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The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a magical tale of transformation that has enchanted both children and adults since its publication in 1911. Part of the Macmillan Collector’s Library, a series of stunning, clothbound, pocket-sized classics with gold-foiled edges and ribbon markers. Th

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Author Frances Hodgson Burnett

Pages 288

Publisher Pan Macmillan

Published Date 2017-01-26

ISBN 1509845526 9781509845521


Somer Stepp's profile image

somer_stepp shared a tip "Another one of my fave classics. So cute and enchanting. #selfimprovement #classic #classics #classicbooks"

Maura Medernach's profile image

maura_medernach shared a tip "Loved this book when I was little, hope my daughter will read it and love it someday."

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littlelady shared a tip "Classic. I have loved this book since childhood."

leak shared a tip "The midnight library was great! Finished it a few months ago!"

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apricotti shared a tip "I reread this whenever I fall into a depression and it helps me remember how to feel alive again."

Pam McGovern Cecchini's profile image

pam_mcgovern_cecchini shared a tip "I read this book as an adult and I enjoyed it."

chris_baca shared a tip "My 6 year old daughter absolutely loved hearing this story bit by bit night after night."

Cassie Kissinger's profile image

cassie_kissinger shared a tip "Persuasion! Basically anything Jane Austen has my heart but Persuasion is my go to! ❤️"

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michelle_vasquez_1230 shared a tip "Another classic I adored , one of my favorite reads from my childhood"

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amelia_craig shared a tip "Yes, I have. :)"

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kristin_griffin_188 shared a tip "Such a classic"

Tajinder Kaur's profile image

selcouth_18 shared a tip "@gloria_montes i honestly don't have a favorite author. I read this book a long time ago and liked it alot."

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whitney_smith_3191 shared a tip "I haven't watched the new movie yet! I really want to but I think I am going to read the book again first."

Janae Stephens's profile image

janae_stephens shared a tip "I have a special edition gilded book in my bathroom ❤️ also, it made me invite people, so invited you. I neeeeeeed a new series."

Elizabeth Mauthe 's profile image

elizabeth_mauthe shared a tip "It's one of my favorite books"

Melanie Grace's profile image

mellygracie shared a tip "Villette by Charlotte Brontë! I’m also working through all of Agatha Christe’s Poirot mysteries!"

Phebe Tademy's profile image

phebe_tademy shared a tip "Wonderful and imaginative. I have read it a dozen times and thought the movie was well-done."

Kaitlin Erskine's profile image

kaitlin_erskine shared a tip "I read it so long ago I honestly don't remember."

Carmen Cunningham's profile image

carmen_cunningham shared a tip "I actually haven't read it since I was little"

Kar 's profile image

Karriv shared a tip "One of my favorite books ever. I have to reread this soon."

Mallory Grimm's profile image

mallory_grimm shared a tip "Very much. It's such a good classic that you can finish quickly"

April Phillips's profile image

april_phillips_6451 shared a tip "It's a very good book!"

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franny_8136 shared a tip "oh boy i haven’t red this book in soo long, i would have to read it again to tell you."

Mercedie Martin's profile image

mercedie_martin shared a tip "No, but I have read the book ages ago when I was in high school. Is the movie any good?"

Nikki Hart's profile image

nikki_hart_8995 shared a tip "No I haven't. Have you? Is it good??"

Janice Hixson's profile image

janice_hixson shared a tip "Definitely! A classic that I actually liked."

Taylor Ricks's profile image

taylor_ricks shared a tip "It’s been a whole since I have read. It was high school reading literature class for me. I remember throughly enjoying it."

Samantha Villanueva's profile image

samantha_villanueva_4292 shared a tip "Definitely. It's sweet and fun"

clara_mizula shared a tip "Such a lovely book. Made me want to go outside and garden all day. Had very sweet moments in it."

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