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Your phone rings. You child has been kidnapped. And to free her, you must abduct someone else's child. Your child will be released when your victim's parents kidnap another child. Rachel will be part of the chain ... or her daughter Kylie will be killed. But the masterminds may have made a mistake t

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Author Adrian McKinty

Pages 368

Publisher Orion Publishing Company

Published Date 2019-07-09

ISBN 1409189589 9781409189589


Google 3.5


Sher Free's profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

Erin Dalrymple 's profile image

erin_dalrymple_ shared a tip "I was hooked from the first page. If you're looking for a last faced thriller this is the one!"

Charles Moore's profile image

charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "I read this book in two days. I couldn't put it down. AMAZING!!!"

Rachel 's profile image

rachel_erdman_313 shared a tip "Can’t say that I was shocked with the end or where things were going but, definitely kept me interested the whole time!"

Oscar Arevalo's profile image

oscar_arevalo_6394 shared a tip "Such a hard book to put down. Would make an excellent movie!"

Shelby Johnson's profile image

shelby_johnson_5081 shared a tip "“You are not the first. And you will certainly not be the last.”"

jennifer_johnston_7706 shared a tip "So Good!!!!! Awesome plot!"

r_282 shared a tip "It was okay, I liked it but wouldn’t read it again"

kim_4259 shared a tip "So good! I’ve never been an avid reader and I was HOOKED! It got me into reading again!"

angela_mckinney shared a tip "One of the best books I have read recently! Dark & twisty. I have listened to it in 2 days."

Adeline Boots's profile image

Adelinethedemigod shared a tip "I usually don’t read this type of book but a friend recommended it and I love it. Definitely worth reading."

Jim Morgan's profile image

jim_morgan shared a tip "Great edge of your seat thriller… and hard to put down!"

mark_freeman_2752 shared a tip "Could not put this book down. A great thriller with many twists I didn’t see coming! Highly recommend"

kristen_gonzalez_4442 shared a tip "11/11/22"

JJ Goodwin's profile image

jj_goodwin shared a tip "Started off a little slow for me…loved the twist. Would definitely recommend, my friend is actually reading my copy now 👍"

tatiana_schmidt shared a tip "Good thriller!"

Amanda Schillinger's profile image

amanda_schillinger shared a tip "An awesome read"

Natasha Palatova's profile image

natasha_palatova shared a tip "Sat down with this book and next thing I know I'm finishing chapter 10. It's one helluva read so far"

Natasha Palatova's profile image

natasha_palatova shared a tip "Sat down with this book and next thing I know I'm finishing chapter 10! It's one helluva read so far"

Bekah Jo's profile image

bekah_jo shared a tip "I found the storyline of this book to be completely ridiculous and unbelievable"

Allen Freeman's profile image

allen_freeman shared a tip "Holy Moley! What a great read. I already told two people about it and they lived it. It's a thriller, a quick page turner!"

barbara_sinacori shared a tip "Read it in 2 days!!!!"

Alissa Scott's profile image

alissa.scott shared a tip "Amazing storyline & super fast paced every chapter is a cliffhanger, i hated for it to end 😭"

Pais Car's profile image

pais_car shared a tip "I’ve been struggling to find a good horror book lately. This was the best one I’ve probably ever read!"

megan_doll shared a tip "I could not put it down. 12/10!"

kimberlee_hendrix shared a tip "Do you mean like thrillers?"

Jay tennant 's profile image

jay_tennant shared a tip "Do you guys know of any books like the chain? I really loved it and wanna read more like it!"

chloe_8545 shared a tip "Holy crap this takes so many twist and turns I love it"

Nancy Button's profile image

notthatfancynancy shared a tip "Great book, worth the read. Original plot. It was a page turner."

shelby_patton shared a tip "Non stop page turner. Keeps you wanting more"

Debbi Holihan's profile image

debbi_holihan shared a tip "Terrifying for every parent. A nightmare."

Fatima Cooper's profile image

fatima_cooper shared a tip "Very fast paced. Has you on your toes the whole book!"

kelly_949 shared a tip "This was a nail biter and you couldn't help but put yourself in their shoes. What would you do if you were part of the chain?"

Traci Dudley's profile image

traci_dudley shared a tip "Such a gripping book that was so hard to put down. Amazing plot twists and character development!"

avery_smith_8640 shared a tip "finished in 2 days, I could NOT put it down it was so fast paced"

paola_aragon shared a tip "Awesome book"

Tatem 's profile image

tatem shared a tip "The Chain is actually my favorite book. I just got back into reading last year so I only have a good 20 books"

Robin Jackson's profile image

robin_jackson_1143 shared a tip "Terrifying- you won’t put it down because you HAVE to know how it ends!"

Vanessa Aguilar's profile image

vanessa_aguilar_1997 shared a tip "It's a crazy read. This book will want to make you jump in.. #horror #thriller"

ShayLynn AA's profile image

shaylynn_anderson-a shared a tip "amazing book 💯"

Dana Pion's profile image

dana_pion shared a tip "This was very enjoyable. I love that is has two climax points and keeps you on edge."

Stephanie Swartz's profile image

stephanie_swartz_9870 shared a tip "Rally good 10/10"

Sour Bunny's profile image

sour_bunny shared a tip "LOVED it so much I finished it in 2 days! Could not put it down for the life of me"

Jessica Robicheau's profile image

jessica_robicheau shared a tip "Incredible story."

chris_castillo_3208 shared a tip "Very suspense full, words flow nicely"

Morgan Jean's profile image

morgan_jean_3794 shared a tip "Suspenseful from the very beginning. Had me screaming at the characters."

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