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NATIONAL BESTSELLER • From the bestselling author of The Night Circus, a timeless love story set in a secret underground world—a place of pirates, painters, lovers, liars, and ships that sail upon a starless sea.Zachary Ezra Rawlins is a graduate student in Vermont when he discovers a mysterious boo

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Author Erin Morgenstern

Pages 512

Publisher Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

Published Date 2019-11-05

ISBN 0385541228 9780385541220


Google 3.5


Nikki Nienhaus's profile image

nikki_nienhaus shared a tip "Finished January 23rd. Best book of the year so far."

Ariel Ayres's profile image

madmessmango shared a tip "Another lovely story about stories - and love"

Beep Boop's profile image

beep_boop_9342 shared a tip "Beautifully written"

Rachel Joy's profile image

RachelJoy shared a tip "Such an intriguing read so far! Immerses you in a world of endless stories."

Beatrice Thomas's profile image

beatrice_thomas_954 shared a tip "Love this book. It just swept you into another world."

skyelirious 's profile image

skye_ragsdale shared a tip "This is one of those books I wish with all my heart I could read for the first time again."

Debbie Seres's profile image

Debbie.Seres shared a tip "This is one of the best fantasy books I have ever read. Just as brilliant as night circus."

Michelle Crihfield's profile image

michelle_crihfield shared a tip "Booorrrriiiinnngggg!!!!!!"

Cody Steele's profile image

cody_steele_9220 shared a tip "A book to read if you like characters who like to read."

samantha_schreckengost shared a tip "Beautiful prose, imaginative world, creative, engaging, unique plot and amazing twists and connections. A definite MUST read."

Sam Swider's profile image

sam_swider shared a tip "Incredible, a book that reminds you why you love reading"

Susana M.'s profile image

susana_m. shared a tip "This book just really wasn't my jam, very atmospheric but completely aimless"

Mary Freelove's profile image

mary_freelove shared a tip "I was a little confused, but I think that was part of it, and I really enjoyed it."

Scott Knoblach's profile image

scott_knoblach shared a tip "This author is amazing"

Cassie Anderson's profile image

cassie_anderson shared a tip "The most beautifully written and intricately woven story I have ever read. Absolutely stunning."

Jennifer White's profile image

jennifer_white_8877 shared a tip "Breathtaking, beautiful writing"

Kaeding Skelton's profile image

kaeding_skelton shared a tip "Unlike anything I’ve ever read, entirely captivating"

Kalena Medina's profile image

kalena_medina shared a tip "Want an entangling, fantasy world? Want to see different stories thread together? Check this out!"

Andrea Turner's profile image

andrea_turner shared a tip "An amazing book. Sad that it's over. I want more."

Lizzie Smith's profile image

lizzie_smith_8887 shared a tip "Loved it! Such a good read! I loved the way all the different tales wove in and out of each other to a fantastic ending."

Guneet Dhaliwal's profile image

idkwhy shared a tip "100% my fav book"

Marielle Guarin's profile image

marielle_guarin shared a tip "Right now I'm reading before the coffee gets cold"

Tiffanie Dang's profile image

tiffanie_dang shared a tip "This is one of my favorites, actually! But I do also love The Young Elites by Marie Lu"

Carina Minardi's profile image

chemicalchica shared a tip "Take time with this one. Its pretty dense and needs to be read slowly."

Patti Duncan's profile image

patti_duncan shared a tip "One of the most beautiful books I've ever read."

Stephanie Meyer's profile image

stephanie_meyer shared a tip "I've read a lot so it takes a special book to leave me wondering what will happen; this is one of those books."

sarah <3's profile image

ghostgirl_ shared a tip "so enchantingly whimsical"

Allison Hamrick's profile image

allison_hamrick_530 shared a tip "If you like this-or you’re like me and we’re disappointed with the ending- try then thousand doors of january."

s k's profile image

s_k_2631 shared a tip "A great escape. Sumptuous. I was sad when I finished the book... I just wanted it to never end!"

Deborah Armstrong 's profile image

deborah_armstrong shared a tip "Also, I don't recommend...couldn't finish..."

Victoria Ibrahim's profile image

victoria_ibrahim shared a tip "Max. She is a badass"

Nicki 's profile image

Snowpeach shared a tip "Be prepared to get lost in a story, within a story within a magical world filled with endless fairytales. Great book."

Siobhan 's profile image

siobonbon shared a tip "Beautifully written and gorgeously detailed."

Kierstin Unshelved's profile image

kierstin_unshelved shared a tip "I’ve already read this one! Unfortunately, I LOVED her writing style but hated how she seemed to write in circles."

Brooke Bennett's profile image

babbler1202 shared a tip "Best book I ever read"

Ceridwen Alexander's profile image

ceridwen_alexander shared a tip "A story about stories, told within a story. Orgasmic."

Aimée Dillon's profile image

aime_dillon shared a tip "A beautiful book"

Pete Chapman's profile image

pete_chapman shared a tip "Great read. Fascinating"

ANDREA DANGO's profile image

andrea_dango shared a tip "#fantasy could not put this down"

valerie_mcauliffe shared a tip "I enjoyed it a lot"

rhonda cusack's profile image

rhonda_cusack shared a tip "Favorite book! A book within a book within a book."

Moni Valtierra's profile image

moni_valtierra shared a tip "Great storytelling, great read for people who want stories about storytelling. Addictive read!"

Elizabeth Rose's profile image

elyzabethrose shared a tip "MLM happy ending"

Steph Troyan's profile image

steph_troyan shared a tip "Don’t even waste your time with this nonsense"

Erin Vandeven's profile image

erin_vandeven shared a tip "Great book for vacation or a long flight"

Carmen McLeod's profile image

carmen_mcleod shared a tip "Loved her first novel, this one a had a lot going on. Too many stories within stories. Beautifully written."

Megan Tomkiel's profile image

megan_tomkiel shared a tip "Fantastical journey"

Sarah Guynup's profile image

sarah_guynup shared a tip "Very interesting read"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Not as good as the night circus but still a good read"

Dr. Mariela Diocares's profile image

dr._mariela_diocares shared a tip "Such a magical book! Absolutely amazing and so addictive!! Loved it!!"

Aubrie gustafson's profile image

aubrie_gustafson shared a tip "I loved all of it, it’s an amazing book 📚"

Elizabeth Jeffries's profile image

elizabeth_jeffries shared a tip "By far my favorite book I’ve ever read. Absolutely incredible and fascinating."

Roshni Iyer's profile image


krista_bozman shared a tip "So many rich layers to absorb."

gypsy hearte's profile image

gypsy_hearte shared a tip "I will read it again after I finish just to find what I missed the first time⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Stacey Kennedy's profile image

stacey_kennedy_7608 shared a tip "This book felt like wandering through a dream. Unexpected and delightful"

Ella Boyd Brocker's profile image

ella_boyd_brocker shared a tip "A bit distracted, a little juvenile in the style of storytelling, but some lovely imagery."

Katherine Nickerson's profile image

katherine_nickerson shared a tip "I absolutely loved the ending!"

Jordan Dalton's profile image

jordan_dalton_3534 shared a tip "Definitely one of my all time favorites!"

Sarah DiNicola's profile image

sarah_dinicola shared a tip "Just a really beautifully written story about the magic of storytelling."

kasula_zavala shared a tip ""I feel lemony and insane" 😂 Incredible world building!"

Kait Kat's profile image

kait_kat shared a tip "Stories within stories!"

mimochi shared a tip "my current favorite book! so whimsical and descriptive, with great representation"

Abby Faulkner's profile image

abby_faulkner_8305 shared a tip "i was completely consumed by this novel. enchanting."

Natalie Shaw's profile image

natalie_shaw_940 shared a tip "Although not as captivating as The Night Circus, in my opinion, this is still a very fun read with unique world building."

Ellie Wilde's profile image

ellie_wilde shared a tip "One of my favorite books of all time. So magical and beautiful. Havent felt this deep in a world in a long time"

lauren_romanch shared a tip "Very well written. All the wonder and magic of a fantasy genre without feeling childish. A beautiful story."

Kristina Noyes's profile image

kristina_noyes shared a tip "So many stories inside this story."

bryce_montana shared a tip "I loved this book with my whole heart— genuinely. It’s a lot to follow but I’d 10/10 recommend and would read again!"

Sarah Gale's profile image

sarah_gale shared a tip "Unique and marvelous writing style and word choice. Couldn't put it down. So rich in detail, it's beautiful."

xziglvopex 's profile image

xziglvopex shared a tip "The writing style in this book was so fun to read! My favorite pick."

l_mcgregor shared a tip "Captivating storytelling from cover to cover."

Amber Guarente's profile image

amber_guarente shared a tip "Loved this book, especially that the main character is gay but that’s not focused heavily on"

marylou_lynn shared a tip "The writing is beautiful - I did not care about what happened to the characters though"

Nhuy Nguyen's profile image

nhuy_nguyen shared a tip "The most gravitating and beautifully written book."

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