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INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “Writing duo and reigning romance queens Christina Lauren are back with The Soulmate Equation, their most ambitious book to date.” —PopSugar ​“A sexy, science-filled, and surprising romance full of warmth and wit.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Chosen as a best p

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Author Christina Lauren

Pages 368

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2021-05-18

ISBN 1982123974 9781982123970


Google 4.0


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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a whole lot of fun to read, don't miss it!"

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nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "Finished January 4"

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olivia_tarver shared a tip "I read the synopsis, but I think I would’ve liked going in blind"

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jennifer_weber_962 shared a tip "🥰"

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kathleen_caste shared a tip "What makes a good relationship, genetics or the people"

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Thirty six."

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angelicashley shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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melissa_hudson_8331 shared a tip "A really fun read. The ending was a little lacking, but a fun fluff read nonetheless. May 8"

rebeccaYeti shared a tip "LOL, personal also far fetched"

laurenmr shared a tip "Very well written. Kept me engaged and I did not want to put it down"

Rissa Black's profile image

rissa_black shared a tip "Liked the beginning, but kinda fell off a hit at the end. Still liked it though!!"

sarah_machado_7379 shared a tip "I loved this!! Couldn’t put it down!"

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luz_maria_ shared a tip "I liked it, very enjoyable. Cute and fun read."

JJinx 's profile image

jjinx shared a tip "I really had fun with the nerdy parts, also it was a hilarious read and a fast paced one."

Madeline Vespa's profile image

madeline_vespa shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS."

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laundrya shared a tip "Heat level: sweet. Susanna Carr’s heat level index used to rank:"

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tellybelly shared a tip "I want a River Nicholas!!!"

Maureen Webb Motte's profile image

maureen_webb_motte shared a tip "Loved this!"

heather_rector shared a tip "The endings of every Christina Lauren novel ruins the whole book for me"

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tori_cornish shared a tip "Amazing! Loved everything about this book!"

tb-reads shared a tip "LOVED this"

Maren Dörnbrack's profile image

maren_drnbrack shared a tip "So steamy with well rounded multi dimensional characters and a single mom in the lead. Loved it."

jeannie_nowarita shared a tip "I absolutely loved the characters, the plot, the nerdy science stuff, the romance...ALL OF IT!!!!"

Gracie ♥️'s profile image

gracie_thompson_9567 shared a tip "Loved this book so much♥️ The characters where amazing and loved how sweet River and her daughters relationship was🥰"

Kiersten Brace's profile image

kiersten_brace shared a tip "It wasn’t bad, it was fun. Just not my thing I think:)"

Brandi Fehringer's profile image

brandi_fehringer shared a tip "This was a really sweet fast read!!"

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tiff_bee shared a tip "Obsessed with this book! Great concept and execution"

habibah shared a tip "mm idk emily henry’s new book is coming out soon so let’s see"

Alexandra Schloegel's profile image

alexandra_schloegel shared a tip "I loved this book, it was such a good read"

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undeniablyanna shared a tip "I was shocked at just how much I loved this book!!! Highly recommend"

Taylor Batiste's profile image

taylor_batiste shared a tip "Hot Romance, gave a bit of hope to a single gal like me"

Galilea Ibarra's profile image

galilea_ibarra shared a tip "Great book of you like a romance that slowly builds, but when it reaches the the climax, there’s no going back."

daeylin_gonzalez shared a tip "hopeless by colleen!!"

Rosie_Lopes_911 shared a tip "Yes! I’m more than half way through and it’s a good read so far!"

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ashley_french_6712 shared a tip "Right now I’m reading “forgiving what you can’t forget”. But insecure in love is a good book, I just finished it."

Nabeeha Khan's profile image

nabeeha_khan_376 shared a tip "i read the whole thing in two days and i LOVED it!!! thanks so much for the rec!!"

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mccarthykatie7 shared a tip "Agreed!!"

mcokeefe99 shared a tip "4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m not a big fan of math & numbers like the 2 leads but despite that I like seeing their relationship develop."

Brandy Flesock's profile image

brandy_flesock shared a tip "Read in two days. My new favorite book!"

Kandice Farr's profile image

kandice_farr shared a tip "I do. It's not what you would think though. It's Night by Elie Wiesel."

kirsta_bright shared a tip "I’m currently reading You had me at hola!"

Shy Galanius's profile image

shy_galanius shared a tip "Great book!"

Rachel Trem's profile image

rachel_trem shared a tip "In this category, the first two Abby Jiminez books. You?"

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amy_c_3774 shared a tip "I liked the plot but the ending felt rushed"

Ana Acost's profile image

ana_acost shared a tip "Too cute!"

julie_rush shared a tip "Great dialogue"

Kelly Marks's profile image

kelly_marks shared a tip "It was really good! I liked the premise.. something new and interesting!"

Indra Yunen's profile image

indra_yunen shared a tip "3/5⭐️"

Manya Reads's profile image

manya_reads shared a tip "cute, fun and an adorable fake-dating story"

Sarah Hosford's profile image

sarah_hosford shared a tip "Easy read, cute romance, good banter and low cheese factor."

mammachelle shared a tip "Could not put down. So fun and different angle on love."

EsK 's profile image

esk shared a tip "Wanted to like it but it fell flat."

cynthia_williams_3962 shared a tip "Just finished this book. Read it straight through. Couldn't put down! Great characters. Love all of Christina Lauren's books!"

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liza_ryan_2898 shared a tip "This is probably my favorite read this year. I’m still smiling like an idiot."

Stephanie Mercado's profile image

stephanie_mercado_3306 shared a tip "This book was awesome. I loved the story line the characters were awesome. They were all so lovable."

Maria McQuaig's profile image

maria_mcquaig shared a tip "Best romance I’ve read in a awhile. I love when I come across these gems 💎"

cherie_brasel shared a tip "Anything by CL is golden!"

Kayla Ritter's profile image

kayla_ritter_5226 shared a tip "The BEST book I’ve read in a while! 10/10 recommend!! Hilarious, sweet and so romantic."

kristen_6342 shared a tip "I liked it, it wasn’t my favorite but it’s an easy, quick read that I thought was enjoyable."

Nessa♥️ 's profile image

vanessa_a_7735 shared a tip "Hi Harper, i'm not sure why it said I suggested this book lol... i'm sorry but I didnt' read it. I would like too though."

sara_macdavis shared a tip "Reading: 11.3.21"

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leilani_1 shared a tip "loved everything about this book !!"

McKenna Cash's profile image

mckenna_cash shared a tip "so so good!! an unexpected plot which is always refreshing!"

Jade Cruz's profile image

jadeapcruz shared a tip "One of my favorite books! Has my kind of humor, perfectly cheesy & romantic, and honed in on the science nerd in me :)"

kpreads shared a tip "Loved this book River and Jess are adorable. Another fake dating book to keep!"

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mrs_a shared a tip "Such a sweet story…I loved the geeky/science-y storyline!"

emma_tang shared a tip "4/5 ⭐️ cute fake dating and similar personalities romance"

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