tip "I read this book after learning about mythology in school. It was a very fun read."

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alexis_rawdon shared a tip "Great mythology tale"

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